equiptment needed " 1 ace bandage, 1 ankle sock, 2 cable clamps, a penis.

wrap the ace bandage on the base(being 100% ahrd already) and clamp like a standard constrictor then do 1 erect bend tot he elft,1 to the right. both for 8 seconds.then wrap the ankle sock around the head and under the head a little and clmap below the head with the second clamp. this will blow the shit outa your girth AND your head size 2.
in the guide wasnt there the horse440 but not with a second clamp. one clamp and your hand. this is with 2 clmaps on 1 shaft


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It's toward the end under the "Other clamper's exercises" section:

Hey Red, I didn't see it in the guide and don't remember if it's talked about earlier in the thread, but how about using a second clamp, instead of your hand, when doing a horse squeeze?

I've been doing this the past few days and think I'm getting much better results than just using my fingers in an "A-OK" gesture. With the second clamp, there's a constant pressure right on the spot the user deems most effective. Personally, I'm given to hand cramps so my pressure and position oscillates somewhat when doing it manually.
when I started doing these in my newly altered routine it expanded my head while clamped, but for some reason my erect head size lost expansion almost completely. Kinda scared me because everything would get erect but the head. I switched off the routine to disclude them because them and clamped wet jelqs were the only new additions. My head expansion is still recovering but it is getting better so I was sure they were the culprit. Anybody have similar experience with these?


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Big Joe that puzzles me......when you did the exercise was your head fully expanded? I dont deal with this exercise much so bare with me. If anyone else whom uses this could give more feedback I'd be more than happy.
I know it was odd for me as well. I switched my clamping routine from clamped horse squeezes, and basic constrictors. To clamped wet jelqs and double clamped horse squeezes. Thats when I started noticing my erect head size not expanding barely at all. I clamped over the bottom of the head. I suppose my wrap did cover a portion of my head so I couldn't really tell if it was "fully" expanded, but when I felt it, it would be very hard and felt engorged like the rest of my penis would be in a regular constrictor. Since the head was covered it was harder to stay erect, so i would hold as long as possible and then reapply it when the erection went down. It was right when I changed my routine like this that I noticed this happening, and its a shame too because these would give me wicked expansion, like almost intense enough to feel like my penis would pop like a water balloon or something. Maybe perhaps I was clamping too far up on the head?
Although my head fills up again, it's still shaped differently since this phenomenon occurred.
Does an MOS account carry over or would I have to register a new name over at Zululand so maybe we can discuss this more in depth?


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My variant is to clamp at the base with a cable clamp, then add another one with the connector of the cable clamp in a different location, but set right on top of the first one at the base. I let it sit for a few minutes, edge a little, the grab just below the glans and squeeze. Forces blood both directions, and takes me from
5.25 to just under 6 emsg. (while clamped).

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