1. Avglen61

    Volume of Ejaculation

    HOW TO INCREASE VOLUME OF EJACULATION? WHAT ARE THE FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH VOLUME OF EJACULATION? DOES VOLUME REALLY DEPENDS UPON GENETICS? ARE THERE ANY EXERCISES FOR THIS? I have seen male pornstars releasing huge load of cum and I wonder if I could achieve that? My volume is just average...
  2. D

    PE Caused ED - Urgent Help Needed

    Hey all, So I'm in a crappy situation. I have what I believe to be a serious case of ED, caused by PE. Symptoms: - Light Spasm in my penis throughout the day. I tried going to bed without pants on last night, and my member spasmed for quite a while. - Extreme difficulty obtaining an erection -...
  3. M

    flesh light

    Hey guys I'm actually going to be having a little more privacy on my hands for the next two months. I'm looking into getting some sort of Fleshlight or masturbator. Is there any certain brand that is the best out there or feels the best? Also something that isn't going to break the bank
  4. smokey622

    Maintaining An Erection PT. 2

    What's good MoS. So I am a week without fapping. I went on a trip two weeks ago and no fap for a week but I caved in on last Saturday. I realized my endurance during sex has went to shit because of not fapping. I bust within 3 minutes or less. Last night it was 15 strokes literally lol. I...
  5. DLD

    Kegels are essential to growth! No Kegels, slow to no growth. New thoughts by DLD.

    I was pondering the differences in men who have made very fast gains and those who have been slow to gain. This always bothered me because I could compare many men, who are using the same workout, where some gain and some do not with the only difference being Kegels. We tend to look at Kegels...
  6. O

    this "dumb steez" dude

    hey everyone, I came across this guy on tumblr do you have any idea if he does PE? it does look like he use a cock ring but what you think?
  7. J

    Making Myself a MONSTER

    My first real time real life blog story. I survive on your comments XXX! This is today's first entry feb 18 2018 about what I'm doing to myself. I want to transform myself. If you guys keep interested, I can blog as I change and grow. XXX ;-) Hi guys! So if you’ve checked out my galleries...
  8. H

    I'm thinking of buying a sex doll this year

    For some time now, I've been reading about sex dolls and watching videos about it on youtube. Do you guys know anyone that has purchased a sex doll and what the sex feels like? The women from my country care about nothing except money, they will suck your pocket dry and once you are broke they...
  9. T

    For men who have went from 6.5 EL to 7 EL. How has sex changed?

    Do your girls cum more? Is it uncomftorable for them?
  10. T

    Is 6.6 by 6 a good size?

    My original goal was 7 inches by 5.5. But ive always been a hard length gainer. I have been focusing solely on length the past two years just to gain a bit. I really need to put in some work for girth eventually, i dont want a pencil penis. But is 6.6 still deep enough to make them cum if i...
  11. eugine8plz

    Lose erection fast, HELP!!

    Hello brothers, So I have this problem that doesn't allow me to keep a 100% erection during sex. As soon as I start I can keep it for about 1 minutes or so, but then after about 1 minute I start to pre-cum a bit and as soon as I start to pre-cum even just a little bit (the clear stuff that...
  12. iGrowSteady

    My Dick's War Story...

    This is a thread idea I’d been wanting to get to for a bit and well, here it is... Having alluded to this in the recent past, earlier this year I had slept with the PF on overnight, part of my normal routine. I didn’t have time before work that morning to take it off, go to the bathroom, get it...
  13. B

    Kegel routines pelvic floor exercises last longer harder erections combat premature ejaculation

    Recently I started kegeling again doing 100 kegels every morning before getting out of bed. The goal is stronger, harder erections as I get to 100% erections when I am extremely turned on with a chick otherwise even watching porn I am only at 85-90%. Which kegel routine have you gotten the...
  14. T

    Anyone here do NOFAP while PE?

  15. B

    Modest goal

    Hey, looking to increase my 6X4 erect bone pressed length and girth to 6X4.5. It's not much, I mostly would just like to fill up a standard size rubber instead of buying skinny ones. Of course if I do gain a little length I'm not going to complain, but that's not my focus. Hopefully I can do...
  16. N

    Reverse Kegals plus holding my breath seems to stave off orgasm nearly indefinatly

    Soooo I discovered reverse kegals on here and I "think" I am doing them correctly. Just tried them during sex and these combined with deep breathing and holding my breath seems to remove all wild urges to cum. Now a word on the holding of the breath, I do it at both the full breath natural...
  17. S

    Have I been gifted another chance???

    Hi all I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment. A girl who I dated around 3 years ago has become single all of a sudden and I'd really like to try and get in touch with her, because I made a huge mistake not taking things further with her. I think I only have one shot at this so I need to take...
  18. orgasmic19

    Mixing supplements for bigger cum shots

    How many of you guys ever mixed different supplements together and what do you advise? I am thinking about making a smoothie for greater cum shots and libido. I was thinking about mixing pure horny goat weed powder into a blender along with lecithin powder, zinc gluconate powder, pygeum bark...
  19. P

    Premature Ejaculation Journey

    I'm Lasting 10sec to 2minutes. Frustrated. Any help and guidance is appreciated. 20min edging and reverse kegel. -PONR at the end. Will do a better job focusing On not nutting.
  20. O

    I cum way too fast

    I been dealing with premature ejaculation for a long time now. I just learned about reverse kegels two weeks ago so I'm hoping they help. I also been using my bathmate five days a week for 15 minutes with 5 minute jelqs in between. My main concern is premature ejaculation. Help a young brother...
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