What does it mean when my penis is more dense than before ?


Apr 29, 2024
So some days ago I made a post about how I thought I had hfs and then tight pelvic floor. I’m starting to think it was neither lol cuz it’s already gone and just like the first time I had this “injury” it went away without me doing anything.

If anything it was most likely a tight pelvic floor which made sense because people on the Gb subreddit said I was most likely doing levels during pumping which I could concur with.
Ik it’s not good but I sometimes do It accidentally while adjusting my position I have learned from that mistake tho.

Only difference is the first time it left in 2 days, this time it took up to a week plus I took 3 days straight off. But I’m fine now.

Ever since it left recently, my penis is so dense and by that I don’t mean girth, it’s still similar in size just kinda heavy lately, tho my flaccid is bigger now. My expansion after pump has gone back to normal but with less Edema than before and although my bpsfl is only slightly higher than when I started, my penis feels thick to stretch during manuals even though I’m not hard.

Is this like a sign of growth or that I’m adapting or something?

For clarification,
I don’t have hard flaccid guys, I’m not in any pain or discomfort, my flaccid penis isn’t semi-rigid/semi erect, my flaccid is soft to the touch. My erections are fine. I’m not saying I have an injury, I’m just saying recently my dick feels heavy like I just got out the pump. Which is not bad or anything but just curious what it means.

I don’t have any type of pain or symptoms, it’s just a question of curiosity. Unless you guys are trying to tell me something I don’t know.
Sounds like new soft tissue growth. Remember that your penis growth is not all blood volume. More than half of that is new soft tissues, blood vessels, nerves, outer skin, and even fat..yep, fat.
that happened to me 9 months ago shortly after i apparently injured myself. im sure youre fine. i am however not. within the next few months, it dwindled away to nothing , and still isnt back. i have zero density now. feels like nothing even there. smallest thing ive ever felt in 50 years. but i remember that happening in the first 2 weeks. but now, i basically feel like somebody shut off the water hose all day long. very disgusted . so take it easy, or even quit while youre ahead.
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