Jun 3, 2003
I have been including Dry Jelqing into my routine for about 2 weeks now. I never did these before this because I liked Wet Jelqs so much. I still love wet jelqing but I think these are going to become an addition to my routine. I am getting very good results with them. My girth shoots way up after a routine and stays there post-jelq for a while. I do my sessions like this:

At 90-95% erect I grip my penis at the extreme base using the standard ok grip. I tightly slide my hand up the shaft over like 10 seconds. I do 10 of these. At every 10 I work a 30 second squeeze or bend in. I try to go for about 30-45 minutes.
No there is no skin abrasion because you are not sliding your hand over your skin ( what cause abrasion) but sliding your skin over what is in your penis (corpora cavernosa....).
Try it you will like it :D

Originally posted by Frenchy

Try it you will like it :D

C'est vrai, ca.
I like it a lot.

(I'm showing off. If i needed to translate more than a phrase of French, I'd probably have to go to Babblefish.)

Quand j'étais dans école, j'ai étudié français pour trois années.
Und ein Jahr Deutsch.
And then I realized I have enough trouble with English.
My favorite language is the sounds my wife makes when I'm jackhammering her box with my bigger, harder cock. ;)
I've recently added these to my girth workout. They are quite intense. They work the dick in a way unlike wet jelqing. Try em!
i did dry jelqs for a while the 2nd half of last year
my results werent very impressive, especially girth wise, and i did them with a near full erection. It was easy to do a lot of them, cause you can just sit at the computer and check �naked people movies� whenever you need to.

my bad results were probably just from inconsistency though, they should be effective.
For the record I do not do DRY JELQS I do DUAL DRY JELQS. It is a different version.
They are 2 completely different maneuvers, but they both produce the same type of instant rock hard expansion, unlike wet jelqs.

I do the dual dry jelqs too, BTW, not the regualr dry jelqs.
Doesn't the part just below the glans miss out on some expansion when you're holding your hand there in Dual Dry Jelqs?
Originally posted by penguinsfan
What is the difference?

I believe with the dual dry jelqs you hold one hand below the glans and the other hand does the jelq. Correct me if i'm wrong but that's how I got it :)
Originally posted by hangh
I believe with the dual dry jelqs you hold one hand below the glans and the other hand does the jelq. Correct me if i'm wrong but that's how I got it :)

You are correct:) This makes doing a DRY JELQ a snap.
Originally posted by Supra
So this really works huh?
I've been doing them for likr 5 days now and they work better than anything else I have ever tried, based on teh feeling I get after my workout. I am rock hard and larger than I was after any other girth workout. This is big.
but! the area below the glans doesn't get any expansion because you're holding your hand there? DLD? :)
if thats true then i must be doing dry dual jelqs wrong.

instead of just gripping below the head, i squeeze the blood out of the head. DLD, do you think this is more or less effective?
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