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    Return to PE. cleaning BATHMATE?proper jelq? Avoiding stretch marks?

    Hey all. So I've been doing off and on pe fir like 4 years and I mean I never honestly sat in to it long enough to see permamnt results. It's been about 5 months since anything. I went to get backdate that was left In the shower but theres white powder stuff in the outside around the rubber. I...
  2. M


    Is it ok to jack of rest days and will it effect gains and is 20 mins enough to jelq i use penilizer same as jelq device just without rollers is it good enough using it straight down or should I turn it sideways to and me and my woman get busy once a day or every other day will that effect gains
  3. A

    Least Risky Way To Gain Girth?

    Hey all. So I need some girth and hopefully flaccid hang. Problem is I have a nice looking penis and discoloration,stretch marks and papule flare/bumps as well as changing shape of penis concerns me(my penis is very straight) I've tried Bathmate. Jelqing and jelq device but I haven't done...
  4. A

    New Girlfriends PE Concerns.

    Hey all so I've been off and on doing PE for a few years. Nothing commited tho. Anyway I just got a new girlfriend after being single for 6 years. She loves the way my penis is. She likes it because it's very hard. It's perfectly straight. And the skin is very smooth and soft. That said. I'm...
  5. KingD

    Jelq Device Rollers!

    Does anyone know where you can purchase the Dura-rollers for the jelq device?
  6. D

    help on deciding on product

    To those who've had experience with the following, please assist me in making decision. Im looking in to either the LengthMaster or the Jelq Device from Power Gym Both are similarly priced and its not cost I'm worried about rather functionality. Both are and seem like great products...
  7. M

    Routine Feedback.

    Hello Gents, I need some feedback on my routine. I stopped PE for 2 years and just came back recently. Working as a full-time is difficult to find the time to practice PE. As for now, I am mainly focusing on length gains. Here's how my routine look like:- Phallosan Forte I usually...
  8. T

    Jelqing Device

    What you guys think about this Jelqing Device? I know someone of you will say this device is BS.. But I really would like to have the Testicle Power Enhancer and Nano Far Infrared Rehabilitater!!! Product Info, Passioner Inc.
  9. C

    Five Phase Routin

    SO i have gotten mos 5 phase routine. currently i am doing his beginner routine because dld said he needed to update the paysite one to match is newbie routine. i have taken out the jelqs and replaced them with the penilizer jelq device. also hve added 5 mins of pumping in between sets of jelqs...
  10. P

    New pe device !!!!

    i found this AUTOMATIC JELQING DEVICE....atleast it looks automatic please have a look and tell me if i should buy Penis Enlargement Pump with LCD Controls for Men in Penis Enlargers & Pumps from Sexpiration Male Toys by
  11. MoS-Newbie

    I just browsed through some German PE Forums ...

    And man, they are so different =D They really are all about safety and slow but steady gains. In one thread someone asks about the MoS LengthMaster and an experienced member was like: "It's way too intense, why would you ever need 2 hands to do your stretches? It's just DLD making money...
  12. master_mind

    I am back after 7 months without P.E. Now I a ready with my P.E. routine.

    Reasons for stopping p.e. 1. Lost morning wood. 2. Poor e.q. 3. Premature ejaculation issues. 4. Turkey neck. After a lot of research my mistakes came out to be : 1. Got excited and over trained. 2. Warming up and warming down was not done. 3. Jelq was not done. 4. Girth was...
  13. J

    Good routines or not?

    1.Warm up using bathmate with hot water (5 minutes) 2.Hanging using LG hanger 3×20 minutes(stretch between set). 3.Jelqing with jelq device for 30 minutes. 4.Warm down with bathmate for 10 minutes with light pressure. 5.Wore PF for the whole day and sleep with it. Gurus and masters here...
  14. A

    Please Help.Many Issues With My Penis Enlargement Journey :(

    Hey i started on and off PE about a year ago.with length 7.2bpel i was mainly looking for girth as girth is only about 4.5 anyway i got the bathmate first and i really like the results.i did gain girth from it HOWEVER it messed up the skin.upon viewing pre PE and after bathmate pics i...
  15. A

    New Groin tattoo Cause issue? �naked people movies�= cum fast. sex takes long????

    hey a few questions. 1.i got a new tattoo on pube area.will using the jelq device affect it AFTER its healed? i will upload a pic. lately.if im watching �naked people movies� sometimes i cum in 3 minutes.but during sex it takes FOREVER sometimes.does anyone else have this? my conclusion was that...
  16. master_mind

    Gained 0.4 inches in 17 days. SEX, phallosan, extender , DLD penis helped me.

    My erect length was around 5.25 now around 5.65 and when do the kegel push it reaches 6 inches. But I will consider 5.65 EL not fool my self by thinking 6 inches. 1. I massage my penis with size up or Sandha oil after bath. 2. L arganine zinc, l cartanine, and a home made one spoon of...
  17. M

    Need help getting started please.

    Hello brothers. I am a newbie in the world of P.E and I'm looking for some advice before I start my routine. If I begin asking to many questions I apologize in advance. I'm just overwhelmed with all the info I been reading and now I feel like I don't know where to start. My 1st question...
  18. youknowme123321

    Penis Extender Application...My Brand New Way!!! VIDEO

    Hey Guys. So i had an idea last week to improve my extender. I use a slider extender (LOVE IT). What I now do provides more surface area for gripping of the extender to my penis wrap. This allows me to use less pressure when pulling the strap so I get less chance of cutting of circulation and...
  19. A

    Is PE Causing My Papules? :(

    hey all.first post 25 years old,did PE for about 3 months then took a break now back at it.Im havinga problem as about a month ago i noticed some PAPULeS on my penis.i dont like doc said they are BENIGN but i still dont like them.My routine is bathmate jelq bathmate.i have some...
  20. 1

    Hey guys!

    So I'd thought i would introduce myself. I've known about pe for about 6 years but never did anything more than jelqing and kegeling during that time. . Until two months ago. I decided i wanted big results fast. I know my body very well and my penis even better. I started hanging and clamping...
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