today i was doing lazy asses for a few hrs, a few footlong strecthes, 5 minutes of cable clamp hanging etc. when i measure from the right bone pressed flaccid is always 7inches. but when i reverse kegel and measure the exact same way while reverse kegeling it reaches about 7.7

also im experimenting with blaster type hanging . while hanging do 5 second kegels followed by 5 second reverse kegels.thats 1 set. keep doing sets until youre done with your hang time


I've been doing something similar myself. I hang three sets of 8lbs for 15min. 5 minutes into the set I do 50 1 second reverse kegels then 50 one second kegels. This takes about three to four minutes. Then I lightly swing the weights (this is done while hanging STD from the edge of a chair) I do fifty swings forward and back, fifty swings side to side and then fifty rotaries alternating between cockwise and counter clockwise with each set. When I finish the workout my ligs are really tired... :cool:

Be careful though with swinging, you need to work into it gradually, especially when you have worked up to an increase in weight.

I also have noticed an increase immediately following the workout, its usually temporary and I have a theory that there may be some corellation between these differences and new gains or at least gain potential. But it is just speculation at this point.
yes but these r blasters while hanging . when doing the reverse kegel while hanging i can actually put my finegr at the base and feel the ligs working and pumping and stretching . they feel liek tight guitar chords.

as for swingign, i like to do my hangign standing up and bending my upper body down a little. i swing slowly with 10 lb. weight. it feels greattt lol

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