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Jun 3, 2003
How Did You Find Out About Masturbation?

When I was about 11 years old, we recently moved to a new Apartment and my Moms best friends Son helped us moved in. When we finished moving in, my Moms best friends Son, which was 17 slept over.

We both slept in the same room in separate beds and when I looked over I saw the bed sheets on his bed moving up and down. I asked him "what are you doing?" He replied "Jerking Off". At the Tender age of 11, my Virgin self had No Idea what jerking off was, so I asked him "what is jerking off?" He replied, "It's when you rub your dick up and down to get a good feeling and if you do it long enough this white stuff comes out called sperm". I was really confused and interested at this point.

So the next night after he went back home, I tried "Jerking Off" I remember it not having a feeling like I have now. I never did reach my climax point until I got a little older.

As I got a little older, I didn't feel Jerking off was a crime. So one time I went to a Female Neighbors house (she was a Hot 22 year old gal) and I was in her bedroom (don't remember why), while she was in the kitchen. I was nosy looking through her drawers and I found a Playboy magazine. I pulled it out and started looking through it and I started getting horny. So I pulled my dick out and Started Jerking off in her bed while she was in the kitchen. While enjoying the Nude Female Pictures, I finally reached my First ever climax while she was in the next room, and right as I reached my Climax........she walked in:eek:. It was the most uncomfortable situation in my life; she ran out the room in shock and called my Mother on the phone and Sent me Home.

Can you believe I got punished for Jerking off in our Neighbors house? Anyways, Later that night my Mom and her boyfriend explained that really uncomfortable story to me about the Birds and the Bees. (Reminded me of Jim in American Pie)

So that's my story of how I was Officially introduced to Masturbation.

I would love to hear yours. :)
I have a two part experience. When I was around 10 I was at a movie with a couple of my friends. We were sitting in the 2nd row. There was an older man in his 60's sitting in the front row. He kept asking us if we wanted to see his penis. We were young and stupid and one thing led to the next and out popped grandpa's cock. He was erect and was moving his hand up and down on his penis. After I saw this it was kind of stuck in my head. Anyway with my new knowledge I went home, disturbed and educated:D

A few days passed and I had a piano lesson with my 18 year neighbor. She had blond hair, thick legs and a stupid big ass. I never noticed this in the way I noticed it on this day. I could not concentrate during the lesson. I found myself staring at the goose bumps on her tan, thick thighs. I didn't know what was going on but I wanted to put something somewhere:D After the lesson I went home and directly to the bathroom to inspect my persistent, throbbing boner. It would not go down and all I could think of was her thick, tan thighs covered with goose bumps. Then BOOM, Penis EnlargementRVERT GRANDPA from the theater popped into my head. I laid on the bathroom floor and I started rubbing my boner with my palm. Not really a jerk but just as productive. It felt really good and the more I thought about my piano teacher the better it felt. After about 10 minutes of this increasingly good feeling I felt a spring like feeling through my whole body. It was like I was having some sort of total body spasm. Then this white fluid came out of my penis. I was not sure what just happened but I know I had this HUGE feeling of guilt. After I was able to regain my composure I decided that this was a very cool thing.

I went on to be a chronic masturbator for many years to follow. I stopped masturbating when I began Penis Enlargement. I have not done it now for over 2 years.
Let's see...

I found out about masturbation, because my one friend mentioned it. He's like, "you get vaseline and rub up and down and then this stuff comes out." I guess I was 13 or so at the time. Anyways, one day the parents weren't around and I decided to give it a whirl. The first few times I tried it, I could not bring myself to orgasm, as the sensation grew too intense towards orgasm and I couldn't handle it, so I'd stop. Eventually though, a few days later, I let it fly. To this day, I jerk it anywhere between 4-10 times a week. Maybe if I had a girlfriend though, that number would only be 1 or 2. Who knows?

Alright, that's my story, laters.

PS: I kinda miss how good orgasms felt back then. I mean, they still feel great now, but I remember them being so much more intense way back when.
Originally posted by RB2
I invented it...

Are you LOOSE from Peforums?:D
I found out through natural self discovery. Was probably 12ish and taking a bath one day. We had one of those shower heads with a hose on it. Was rinsing off like usual and noticed that the water felt really good 'down there' when I left the water running on myself. Just kept the water running on my penis long enough and eventually I had my first orgasm. The rest is history.
Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
Are you LOOSE from Peforums?:D

I read that, moved on and was 4 forums away when it finally hit me what the hell you meant...

I guess I'm subconsciously blocking bad memories... :)
When i got out of the shower one day when i was nearly 15, i wondered if i could suck my own dick. Not for sexual reasons, just to see if i could do it. I managed to get the head i and started sucking. It felt kind of strange and suddenly something shot into my mouth. I thought 'what the hell is this' I spat it out into the toilet. I eventually realised this must be that masturbating thing that everyone talks about. I decided to use my hands the next time.
I read it in an erotic book (the kind of erotic book with spy and ladies with big breasts ) when i was 11 or 12 and decided to give it a go :D

I forget how I found out, but I was masturbating before puberty. First time I was probably about 13 at home in the bathroom. Puberty for me must have started not too long after that.
I remember when I first started I couldnt even nut yet. It would just give me the sensation and then go away.
Many believe that puberty begins with a boy's first ejaculation, whether it be by masturbation or nocturnal emmissions.
Well i have two stories, in the first i didnt know it was acculy masterbating.

