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Extreme Jump Start Program

Many people have been asking what program I do when I get into a slump for gains. I have used this program the entire time I have Penis Enlargement'ed when I have gotten in a slump. It is very extensive and time consuming but it works for me. I would not suggest this for anyone who have not been pe'ing for a while. I am not saying it is dangerous, but seasoned Pe'ers in a slump should be the ones to try. For those who are currently doing this program, I have modified it a bit to include my newest exercises and some other DLD essentials .

7:00 am
morning stretch DLD Blasters (on the 50 5 sec/5sec sets do these in a standing position on the keggle, on the reverse slowly squat down)

9:00: 5 minute set of JAI stretches .

10:00 am
My first jelq session is 700 hard jelqs with 2 sets of DLD Bends (horseshoe) every 100. The bends should be done in a upwards curve for 30 seconds then a downword curve for 30 seconds. I train at 100% hard for the jelqs and 90% hard for the bends. I do a 30 second horse squeeze in at the end of the bends. Jelqing is the catalyst for the Bends and Horses meaning I use every set of 100 jelqs to get as hard as I can.

Noonish: 100 PC squeezes followed by a 20 sec. hold, followed by 50, 5 second holds with a 2 second release. Followed by a hold till failure

8:00 pm
I do a testicle massage and stretch before my bath in the pm. about 5 minutes. What I do is 3 60 second masage exercises.
1.) massage all around my sack using my thumb and forfinger avoiding the testes.
2.) With one hand grab around the top of my sack using the other hand I rub the balls all over in a nice steady motion.
3.) Grabbing my penis in a firm grip and grabbing my sack in a firm grip I stretch my penis up and my balls down.

Each of these exercise should be done for 1 minute each. This will increase the sensitivity and produce a greater load amount.

10:00 pm
My Second jelq session is the same as the first: 700 hard jelqs with 2 sets of DLD Bends (horseshoe) every 100. The bends should be done in a upwards curve for 30 seconds then a downword curve for 30 seconds. I train at 100% hard for the jelqs and 90% hard for the bends. I do a 30 sec. horse squeeze at the end of the bends.

If privacy allows set up fowfer stretches all day making sure to return circulation evry 10 minutes. I do about 4 hours of these daily. If these are not possible than I would suggest an additional DLD blaster set mid-day.

I am pretty sure all of the above exercises are described in this forum. If you cannot find them I will post them in this thread.


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How much did you gain off of this routine?
holy crap, i did this but substituted two 15 minute clamp sessions for the jelwing and added a second set of blasters. I dont ever remember my dick being this damn sore even after a whole night of banging when i was in my youth.


This is intense, and very time consuming. I dont think i could fit this into my day although i wish i could!
fighting a bastard of an ingrown hair atm so cant do the jelqs or clamping for the next few days, cant wait until i can begin with them again, the blasters alone are killing me in a good way


Now here is my question; what is a JAI stretch ? rofl


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Grandejoe;333020 said:
Now here is my question; what is a JAI stretch? rofl
OK. I'm trying to give specific information how I do JAI's.

I came up with this idea, because I didn't gain anything during my first three months in the wonderful world of Penis Enlargement. I had used these stretches in normal muscle stretching before, so I thought why not try these in Penis Enlargement as well.

Basic principle is that you hold the stretch for only two seconds and then release it for two seconds and repeat. Why so? Because the inherent stretch reflex (aka. kick-back reflex) starts after about two seconds stretch (in PC-muscle).

So basically I'm stretching ligs and PC-muscle too in a effective way (that's what I think). I always do a 3 X 15 rep sets after my jelqing session to support the growth maximum way. This has probably helped me getting most of my gains.

Start breathing in and stretch your penis (I also suck in my belly at this point).
Hold the stretch for two seconds while inhaling.
Release the stretch but keep the grip while exhaling for two seconds (Relax stomach).
Go to step 1.
Repeat 10 to 15 times and keep about one minute rest.
Repeat steps 1 to 5 * 1 to 4 times.
Breathing helps me feel the rhytHydromax (2-second/2-second). I watched timer in the beginning to learn this. Now it's pretty much just a routine for me.

About the pulling force.. You shouldn't stretch your penis as hard as you can, because that will also lead to kick-back reflex. Just give a nice and firm tug.

Grip: Basic OK-grip behind the head (palm up). Middle finger also supporting the shaft in order to not make too much pressure on the head. Basically you can do any kind of stretches in this way.. I prefer doing circles with this standard grip.



Oh DLD. I have a weeks holiday coming up.

I may have to play MOS' guinea pig again...

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