1. Minceydice

    Need Advice on Curve

    So when im fully erect my penis pretty much points up at the ceiling i guess this is because i have a very high erection angle, think __________ but a little more prominent. My upward curve also doesn't help this situation. Today i measured the underside of my penis and it came out to 8...
  2. H

    Masturbation causes a bent penis

    As per the subject, I'm beginning to think that the real reason why my penis curves to the right is because its tighter on that side than on the left side. This is due to my left handed grip where my fingers tend to press hard on the right side, so the muscle has developed tighter/stronger. I...
  3. H

    Bundled hanging to the left only

    I've been doing bundled hanging recently for almost a week now and I noticed that whenever I bundle the penis to the right against my right curve and hang, the weight feels heavier and I get some pains. But when I bundle the penis to the left side, the weight feels lighter and I don't feel any...
  4. C

    after 1 year of PE i must still be a noob-no gains,no curve correction! HELP

    Hey guys im 27 years of age, a type 1 diabetic,i was circumcised as a baby due to phismosis i have had my downward curve since i can remember, i am actually happy with my size (18.4cm BPEL)however i need the curve fixed i was a very tight RC-0 cut and it is horrible, i have bad turkey neck that...
  5. N

    My sexual life has finnished

    hi all i am 23 y.o and i believe now that my sexual life has finnished , i feel ashamed for my self my penis and my duration when i am having sex with a girl First of all i have a small d*ck , erected is 13-14 cm in length ( 5-5.5 inches ) and girth is near head 9 cm (3.5 inch ) near body is...
  6. N

    Do vacuum hangers lower erection angle permanantly or temporarily?

    Hey guys I wanna start hanging but I have a few questions before purchasing one. Do hangers such as the LG Hanger or the Vac hanger 3 ( I'm thinking of buying this one) lower a high erection angle. My penis points at 11 o'clock I hate it bcoz it makes it look shorter then it really is in the...
  7. I

    Integrating Kegels Into Manuals...

  8. IAmSpartacus71

    Is it OK to measure only BPFSL?

    Hi guys, I realized that when I have the hardest erection (110%) ,which is the state I should measure with, my upward curve is getting in the way. I'm trying to hold my penis straight but it is a very hard thing to do and it ruins my erection. so while I could do this in the past, now my EQ is...

    What is this??

    Ok , I was cut at a young'ish age of around 8 years old. It has crossed my mind from time to time as to the way I was cut is normal? I'm looking for an answer to what this piece of skin is that is attached from my shaft to the head of my penis? I've never had any serious problems with this...
  10. johnny-wang

    Once and for all!

    Everywhere on the forum, there are a lot of conflicting statements, theories, beliefs as to what is the better equipment for length workouts and gains. So, I'd appreciate if we could clarify this here: A hanger or the Lengthmaster? Give reasons if you can.
  11. X

    CHEAP size genetics

    Selling my SG extender CHEAP and quickly. Perfect condition.
  12. M

    bathmate for curvature

    hello, wandering if anyone can help me here. I have an approximately 20-25 degree leftward curve, I'm yet to find out if its peyronies, but its a gradual curve from the base and likely congenital, unlike most peyronies ive seen with a prominent bend midshaft. what I want to know is if anyones...
  13. IAmSpartacus71

    Which ruler should I use?

    Hi guys, I have two rulers and today I measured and I've noticed that they give different lengths when I measure my BPEL. One is a plastic ruler and I'm 17.5 cm when measure with it, the other is a metal ruler and I'm 18 cm when measure with it (probably because it is thinner and can go deeper...
  14. KingD

    Jelq Device Rollers!

    Does anyone know where you can purchase the Dura-rollers for the jelq device?
  15. H

    What's the average size?

    So check this out Don't know much about this study. Anyway girls exaggerating, guys lying and ���� make u think massive dicks are everywhere. My measurement is a bit above...
  16. Q

    Have I been doing stretches wrong the whole time?

    After a little browsing and reading here it has dawned on me that stretching means elongating. People always say it's about consistency, not intensity, but I haven't really gained much with just a little pulling. So I tried pulling harder than usual and I could actually see my flaccid getting...
  17. C

    Wrapping seriously is the key for LengthMaster use

    After having a little break with stretching I've been back at it for about a week now. The first few days I was having to clamp the life out of my penis to avoid unwanted pain against my glans. The head of my penis would be dark purple after about 10 minutes. It was slowing me down a lot because...
  18. Q

    My PE experience - a journey of insecurity

    Despite this being my first post here I started PE in 2014. Ever since then I've been unsure of my growth despite the pics I've taken along the way because I can never achieve 100% erection. I don't know if my initial gains are to be attributed to better EQ or actual lengthening. And so...
  19. W

    Brought myself up from under 6in to just over 7.5in for length.

    Got into this improvement stuff at first not for size but for fixing a slight curve and staying harder a few years back. I thought any size gained would be unnoticeable and any thing more than half an inch gained was bull, mostly due to any research i did lead to most saying it was dangerous. To...
  20. R

    Top of Penis Only Shows Growth?!?

    Hello, I've been PE'ing on and off for over 10 years with positive results. I've noticed however that all my gains in length came on the top side of the penis as opposed to the bottom side (scrotum to glands). Is this normal? I noticed while viewing from the side it's very evident...
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