1. M

    No sensations during sex and orgasm

    Hello, I'm a 30 year old male. I belong to theunlucky minority, that self-discovered prone (lying down)masturbation at the age of 5. I remember the process and culminationbeing very pleasurable during first few years that I've done it. Butsomewhere along the way my penis got so...
  2. C

    newbie looking for answers

    I have done a lot of research on pe and really hope this improves my 6.5 bpel by 5meg im 18 and still a virgin i want to woo the first girl i do it with im currently on a routine from 🙈 to condition my penis but i want this to work sometimes i get discouraged i want to reach 8.5×6.25 i will...
  3. B

    Anyone one have tips on pumping with watter ???

    Hello everyone For the first time last night i tried to pump with water and it seams like it worked very well, I just have a few questions, i want to make sure i am using it right. I am using my brake bleeding setup and i also use a heat pad :) I basically put water in pump and start...
  4. S

    I'M A LOSER, it's finally hit me.

    Lately I've been thinking, thinking a lot about me, my life and who I am. I'm nearly 21 years old and I have finally realised that what I am missing in my life and that I am basically a loser...all of my friends have had some sort of meaningful relationship with a girl and have been happy...
  5. S

    Brand new here trying to find out info

    Hey guys so from what I've gathered so far I know NOTHING of this topic beyond what it is meant to achieve. In any sense what Im looking for is the recommended ways to go about increasing both length and girth. Unfortunately while I want to do this time is a bit of an issue with a bastard of a...
  6. megamike


    Can your BPFSL decrease from exessive stretching after a long break? Or did the break cause thid decrease?


    What is an educated person for you guys just a question i had in mind,characteristics,manners,values,morals,etc .The way they act etc..Thanks:)
  8. A

    Advice on getting large temporary girth gains

    Hi, I've noticed many members report experiencing incredibly girth gains from their post pump. From the stories I've read on here, the members have a similar girth to mine, anywhere around 5.2-5.5 inches, but get expansion to 6+ inches. When I pump, I'm only getting to 5.5 or so and don't see...
  9. Big Al

    ***Before starting any male enhancement routine- please read!***

    It's VERY important to remember a few things before you consider starting any male enhancement program. If you're suffering from serious depression or anxiety, it would be in your best interests to take care of this issue first! Male enhancement exercises are NOT a substitute for good mental...
  10. S

    My penis is in the process of getting bigger!

    Hi, how are ya? And happy thanksgiving. My name's sammy from Morocco and my parents wanted from to marry but I have gotten some issues and my parents thought I am a gay (I don't have any problems with gays am open-minded). So that my family hates me for avoiding marriage for a long time, but my...
  11. M

    how to get rid of a fat pad

    I'm not even.over weight im.only.6ft and.weigh 170
  12. A

    Newbie and lost!

    Heey guys whatsup! Im trying to get in a PE routine consistent, I have started with the stretches: straight forward, right, left, up, v-stretch, between the legs behind, v-stretch. This X2 and each one gets 30 seconds, so a total of 7 minutes of stretching. (during stretches my erection is...
  13. M

    Group sex

    Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with this. I find it very interesting and want to know how it came about, whether it be a full blown orgy or FFM/MMF type thing. I wonder sometimes how I would be in that situation, if I would find it awkward etc, and wanted to hear others...
  14. Munto

    A Day in the Life of...

    I absolutely love that video, I watched it a few times already :)!
  15. L

    Bathmate Xtreme 30 or 40 for girth ?

    Hi. I'm currently at EL of 6" and EG of 4.7-4.8" . My main goals are increasing girth to 5.5-6" or maybe 6.5" and as for length 7" . please give some suggestion bros .
  16. D

    Is Justin Beiber doing PE?

    Look at his two penis pics done a year (or so) apart. He looks bigger now. I know people will say it's the angle , the distance the pic was taken etc. but he has that tell tale Bathmate discoloration. I think the Beibs is pumping his Beiber.
  17. MaxRichards

    PE vs Pushing Products / Time vs Money.

    Let's not beat around the bush: Product sales are what keeps forums like this alive and pockets lined so now that that's out of the way let's discuss the time vs money aspect of PE. If we're to use fast gainers as an example: They gained fast due to the amount of time they dedicated to PE...
  18. A

    Very very bad

    Hi guys i tried clamping after 8 months and today i had very big issue, because i was clamping in normal hose clamp and i couldnt get my dick off it after almost 40 minutes, then i went to hospital.. I cant feel my cock now .. Please some help??
  19. N

    Hangers & clamps ! chime in.

    whats up everyone. So I ran into a dilemma with my Cpt. Wrench hanger. I use 2 Clamp to attache the hanger firmly to avoid slippage,however, I keep breaking my cable clamps. I buy them from amazon as my local dept. stores dont sell them and running me a fortune. In this case, im looking into a...
  20. C

    how to date when youre boring as hell

    hello there first and foremost Im a virgin. Im 27 years and Im boring as hell. I have no social life whatsoever. I have no friends. What can I do to improve my dating life. I dont know how to ask a girl out. And even if I did I honestly dont have anything to talk about. Conversation is the main...
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