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Jun 3, 2003
I was messin around on the net :D I found a site called
Link Removed
and nearly died :eek:

Jeez that guy is HUGE.
Take alook at the trailer movies, really splits them pussys up real good.
I have his girth but the length at times in the films is great.
He is another role model for me.
Thats now Shawn Michaels, DLD and now this guy.

Post what ya think of the site.
Also you can get the full movies from that site at kazaa.
Just search for monsters of cock in the Video category.
Yes, I know his site and he is the only male at that site fucking different girls. His massive member looks to me as 9-9.5''x7''.
That guy was in the first few Bang Bus videos out (which can also be found on Kazaa, I suggest using kazaa lite++ no spyware). He has a little pearl or something in the skin of his penis also.

He's freaking huge that is one good goal! Go for it is all I can say, I wish you the best of luck.

<Dreams> Maybe someday I can attain that.......

I'm not a pumper, but I've always gotten the feeling that guy uses a pump before they roll tape. Something about the way it looks. I've also thought he uses that weird lense DLD was talking about that makes things look bigger, although I have no idea how to determine that.

I wish DLD would take a peak at it and give us his input...
Thought I should add, I don't think his girth is 7". In most shots, the women are almost able to get their fingers fully around him. I think he's over 6", but not 7". He looks much bigger due to his small frame.

I also have trouble giving this guy the benefit of the doubt when the site states he has an 18" cock... riiiiiggghhht.
I have to agree with you RB. The guy does "appear" to be huge, a real pussy splitter. But, I am a pumper and I would say that he has had some help from the pump, and very likely the camera lens. When they say 18'', I have to throw down the red flag. That statement alone should be enough to tell any knowledgeable person that he has been visually enhanced by the camera.
I think it's his kinda soft-on appearance, you know, erect, but not hard, that makes me think he's pumped up for the show. There are some scenes when it bends quite a bit when he's trying to insert it, doesn't look very hard.
Oh comon, youve got this guy beat on girth Red! Length MIGHT be 9". I'll be bigger than him soon. Thing is guys....I bet he doesnt do any Penis Enlargement besides 'maybe' pump some before a shoot like said above. So, assuming that....his unpumped girth is probably 6" or less.
:D I have really wripped up a discussion here.

Thanks SWM
Oh comon, youve got this guy beat on girth Red!

It means alot to me does that comment, a real boost thank you very much indeed ;)

Also I am alot more happy now cos of this.
Seems that he may be a pumper or cheater even.
So thats better innit my bros :p

Anyways, if it is pumped or even a camera trick it still looks cool and a nice overall thing to aim for.

DLD please get ya fat arse in here and take alook at the guy :mad: :D
Also anyone have any idea where the guy is from?
I think he is South American or Cuban....summut like that, any advances?????

I saw the thing about 18 inches, thats INSANE.
Hes just being a lune doing that, getting the site out their I guess.
I think that its more real and entertaining than any of the other larger males on female sites I saw up to now.

Thanks again SWM for the comments, a nice boost to me really.
cya all later
The guy in the video doesn't say 18 inches, he says 13. A stretch, to say none the least.
Mirrors and smoke...well sort of. This guy has one of the biggest cocks out there but he also has an incredible camera man. He is easily 9 x 7 (sometimes) other times he looks smaller or bigger. The camera shots vary from ultra wide angle zooms to a fish eye lens. The name of the ���� game is to make money so I guess he is being a very good showman. I love the way his cock looks and I think he is a very good visualization model. I also concur with RB...he does pump pre-photos/video because I have seen him um-pumped.
Looks respectable to me thats for sure!!! DLD your so right!!
tuni-i-ka, spend some time looking through his site. One set of pics says something like "see what 18" does to her" and another place it says something like "17" was too much for her" or some shit like that.

They can't even keep their "facts" straight, which doesn't make them very credible.
Yes, I saw that, too. If you look further, it'll show a picture of him and it says that he's 12". It's all so overdone. I once saw a box of a video that claims __________ is 18 inches. He's enormous, but nowhere near 18 inches. It's all bollocks. Unrealistic to the point that it lacks credibility. DLD, I've seen that lens used before. I remember it was in a video with Sean Michaels and it made his girth look enormous. I've seen other vids with him in it and his girth isn't that big.
Remember people who buy "Big Dick ����" want to see just that, BIG DICK. The actors that are used in these films are big to begin with but a big dick is not enough. People want to see UN-REAL Big! This of course does not excist so whatever can't be done with the dick can be done with the lens, angle, and mix down.
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