1) we had a punching bag in our shed, i ustu grab the straps between the bag and the celing and hump the bottom of the bag (cant rember the first time i did it or why i did it) it is hard to explain. I did it with no erection, it would only take like 15 seconds and a very small ammount of cum (i think it was cum, not sure) would come out. i might have been 9 or 10, honestly i can't rember. I didnt acculy know i was masterbating at the time.

2) My mates had a shack type thing in the bush just out of town, they were probbaly 5 years older than me, i was probs 12 and they were like 17. anyway this shack had heaps of ����� mags in it, i had it all planed out about how i was going to break in and steal these mags. (the dudes had padlocks on it and everythin)anyway i broke in and stole the mags. I took them out to the local BathmateX trails. I put them in plastic sleves and taped them up trees so nobody could find them. anyway one day i was out there looking at them and my dick was just hard as and the erection wouldent piss off, i had heard my mates talking about wanking before, so i decided to give it a go, it did nothing for the first few miniuts but i evantually came all in my pants. it was like somebody tiped a pot of glue in my undies, i didnt know what i was gona tell mum, so i went for a swim in a dam, cleaned up and headed off home.

sorry about the long post and crappy english and spelling
Originally posted by jim555555555

My mates had a shack type thing in the bush just out of town, they were probbaly 5 years older than me, i was probs 12 and they were like 17. anyway this shack had heaps of ����� mags in it, i had it all planed out about how i was going to break in and steal these mags. (the dudes had padlocks on it and everythin)anyway i broke in and stole the mags. [/B]

The Good Ole Shack of ����. Man I had one of those too.
Same as Jaz, A friend slept over and he showed me but as time went on he wanted to start some mutual J/O & eventually..... But thats a WHOLE nother thread somewheres down the road!!!! Ah innocent kid stuff , them crazy kids!!!
Okay, this is a little embarrasing ...

But I once caught my older brother (he is about 5 years older than me) drawing bondage pics. I was probably 12 or 13. After that I kinda focused on bondage because it was arousing.

So anyhow at night sometimes I'd get naked and have a way to tie myself up. One night when I was maybe 16 or 17 I was tied up on a blanket on the floor of my bedroom. I rolled over on my stomach and was trying to rock/crawl, which rocked me on and off my dick. It started feeling really really good. Suddenly the greatest feeling I had ever known hit me.

Yeah, there was guilt, but with feelings like that, who could resist wacking it every chance I got. I eventually grew out of bondage though.
well i learned about it in stages. i remember when my mother and father first got a divorce and my mother was looking for a new place to live. we ended up moving down a secluded road and i was next to my soon to be best friend.

i met him when i found out he was going to the same church as me and we hung out alot. he was about 2 years older than me and i was about 9 at the time and he was at the pre pubesant age of 11.

So. one time we were outside just haning out in the middle of my drive way infront of the garage and he was joking around about a girl that lived down the street. he was like "yeah dude that girl's titties are so fuckin huge i just wanna give her a good humpin" being 9 i had no fuckin clue what "humpin" was. and why the hell woud he wanna do something like that to a girl???

so he's like......"dude. humpin. you know...boning..fuckin???" i was like.."what you talkin bout?" so he got up and ran to the garage and went like "YOU KNOW HUMPIN" and lifted up his leg and humped the garage door a couple of times lol. it's funny because i remember that still to this day and i still laugh my ass off. it was one of the funniest things i've ever seen.

then i was like......OHHHHH humpin alright.

so a couple of years later my mom and i ended up moving again and we stayed in an old family house where my great grandma once lived. so i just got new cable tv in my room (i think you all know where i'm going from here lol) i turned it on to channel 76...and there was this channel that was all out of wack and scrambled but i saw something that looked like skin on there. and then i tuned up the volume and heart some girl moaning and a this thumping sound. so as time went by i kept watchin it and watchin it. then one day the picture came in clearly for like 5 minutes. and i was like......omg. there was a dude with his cock inside the girls pussy and she was bent over takin it from behind. they showed a close up of the penetration and i noticed that my dick was as hard as a rod.

so i reached down there and sort of played with it and sqweezed it. and then i pretended like a girl was there bend over and waiting for me. so i just took the position that the dude was in and humped this imaginary girl. and i did it to full orgasm (which didn't take me long) it's funny because i didn't even have my dick in my hands when i first came. my whole body just spazzed out and shit. and i don't kow if i remember correctly or not but i think i saw my mom pop in just after i finished off :eek: i was like.......woah. and just jumped into the lay down positon and pretended like i was jumping into bed. and i think the ���� was still on lol......uh god. i was so embarassed.
An andrew dice clay comedy show on tv. I think I was 12. Up till then I was just wildly humping inadamant objects like a horny puppy:O
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