Jun 29, 2003
I'm currently deployed to the Arabian Gulf. I really want to gain some serious mass while I'm out here. I have some techniques that I've gotten from other sources from the INTERNET. They all suggest Kegels, (no problem), but Jelqs are a bit of a problem. I sleep in a room with 98 other men. I don't have the privacy here on the ship to really strip down and do those properly with the lubrication noises. Is there another technique that someone can suggest that will give me similar results without the embarrassment of the lubricated-jacking-off-in-my-bed-at-night noises? :confused:
There's no requirment to use lube when you jelq. You can stretch discreetly when the lights are out since that makes no noise.

Good luck
Yeah stretching is not much problem. Not sure if I'm doing it right. I grasp the head and pull out, but I don't feel the pull in the middle or at the base like it says I should. To get that I have to grip pretty hard and pull out but that causes a little pain in my head. Still working at it, but I don't think I'm going to have much success at that one.
Check out the dry jelq technique.

When you say 'mass' are you referring to girth? If so, there are several bends and stretches you can do dry, and girth gains are reported from these methods all the time.

Stay safe, buddy.
I looked for a while but wasn't able to find the technique on this site for dry jelqing. It's hard for me to do alot of searching with my current internet connection via sattelite. VERY SLOW. Can somebody with a faster connection give me a direct URL to this valuable information? Thanks.
Don't grip the head when you stretch. You'll pull it off.

Grab, just below the head. Around a 1/4 ich or so.

For length gains Jai stretches work great for me. I don't have a link or anything so I'll describe them.

First grab just behind the glans and stretch straight out and hold for 2 secs, release for 1 second and repeat holding for two seconds. Do this stretching five or more times up, up the the right 5 times and up to the left 5 times. Then straight out 5X, to the left 5x and to the right 5x, then down 5x, down the the sides 5x each. I do one or two of these sets, and then jelq, but if you're not jelqing, do 2 to start off and then work up to five of these sets. Or do as many as you have time for.

Stretch pretty hard. I use one hand to pull out/grip and the other the push that hand. These worked great for me. They were combined with jelqing though, the stretching feels like it does a lot.

DLD blasters are known to help lenghth as well. No lube needed there either. For girth there are erect bends, you'll have to look that one up though. I don't know much about those. I'm mainly going for length and the girth that comes from jelqing.

Hope this helps.
I tried the grip you're describing last night. My problem is I get more of a stretch from my skin than I do from my ligaments. At least thats the way it feels. I tried it in the shower so I could see what the hell I was doing and that's exactly what appears to be happening. I think I'll do just Jelqs for now. IF I can ever find out what a dry Jelq is.
Hey soldier, thanks for all you do :)

Here's a cut and paste of my dry jelq technique-

1- Pretend like your holding an invisible sandwich with both hands, getting ready to take a bite. Notice how your fingers and thumbs are facing each other, one forming a C and the other a reverse C.

2- Keep this position, but rotate your hands so your thumbs are now on top.

3- Using just your thumbs and first two fingers (pointer and middle), grab your dick from both sides mid-shaft like it's a mini sandwich, and squeeze.

4- Now, slide your skin under your fingers down your shaft as far as you can go. You may have to adjust your initial finger positioning to allow you to get fully to the base, or even do the lower part then the upper until your skin becomes more resiliant, a few days or so. (I can now dry jelq my entire erect 8" shaft in one move). Make sure that the intial spot on your skin where your fingers made contact stay under your fingers for the entire stroke.

5- When you've slid as far down as possible, squeeze your fingers together, then slowly slide them as far towards your head as possible. Repeat.

I did this for the first month or so, then went with a water based sex lube. I went back to dry jelqing, as I feel it allows me to get a better workout on the erectile tissues and doesn't put as much pressure on the veins. Good Luck.

While my fingertips may touch, it is not like a traditional circle ok grip jelq. Also, I rarely jelqed with one hand squeezing the base while the other jelqed. When I did this (with lube), to get enough pressure to feel like I was doing any good made my veins hurt and swell.

I feel dry jelqing like I do allows me to put the pressure where it's needed, deep in the erectile tissues. I concentrate on making sure I can feel the blood expanding my tissues and moving forward to my head, which swells toward the end of each stroke. When it does, I know the blood is moving. Hope this helped.
RB, How tight is this grip your using? You begin midshaft, is that so there is less stress on the sking up or down?

Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
RB, How tight is this grip your using?

As much pressure as needed to feel good expansion and blood moving.

You begin midshaft, is that so there is less stress on the sking up or down?


Hey RB, are dry jelqs done fully erect? That's my understanding anyway.

And pickpocket. When you stretch, after you grab the base pull the skin back with your other hand. I have loose skin around my head because I had a circ as an adult. Are you circed? If not you may want to pull the fore skin back before you stretch.

I have to adjust my hands to get the perfect grip every time. It's not just grab and stretch, so I kinda know what your talking about. Anyway, sorry it didn't work for you.

Peace and stuff.
i am circed but it doesn't seem to matter. am i supposed to use the entire hand for stretching or just the thumb and forefinger in an OK sign? I'm questioning whether or not my head size might be an obstacle too. should i be erect? if not then i'm in trouble. gets erect no matter what i think about to distract myself.
I typically start out at 100% erect and ride the wave downward... :)

Pickpocket, it would behoove you to also read up on the LOT theory and find your LOT. There are a number of great stretches that can be done stealth while in bed after lights out...
LOT? Did a search for it. No good because I have to have at least 4 letters for a valid search request. Saw a couple of posts on aid in the LOT theory but nothing that explains what it is. can someobdy point me in the right direction please?
Hey pickpocket:

Maybe someone here could suggest a good thread on stealth pe; some guys with families or little privacy adapt their routines to these factors.

Good luck.

(Are you using US govt/public terminals? Any restrictions? Does it matter?)
Yes we are on a satellite connection and it's painfully slow. There are restrictions on certain sites we can visit. No ���� or anything that promotes drugs.......the usual. I would argue that a site like this one is more of a men's heatlh type of site. There is alot of good info in here. And the Sexy Jen's section isn't too damn bad either :D .
Now as I stated before, when I attempt to do my stretches, I get an erection. A full erection. Now I've noticed some guys here talking about maintaining 25%, 80%, and 90% erections while doing certain exercises. How is this done? And how do you Kegel blood into your penis to make it harder? I get the opposite result.

Just last night, I commenced to trying to stretch, I get an erection. So I quit and start Kegels to allow my erection to go away. Works every time. But today I'm finding out it's supposed to be the opposite.

I'm doing Kegels as I type this. Squeezing hard as hell until I get a stupid look on my face from straining. No erection.

I have still not been able to stretch in any way described on this or any other forum. Get a pretty tight grip, and pull......nothing but skin. Hold the skin back with the other hand. Grip, pull.....pulling skin in opposite directions.:confused: Is there a picture somewhere that shows exactly how this is supposed to be done? Like an idiot's guide for stretching?
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