Aug 5, 2003
Link Removed ...... this device is used for jelqing and i wanted to post it up.... has anyone seen it before and do you think it really is an aid... pceeee

Guy2003, this is the power jelq device you have found. It is a good device to use if you have problems with regular manual jelqing such as cramping between the thumb and forefinger. It is a good hand saver and it does provide a reasonably effective jelq but the main drawback I had as do a lot of other guys is that you can only apply pressure on the top and bottom of your shaft or the sides, depending on how you hold it. I used one for a couple of months and my jelq sessions were longer, maintaining a suitable erection for the session was difficult. I didn't make any real gains using it. This is just my experience with it, there are also guys that swear by it. You don't have to buy it off the net either. All it really is is a canning jar lifter with foam pipe insulation around the handles. I made mine for anly about $7.00.
Hey Binzen' do you have the diagrams on how to make it? instructions at all?

The concept seems legitimate, although you will only be applying pressure to two sides, as b1nzen48 mentioned.

One other thing to consider is that I read on another forum where a couple of guys had the foam pads slip off and cut their penises. It didn't sounds like anything major, but no one would want to deal with a cut penis. Another user on that board gave instructions as to how to go about corrected this flaw.
If it only applied pressure on the top and bottom of the shaft wouldn't this mean it worked mainly on width and not girth.
I don't think anything can take the place of jelqing with your own hands. Only in this direct contact can we feel our masterpiece in the making.

Another thing is someone starting out may experience cramps and fatigue in their hands but this is expected. You are using muscles you probably never used before. Over time you hands will increase in strength and this will be a distant problem.

There are exceptions to every rule so many may need the use of the powerjelq to get a proper workout be it from injury, handicap or other extenuating circumstances.
I think there have been valid points made about even force applied around the entire penis. The Power Jelq would obviously exert most force on one side only. Plus, DLD brings up a good point about using your hand and using muscles you've never used before. Hey, maybe jelqing can develop a stronger grip, which would make one feel even more superior.
You can't beat just using your hand, its free and you can adjust it to just how you like.
It's a nice device. You can save yourself some money buy buying the replacement pads, and buying a similar device that will be in the kitchenware department at say Wal-Mart and such. The devices are exactlry the same the foam pad is the only thing different.

I use both in my routine. I think it can give a good pump, and I think it is great on hitting my CS. Since it usually (unless used sideways) hits the top and bottom of your penis your CS is targeted directly. I have felt a much larger CS then what was normal because of me dusting this baby off and using it in this manner. The CS is the only channel in which blood gets to your head. Want a bigger head, strengthen, and or route more blood through your CS. Jelqing can do this also, but with the power-jelq or equivalent you can really hit it almost alone.

Does anyone know a place where I can get the foam padding from? I already went to Home Depot and all they had was a long foam tube used for pipe insulation, which was pre-split on one side. Any suggestions would be appreciated and please give an exact location such as in the kitchenware department of K-mart.
Originally posted by Godsize
I wouldn't bother with it. The thing is useless.

Not at all, it can cause much better gains without the stress of manual jelqing.
Perhaps it worked for you, Doc, or maybe you're on the payroll, I don't know. All I'm saying is I used that thing religiously for almost a year (nine months, to be exact) and I gained nothing.

Although, I did get a little length from it, but I probably coulda got that from regular jelqing, or just yanking on my dick, for that matter. As far as girth went, it gave me nothing. The way I see it, it was nine wasted months. I credit my length gains to manual stretching.

As Questor mentioned, the only thing the PJ is good for is head work, but you can do that by hand, also. The leverage provided by the PJ does make it a little easier though. I'll give it that.

If DLD taught one thing back at Thunder's, it was that using your hands is the way to go.

What is it about gadgets that fascinate us? It's like we'd rather put our faith in external things than in our own hands. It's like we cannot believe that we can find success within ourselves, that some product will do it for us, that somehow our own hands aren't good enough. Hey, I used to think like that too. But, once I started using my hands, there was no looking back.
Originally posted by Doc
Not at all, it can cause much better gains without the stress of manual jelqing.

Nah, you won't be able to get a tight enough grip, because the solid matter doesn't contour to your d!ck like a manual grip, therby allowing blood to easily escape back into the body. Stick to a normal overhand grip.
I think to many people are getting lazy and are trying to find little gadgets to do there Penis Enlargement for them.:p
And let me tell you that doing it by hand 100% Erect is the ONLY way to go!!! And even if your hands get tired push it and change your grip its WELL worth it!!!!
i thought jelqing at 100% erect was not a good thing. Doesnt it cause some kind of vasciular problem or something like that? Not trying to say you're wrong, I've just heard the opposite.
Another forum I used to visit said that jelqing while erect is unhealthy, but people here seem to believe otherwise. Any clarification would be helpful.
When i jelqed 100% erect i burst a vein. But id like to know if its the way forward?
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