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  • @kingsnake hey bro I see that u are on Twitter u said u have reached your goals but we would love your guidance and advice these days a lot of us look up to what u have done and I believe some of us would pay for one on one coaching... please come back bro??
    Hey Kingsnake,
    Great thread! Your dedication is inspiring. When I read your posts I see a paper clip where the attachment for the pic is. Can you help so I can see the pic?
    Hey KingSnake, I've seen your posts all over boards and forums and need to ask a question :)

    Can't figure out the exact mix of the DMSO + PABA. I got 70% DMSO gel and some Bulk PABA but I have no idea about the amounts I need to mix? Concentration? Or even just daily PABA amount?

    Cheers mate
    Yo man, I see you've been at this PE routines for a while now. If you don't mind me asking did you start at 8 and took a few years to grow to over 9?
    Kingsnake you're an inspiration. Truly great gains. Just starting again on my pe journey after a long hiatus. Hopefully i'll get somewhere close to you one day. I've always enjoyed reading about your expoits with the opposite sex and them being snakematized. do you still have the pics of you snakematizing the girls that you meet? None of the pics work for me in your original thread. Could you repost the pics of you snakematizing if that's not to much trouble.
    Hey. I am hanging using the bib and will actually use yours pretty soon (waiting for materials). But I have a question. Do you kegel or reverse kegel when hanging? If so does it help.

    I have another question. I one time measured myself while hanging and reached up to 8.5. I had always been around 8.0 to barely 8.2ish for a while. So I was hyped. However it seems like I'm back to the 8.2 range. Do you know what may have been the issue. My previous routine entailed me hanging for 15 minutes then warming up again jelqing with kegels then actually ullis then rehang and do the routine again (this is after the initial warm up and stretch prep). However I stopped doing the ulli and jelqing after hanging when I heard someone say don't do girth exercises when hanging. Can you give me your thoughts? Thanks bro
    Hey kingsnake, I've been reading some of your stuff and I wanted to ask you a question. I read that you said when you're done growing after puberty your done but you can still enlarge your penis. What if your still a teen (15) and did PE at this age where you might not be done with puberty? I would really like to hear your thoughts, thanks.
    Hey KingSnake, I remember you from thundersplace and pegym as sayan. Are you still doing PE, what's your goal man? You've gotta be getting close to it by now. Anyway, I'm still working away at it. On my best day I'm reaching the 9 inch mark,Which is really exciting! This was only after some intense stretching though; which I can see the key ingredient in PE. What do you recommend for overtraining? It happens less and less because my dick is a lot more conditioned than it used to be, but it still happens, and it's always at the worst time. lol

    I heard that you started dabbling with the Chem PE as well? I would love to pick your brain sometime if you got a minute.

    Hope all is well,

    Best regards,

    jmc6185 / jeffmc85
    Hey kingsnake i have a question about the risks of pe and how some guys got vein leakage in their penis's. I wanted to know because ever since i read a couple thread's on guys complaining about having erection problems from pe, i have been hesitant to begin again. I did pe for a year and a half with no problems and i don't know why i am so scared to start again after having elbow surgery. Is it all just in my head or are the risks really that bad and most people here don't care because they want a big cock no matter what. I for one want to get to 8 x 6 and have wanted this for years but i don't want to have to deal with erection problems my whole life or some sudden injury. I don't plan on using any devices and like using my hands but do you do think it's safe to say that for a guy like me who has done pe for a while now that i am probably just like you, dld and others who can make gains and have a healthy pe experience. thanks again.
    Bro glad i found you. when you get time hit me with your email again so i can tell you about the 4' 11" chick and my new girl.. glad your doing good. also i had some english guy trying to sting me to. He wanted me to solite him for pics
    Hey man nice Pics.You have helped me out a lot with all of your information.Thanks. Nobodies been seeing you at PEGym. You should pay them a visit somtime. ^_^
    hey snake, seems like you get a bit of pussy on a regular basis man, has this always been the case for you or something youve had to work at?
    Can you do the BW dry without water? Please let me know and what the best way to see results? Please reply back and thanks!
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