Jun 28, 2003
I can stretch the hell outta my wang, but for some reason it just doesnt feel like im getting a good tug at it.. weird.. but it amazes me how much of a stretch i can get..... anybody else ever do that? did u find it worked u out better?
Tate,you'd better be careful if your using pain killers as a supplement so that you can up the intesity of your stretching routine. Pain killers, especially the ones that contain codeine such as Tylenol2's or 3's, or even 222's are going to 'mask' the feeling of what you are doing and while you may think it lets you apply more force, you could eventually hurt or even tear a lig and the you will really be screwed. It's important IMO to stay "natural" during Penis Enlargement exercise for the sake of ones personal safety. And lets not forget about the addictive nature of these narcotics. Also, if not taken properly, or even if they are over time continuous use of codeine causes problems with the kidneys, inhibits constipation which over time can lead to bowel problems including obstruction, and can also dehydrate the digestive system in extreme cases. If you do continue to use pain killers use them properly and drink a ton of fluids with them, but as far as a Penis Enlargement supplement goes I don't support that idea in any way, stay natural Bro, the gains will come.
thanks that helped a lot... i just had surgery and didnt want to take a break from pe'ing so it was kind of coincidental that i was pe'ing while on PK's... but i may just stop taking the PK's if i can bare the pain... thanks again
I can definetly vouch for a codine addiction, from when i bust my legs i have been taking kapake/solphadol for 14 months now on a regular basis but what they never told me is they are extremely addictive......ggggggggrrrrrr

I am now booking into rehab to get off prescribed pain killers which i am not happy about but i want to get off them i have to do this.

The doc's famous last words was " if u need them take them" i want to make him eat these words now.

Stay off the painkillers at all costs from someone who knows.

I like to Jelq after I smoke crack:D
While I too do not recommend making painkillers a part of your Penis Enlargement supplement regime, I think you guys are being too prude. Painkillers are not novocaine... they don't really kill pain, they just change your brain's perception of it making you feel nice so you don't notice the pain so much. You can still feel aware if you're injuring yourself. If you just had surgery and are on them anyway, there's no reason to stop Penis Enlargement or the medication. You'd have to be on some powerful shit to hurt yourself and not know it. Even if the pills were that strong, you wouldn't be conscious enough to even DO Penis Enlargement.
Whatever. Double your dosage and chill, man.
Godsize, I don't disagree with what you said, but the point I was making as you helped to make is that while codeine won't eliminate pain but rather change the perception of it by "masking" the intensity of how it is felt is what opens the door for overstressing and injury. If you have a toothache for example it hurts like a sonofabitch without medication, but if you take a Tylenol 3 the codeine subdues the pain which in turn lets you tolerate putting more stress on the tooth. In other words the injury itself has not been corrected, only the symptoms of the pain have been made manageable to allow a higher level of stress. Now if you think about it, codeine has a total body euphoric effect, it does not just attack a specific area of pain, so if you take it when you are not in pain the euphoric effect is still there masking the pain receptors in the brain. When these receptors are partially blocked you will have a false higher tolerance for pain which in turn in the scenario of Penis Enlargement stretching you will naturally want to apply more force to the stretches which has the potential to take you further beyond your limit than you are ready for which has the likelihood of resulting in an injury you won't be fully aware of until the codeine has worn off.
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You goofball :D

:D I didn't want to admit to shooting heroin while stretching
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You shoot it into your dick? :D

Only when I'm trippin' on some good shrooms otherwise I like to shoot it in my left nut.
True story,

This past spring, I was at the VA hospital, 90 miles from home for my yearly check-up.

I talked the doctor about prescribing RX Androgel for energy and boosting my sex-drive.

He had a hold of my right testicle when I asked him about Androgel. Apparently, he wasn't familiar with tests for testisterone levels...

The doctor has a hold of my right testicle and with a strong Asian accent said, "We'll have to inject a needle in one of your testicles to test your testosterone levels."

I laughed, having already done the research and replied, "My left nut, maybe... But never my right one." Then, I suggested, "Isn't there a blood test for that?"

He checked his computer and agreed to a blood test. My "T" level was slightly higher than normal for my age, but not in the danger zone. No RX Andgrogel for me... However, he did prescribed the blue pill.

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The doctor has a hold of my right testicle and with a strong Asian accent said, "We'll have to inject a needle in one of your testicles to test your testosterone levels."

Fucking Ouch

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No RX Andgrogel for me... However, he did prescribed the blue pill.

Ahhh...and what a perfect pill it is!
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