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Dec 30, 2023
After @Haursen 's recommendation, I would like to introduce myself.
I am Kris and I have zero experience when it comes to PE. The only PE I have done in the past is Clamping with Python for 6 months, each other day, which did not bring me any result at all.
I have read a few posts in the forum and I have started doing the 5x5x3 program. I have also started doing length routine with Length Master and my program is like this:
Morning:: Length Master + SiliSleeve (6 hours max)
Evening to night:: Girth Routine + 1 hour cock ring

Doing girth routine is more difficult than going to gym and doing weights. That's because I suffer from low libido and ED. My ED problem is somehow complicated. It might be a result of psychotropic drugs, a result of the bad image I have for my self, and of course the bad Image I have for my penis which ... I do not like it. I think low self-esteem plays a major role here too.

Until recently, I had Premature Ejaculation too. After 10 years of searching, I almost found a way to fix this thing.

I am 5.5' x 5.5' (5.5' length, 5.x5' thickness). My goal is 7.8' length, 6.8' thickness, but now that I am thinking of it, I do not know if it is doable - for me. I am not 25 years old, and I am not like I used to be.... right now, having an erection and Libido is way more difficult than 2 hours of gym. After the second time of the 5x5x3 program (after 2x ssj's and 2 x pumps) I can't have an erection anymore.

This is the reason I am trying to get the max out of the routines, and that's the reason I ask so many things in details - because I need to find a way to confirm that at least what I am doing, will bring results.

Recently, I decided to add 5 minutes of bundle stretches and 10 minutes of MOS RED before my Girth Routine in an attempt to loosen the things down there. Although I do not know what I am talking about, I am just following the recommendations.

There are a few things that I need to know which are things that I am available to do.
1. Will more hours in cock ring bring faster results or better results?
2. Shall I put a silisleeve 2 hours after girth routine? Will it bring better results?
3. How can I maximize my results?
4. Is there a way to alleviate ED?

Re-welcome again brother. This is the best intro to sink our teeth into to provide insights for your routines. Yes, PE is no joke. It is hard because you're working on a body part that the body tends to ignore after your primal year. The only thing our body needs is the scrotum and urethra.

Just to let you know, depending on the drugs, psychotropic drugs can and will interfere with your tissue growth. If you feel confident in posting what they are, it can help us to formulate a plan around the drugs to negate the adverse interactions. If you're not confident in posting the drugs, we can play guessing games to the best that we can.

To answer your questions with existing issues you mentioned:

1. Will more hours in cock ring bring faster results or better results?

Yes it can. I say it can because it does. You have limiting factors such as the drug interactions and interferences. We will find a way around them. However, do be honest with us so we can come up with solutions for any possible scenario under your case.

2. Shall I put a silisleeve 2 hours after girth routine? Will it bring better results?

No. If you're using a cock ring, stop using the SiliSleeve. You're doubling the effects using just the cock ring. Volume of blood must be at 70 to 80% of the erection volume. Make sure to always, always, always cycle new blood into the penis.

3. How can I maximize my results?

No one will gain like the last person as each person body will adapt, adopt, and regrowth differently. However, by creating a log for us to know your progression, we can visualize your growth patterns. Patterns give us in-depth growth potential and we'll work with you from there.

4. Is there a way to alleviate ED?

This subject has been poked at for over 4 decades. Every one has cancers, and cancers vary. People having ED, and ED varies. Psychosomatic symptoms to physical limitations and ailments generate untold combinations of issues. However, we will find a way.

First thing first, the meds you're on, are they needed for your psycho-related need after the relational traumas or was it before? This provides where we stand to kneel with you, or pull you up and out from the kneeling positions and start walking with confidence again. We all gone through this path in some form or others. We understand your needs.
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