Jun 4, 2003
I understand why you would do this.. How is the question? I've heard ways of small weights, to exercises. Does anyone do this? If so what do you do?

And let me tell you they REALLY work. And great too! I have messed around with the 1/4" Stainless Steel ones and they were a real Pain in the ass! I have since moved to much better ones they are polished and larger and heavier. They work 50 times better and no pinching!! And they can Still be worn under clothes with no problems at all!! I'll see if I can get a pic of it and post it in the morning. If you have any questions just ask. I have wasted a ton of $ on this subject and finally feel I got 2 of the best ways to stretch them.
How much have you gained? Well, I dunno the right word for it.. You know what I mean. :) Also, how many do you wear at once? Are the effects permanent etc..

I do testicle stretching every day, it works great and I have seen improvement.
Well this is summut else for me to get obsessed with :D

I am gunna find away to apply a good stretch around my sack.
I have done the actual balls exercise, but not consistant in the past.

I have ideas upstairs that I can apply so that my Testicle skin attached to the upper penis and base/lower pubic region gets pulled down when I apply a weight to it.

This would REALLY help my *Syndrome* out that I mentioned I have with the skin [Flappy Skin due to peing!].
I tell you at times my cock dunt look 8+ inches at all cos of the DAMM skin :mad:
I messed about manuelly pulling skin back and fourth and came to that above conclusion, that over time when not just the testicle skin but some of the skin [extra] on the top base penis is moved downwards, than my size will look ALOT better and my *Syndrome* cured.

Any1 got any ideas of a homemade solution?
Like a BIB Hanger or summut todo with string?
Use a split collar and it will work just fine!!!
The 1/4 inch collars didnt do jack for me. So I started to stack them up and then it was a pain in the ass to put them all on and not get pinched. Or to carry them in your pocket for awhile then put them on. So I saw all kinds of expensive big weights on the net the prices were way out of my realm. Then I found some for 35-55 bucks. They are like 1/2 - 2.5 lbs in size increments - the KEY here is to make sure the CENTER diameter is correct for your ball sack to get through the hole. I have a rather large sack I guess and need a 1-7/8 hole and that stay on just fine. I can put it on for a day or more at a time!!! You can shower with them on and sweat and sleep no biggie they work great! I REALLY Recommend going with only one "collar" at a time if your going to wear them during the day or under your clothes.

The one in the picture attached
is a Large size 1.75" height x 1 5/8" diameter


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Gains? I can truthfully say that I have gained between 1/4-1/2 and inch in a month.

By the way you guys can also use leather too the kind with the snaps that is a cheap alternative but when your balls shrink up it will hurt the leather seems to want to cut in to you. So when I was doing this I went out and found a leather stretcher that had rounded edges and that cured 80% of it


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You probably know that your balls have to be maintain at a certain temperature for fertility purpose. That's the reason why your balls are higher when the temperature is colder and lower when the weather is warm.
I'm not critisizing the fact that you guys are streching your balls (it is really nice to have ball that are hanging lower IMHO) but i'm wondering about the medical stuff. Is it really safe?

There's so much variation on how high testicles hang that I don't think forcing them to hang lower will cause any signifigant damage to your fertility. That is, as long as you don't injure yourself.

I use 2" harness rings from Lowe's and a sock for ball stretching.

You cut the sock so it's just a tube that's open on both ends. Place the sock over your scrotum/testes with the extra at the top. Pull your testicles through as many of the rings as you are comfortable with. Then pull the extra sock(at the top) over the rings and tuck it between the rings and your balls at the bottom. This is known as the "sock tuck trick" over at �other forum� in the huge low hanging balls thread.

I've done this for as many as 20 hours in a day(including sleep). It does take some getting used to, and loose pants. I haven't done this in about a month, but probably will soon. Mine are still hanging a lot lower than they used to, but I'm going to try for more "hang" later.

It definitely helps reduce the "turkey neck" effect, and maybe the "extra skin" you're talking about.
"Turkey Neck Effect" I also find it very helpful when I'm jelqing to keep the turkey neck out of the way and down where it should be
Yeah I was wanting to do this, because I have a lot of extra skin as well as a short Turkey Neck. Since my balls are so close to the shaft all the time, I believe it hides some of my flaccid hang. Kinda like Reds with the extra skin (just not quite that bad).

I just started streching. Started with an eleven oz hinged split ring its comfottable so I have been weriring it 24/7 is that a problem???
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