Take a length of felt ribbon that is about 1.75" longer than you penile circumference (at the base). Tie the ribbon into a loop (a circle) with a very snug knot. Also, take a short length of pencil (like 2" or so)....now you're ready.
(1) Do about 25-30 dry jelqs from middle to head
(2) Do about 25-30 dry jelqs from base to middle
(3) Get penis to about 90-95% erection & clamp the base with one hand & do some gentle erect bends with the other (using extreme caution).
(4) Drop the felt loop around your penis, to the very base, & insert the pencil/dial where the knot is, slowly crank the dial until there is a gentle tension on your base.
(5) Kegel some blood into your penis until it's rock hard, then quickly twist the pencil until it is TIGHT - sealing off blood flow. Hold for 30-60 seconds.
(6) Completely release tension & slap your penis around gently for another minute.
(7) Repeat steps 5 & 6 two more times (= 3 sets of 30-60 seconds).
(8) Add another set every 1-2 weeks until you're up to 10-12 sets. You should definitely seek some measureable girth increases by then (9-18 weeks time).


Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
WaxN, I have been meesing with a combination similar to this but also introducing Wet super-sets after. All I can say is WOW. I am tring to write up the routine, just have no time:( But after this dual routine my girth is sick. Are you seeing the same results?
Yeah, my schnitzel balloons up madly - albeit with some discomfort involved.


Sounds interesting, but I clamp tightly for 10-15 minutes. Does your cock get bigger doing this than clamping? What is the advanatge of this compared to continual pressure?

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