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  1. B

    Uli vs Clamping - Why I like the ULI

    I come from the term that ULI's is hand clamping, if you call them something else please note it and or change the title. I have bought the cable clamp pro's, I can't get a good clamp like a hand ULI. Maybe I'm so comfortable with my hand that I don't get the same pressure from cable clamp and...
  2. B

    looking to gain a inch more in girth

    hey all I have been stuck at a 5 inch girth for right at 6 months, is there anything I can do diff, I have been using the bathmate doing the 5x3 along with bundle stretches. one thing I haven't always been going into the pump erect...
  3. Egghead1

    It's been a while my brothers...This site has grown so much I could cry.

    First of all, DLD, the stuff that's been going on here at MoS is more than important but I'm sure you all realize this by now. I've been rifling through hundreds of posts for the past month and I just want to say that I love you all. Where have I been? I'm a little sad to say that I quit PE...
  4. A

    Back to clamping; with pics!!

    I have been doing PE for quite a while but never consistently. I had done clamping in the past and i think its a great great exercise for girth. Recently im back to clamping with 3 sets of 10 min each with 5 min break inbetween and jelqs for restoring blood flow. I use a rubber pipe which is...
  5. I

    i want to permanently enlarge my glans

    hi friends Am new to this site and forum..I am reading success stories of of penis enlargments from many. I also have been practicing jelq for nearly 2 years..i gained good gain in my girth and I stays permanent even after 2 years My major interest previously was to increase my girth. I...
  6. T

    2 Inches or More Girth Gain

    Looking for members of the brotherhood or somebody you know that has gained 2 inches or more in girth to share their experience in gaining girth. What were your or their routines and how long it took?
  7. M

    girth gains using time under tension

    back when i was focusing on length i used a routine based on the principle time under tension and it worked well basically i was doing stretches then i would stay in the extender for 1.5 hours then i would do dld blasters and stay in the extender for 1.5 hours and finally i would hang 2 sets...
  8. the boss!

    Any recommendations?

    I wanna start clamping, anybody out there who can guide me in the right direction. What quality cable would you recommend ?
  9. stillwantmore

    hanger Penis Clamp...Yep, Still Available

    Hey everyone. I have had a few guys ask me recently if I still sell my Penis Clamp device. Yes I do! I have lowered the price recently to $17.99 + Shipping. Like with hanger, purchases also help go toward my monthly donation to MOS. I do not currently sell the Penis Clamp on my site, but I...
  10. 1

    Cross taping plus ADC

    Does anyone have some experience with this combination? Does it work like an all day SSJ?
  11. B

    How did you get started in PE

    So how did Everyone get started in PE. For me it started in February of 2015, I was having some issues keeping a good erection, I done some google searches and found, where I signed up and then shortly after I found the Brotherhood here, which pretty much changed my life...
  12. T

    where do i buy a clamp???

    Im trying to find the cable clamp online i cant find it anywhere! ive been googling and searching for it I cant find anything! Where can i buy a good clamp or the cable clamp?
  13. jekyllnhyde360

    An honest question about extenders.

    Do they work? I've recently become curious about gaining another inch in length and regular stretching although mostly effective, just isn't do able right now with all the girth. but i figured i could maybe do a few stretches in the AM and then put the extender on for a good 5-7 hours, then...
  14. I

    Autoextender Xsleeve?

    I am looking for an ADS that is super comfortable but will also get the job done. I have wrapped and also use the VLC with leg strap to keep extended all day. The problem I have mostly with the VLC is that it causes some skin irritation after wearing it all day which in turn effects my hanging...
  15. J

    Cable clamp in the UK/ alternatives?

    I've been looking for a medium cable clamp in the uk or another brand, but i cant find any. there was a similar one (carharrt brand) but the sizing was different and didnt fit. does anyone know where i can get a cable clamp in the uk, or an alternative i can use for clamping?
  16. C

    Uhhhhh, Where did my thread go?????

    I can't find my thread that I started about a new electronic digitally programmed pump that I ordered. Anyone know where it went?
  17. master_mind

    Increase width of penis while using an extender.My 2nd idea first in the world of PE

    Well this just came in my mind right now. It's just a theory now. Tomorrow will draw the diagram and post it. Also will make the tools and use it and post pictures. After its long use will tell the results wether negative or positive. I hope this will work like my idea of correct your...
  18. master_mind

    Clamping and sex.

    I tried it. I was scared in the beginning. But then was fine. I enjoyed. But later had to remove for my penis becomes very fat. So now less pressure why using he clamp for sex. Have to be careful so that the clamp does not hurt my partner. With clamping length also increases.
  19. Simyan

    Simyan's update 2015 - P.E & personal

    Just a quick update I've been clamping for 1.5 - 2 months and am extremely pleased. I'm so happy I've finally found consistency and i will continue to clamp for a long time. When I started, the cable clamp wasn't very tight. Now, it's much tighter. To the point that sometimes I think I've got...
  20. S

    cost of devices

    Hi guys, I'm curious about the devices used in tandem with the PE exercises - the all day stretching devices seem like something I'd be interested in, and of course who doesn't want a BathMate, right? Only thing is, they're reeeeeally pricey, don't you think? I totally get that it's a...
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