Jun 3, 2003
I was very interested by this thread Link Removed and i was wondering if it is the reason i have not made a gain since a while.
At the beginning of my Penis Enlargement carrer i have always use a warm up and i have made pretty good gains, but after a while i was bored and decided to forget the warm up to shorten my sessions.
After some reflexion i come to the conclusion that my 'no gains period' was due to this, i may be wrong but who knows Penis Enlargement is a really young science :D and everyone is different.

Can you all answer those questions....
Are you using warm up?
Are you using warm down?
When are you using warm up, for girth sessions, for lenght sessions or for both
What kind of gains have you made?
How many times did you spend per week on average for your workouts?
Are you using warm up?


Are you using warm down?


When are you using warm up, for girth sessions, for lenght sessions or for both


What kind of gains have you made?

5+ Length, 2+ Girth

How many times did you spend per week on average for your workouts?

In the first 6 months of my program I did warm ups and warm downs. My workouts were between 2-3 hours daily. After 6 months I changed my workouts to the current Phase 2 routine and stopped doing warm-ups but I still did warm downs. Currently I am training on the soon to be Phase 4 workout doing no warm-ups or downs. My gains have always remained consistent with the exception of a plateau I experienced at around 9".
I don't warm up pre-workout and do some hot water cure post-workout. And I am still growing. I think heat wrap for post-workout is more important to recover blood circulation. All I do pre-workout is to start with a slightly less intense stretch and increase the intensity gradually.
I also don't do any warm up or down, the first few minutes i just don't exersice that hard, more in a relaxed way. I also do lots of helicoptershkes at this point. Then when i feel my member is ready (loose) i do it the hard way.
No warmups or warm downs here--except for the last session of the day which happens to be right before bed and after a shower. Gains are very consistant.

I will add that untill 2 months ago I did the warm-ups and warm-downs without seeing any growth. Frankly the hot water makes me shrink not stretch. To each his own I guess.
I'm an advocate of warm ups. I warm up with a hot rice sock every one of my first 8 sets of hanging. After I begin hanging a set, I place the hot rice sock right on the upper groin and base of my penis. It covers that whole area. I leave the heat on for the first 10 minutes of each set. The heat is over 104 degrees farenheit. I believe without a doubt my religious use of heat during my sessions is helping me with my gains. Sure I average 4 hours a day total hang time 6 days weekly but, the heat helps a great deal. Makes the inner tissues and, ligaments more elastic.
I always use a warm up and warm down, I just feel much better when I do them and it makes me feel that my penis is growing.
I always use a warm up for hanging, pumping. But for regular stretches which I do at work I do not warm up. I do no tdo any warm downs.

I use warm ups all the time in coffee mug. I gradually increase the temp until it's really hot.
Four hours a day Stillwantmore. That's nuts doesn't the base of your glans feel really, really sore after that? Also doesn't that conflict with other things in your life? I must spend as much time possible training for an extreme sport which means I can't devote more than an hour a day to Penis Enlargement. (Max) You still think I can make gains off of that?

I haven't gained yet in a year and a half and my mindset is starting to change despite DLD's post on positive thinking.
I am a REAL Believer in warm up and downs.
Especially after a session, it helps heal the penis and the skin.

I always do them, not the warm up anymore or as much, but ALWAYS a warm down.
warmups all the way baby. Tissue will deform better with less structural damage when it's hot.
I usually warm up in the shower, have never warmed down tho. Just started out 2 months ago, and I've seen gains. What's the point of warming down?
I rarely did warm ups, just started gentle and worked up to intense. I do do warm downs as I wash the vaseline off the dick in the warm water.
i still do warm ups and warm downs...i just feel better when i do..but i understand how it can add time on to the routine..sometimes it feels so good that i could warm up for 20 -30 minutes...but i think i will continue to warm up as long as i do pe
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