Apr 30, 2010
Anyone else get this? When you're erect your CC's are totally firm, but CS and head inflation is minimal.

I've seen this discussed elsewhere but no real reason or solution. One possible mechanism is potential damage done to valves that control bloodflow in and out of the penis.

So I have this problem and I'm wondering whether years of PE has caused it? I used to get a totally inflated head and CS, but now I don't (unless I'm VERY horny or kegel more blood into my cock) and it sucks. I could probably add another 0.2" in girth to my unit just from having total inflation.

It's completely possible that PE has nothing to do with this. It's just that I'm older and erections aren't as strong, but I wonder.

I'm gonna be experimenting over the next month with low level laser therapy (LLLT) on my cock to repair any potential damage. This may sound crazy, but it's not. LLLT has thousands of studies behind it, showing it to be beneficial for nearly every condition there is... tissue repair, pain, brain function, thyroid function, eyesight, etc.

Here are some LLLT studies (over 2000) and a video on it for anyone interested:



I just happen to own a pretty decent LLLT device that I'm gonna try on my unit for the next 2 months. 3 days per week for 2 months, to see if it helps. Risk is basically zero, unless using on the testicles, although even then it would probably be beneficial and maybe even increase testosterone or sperm production.

I am posting this however to also ask whether anyone knows the cause of this, and whether they've improved it anyhow? Some have said that there is a surgery that can fix leaky valves. Shockwave therapy (I saw mentioned somewhere else here) is another potential fix.

Curious to see others' thoughts.
YES. I have had this problem my entire life. I thought I was special for this.
Definitely not. Many guys seem to have it. Cock ring is an instant fix.
Mick09;753626 said:
Definitely not. Many guys seem to have it. Cock ring is an instant fix.

I would not say it is a problem more than it is a fact that we need to accept. The head is next to impossible to increase in size, it does not have skin to retain the blood. So in most cases men will not change the head size. Some are working on new ways to attempt this so there is hope but as of now no. 2 things that will keep the head inflated are a cock ring as Mick suggested and to become very strong with Kegels, especially holding a Kegel for a long time. If a man is successful at holding a Kegel long enough, his glans will remained inflated until he released the Kegel.
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