Jun 8, 2003
I was wondering if jelqing semi erect[40-50%]was good for length.The reason Im asking is because I started doing this in my stretching routine [after stretching].I jelq 100 times after stretching.I wanted to know if this is good or bad[dont want to screw things up],thanks.
I think you should jelq around 80% erect, but check with someone else first, also you might want to increase the amount of jelqs you do. If causes to much pain then stop and do whatever suits you.
Why jelq with such a low erection level? Just stretching more would be more usefull of your time. If you want length most I'd say stretch more, rather than using that extra time to jelq half erect. Stretching is more efficient for length. Jelquing at higher erction levels 80%+ is for girth.
I thought jelqwing at a high erect % was for girth.Thats why I thought if I jelqed at a lower % it would be good for length.Shit I dunno,maybe Ill just scratch the jelqing after stretching..
Yea,I guess Ill drop the jelqing.Its just that after stretching when I jelq[50%erect]my dick seems to appear much longer,I thought maybe it would help with length.Thanks for the replies.
Dont take offense to my reply. (I wouldnt care anyway) Jelqing may indeed be a 'decent' length exercise but, certainly not the most efficient. Stretching is a better way to go. Stretch for length...jelq/squeeze for girth. Dont make this stuff harder than it is....that keeps a lot of guys from actually gaining. They get all wrapped up in the "science" of Penis Enlargement. It's very simple stuff.
No man I wasnt offended at all,I appreciate the advice[thats why Im here]Like you said Ill just stretch more,I never really got anything from jelqing anyways,I think its pretty much a begginer exercise.
100% is 100% Best!!! anything less than 80 and its not worth the time
I will try jelqing at 100% erect but that time i injured myself and was told not to jelq at 100%.
I would seem to me that one could benefit from almost any type of jelq, provided enough intensity is used to work the blood properly through the CC, but I could be wrong.
Well thats opened my eyes more on jelqing, i will have to try some different versions and see what works best.
And he promotes 100% erect jelqing. I give it my best to stay as close to it as possible. Its tough sometimes without somekind of Stimuli
Whether you are jelging or doing any girth exercise, you need to get to at least 90% to 100% erection to enable you make the most out of your routine.
huge-girth;757723 said:
Whether you are jelging or doing any girth exercise, you need to get to at least 90% to 100% erection to enable you make the most out of your routine.

This is the only way to make girth gains and it should be understood why. Lets say you jelq at 70% erect and you gain 20% expansion you have accomplished nothing as you are still 10% below you max girth. But if you train at 90-100% and get that same 20% expansion you are now at 110-120% of your normal size. This temporary expansion is what delivers permanent girth but you always need to be getting past the 100% mark or you are just playing with yourself.
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