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Sep 17, 2020
Hello all,

Looking for advice from the most experienced and seasoned PE veterans of this forum. I’m attempting to make an ultimate PE routine. I’ve been doing PE for about a year and a half and have seen some gains, but after recent readings I’ve learned that I may be able to and want to take things to the next level. The first device I started using was the andropenis extender. I used this over the span of a year being able to use it maybe 30 or so hours per week, but found it uncomfortable to use for long durations each day (the first use I could have it on for 1-1.5 hour but even with a 1-2 hour recovery, soreness and blisters could start appearing within an hour or less after a couple uses). Since April, I upgraded and started using the phallosan extender and ADS systems, mostly using the ADS, averaging about 18 hours a week, ranging from over 30 (one week 54) to as low as 5 hours in a week. I’ve also gotten into clamping but have not committed much to it (recently doing three sets of 10 on 5 off for 5 sets 3 nights a week the last two weeks using two cable cuff pros).

After reading through this and other forums, I wish to complete overhaul my plan from thinking simply more volume = more gains to working smarter not harder. I came across the IPR concept and was taken aback by it (mostly for the insane amount of detailing put into the calculus and testing). The most basic outline of the macro version of this concept being (if I’ve read correctly) 2 weeks of inflammation causing PE like hanging for one day on two days off, then 2 weeks using an ADS for the same, and then 2-3 months break from all PE, to repeat the cycle again. I have several topics to cover for this in finding the optimal routine for maximizing gains to the fullest so any help is appreciated. This is going to be a lot of questions covering an extensive amount of content, so please stick with me on this in proving all the advice you guys can and hopefully we can reach a peak consensus in the ultimate program.

IPR adherence- Must this routine be adhered to strictly or adhered to or can an alternating cycle be used such as three days a week one day on one off (ie: MWF skipping weekends or STTH)? What about 5 days a week straight (especially if desired fatigue level isn’t reached on a PE day due to lack of time or not enough effort etc)? How much of a difference will changing this make?

Warm ups- Most everyone I see on here talks about warm ups which I have wholly neglected. I’ve seen all kinds of recommended warm up routines ranging from simply using a heated cloth for 10 minutes and stretching at different angles for about 5 all the way to heating at a specific temperature then using a stretching device at every angle for 30 second holds each with rotary stretches(?) and jelqing for 300-600 strokes then kegels etc. However, I’ve read from one poster that he gained 2” in two months just from jelqing for 100 strokes three days a week so wtf is going on there? I want to warm up but I also don’t want to spend all my day and effort doing it. How much of a difference does doing it with all warm up steps make vs without heating vs without stretching vs without jelqing vs none at all? Is there a best hands only routine that’s quick and gets max return on investment? Does the same warm up routine have to be performed prior to *every* hanging/ADS/ clamping session, would I just do this prior to my first device use of the day, or would it need to be done again (or use a faster warm up method) after some hours of not using a device? Could I just warm up in the morning and be good the rest of the day or does it have to be done directly preceding device use? How much of a difference is this known to make? Additionally, would jelqing have positive PE effect incorporated into the IPR routine? Is there an optimal way to incorporate it for noticeable growth gains? Ie, if I did the same as the guy that grew 2” in 2 months doing 100 strokes in the morning *in addition to warming up prior to using devices, would I see the best gains from doing so on PE days (or off days or 5 days a week) during the I period, during the I and P periods, or doing so all the time (5-7 days a week year round)?

The PE Approach- I want to maximize my length and girth and I want to know what the ideal balance is between pursuing the two. I’ve read some posts (most influentially from Bib) that it is best to go after length first and then girth. I want to gain a good deal of girth (ideally to get my mid shaft to 6”) asap, but if that means sacrificing my ability to make fast length gains, priorities need to be set. Will I have to focus on length gains for now until I reach a close ideal (say 8” BPEL) and then do girth to achieve that ideal, before going back to length and then back and forth as I see fit, only focusing on length for a long duration until I’ve reached the max I want only to then focus on girth. How much of a difference would mixing length PE and clamping make to achieving either goal vs the previously stated approaches?

I and P scheduling- As a newbie, how many hours for and how much weight will be needed for hanging per day? If changing the one on two off approach can be replaced with either an on off or 5 day approach as previously described, is the amount of daily hours different? Is there a weight/time progression schedule (ie for my first IPR campaign: week 1: 4 hours/day 20 minutes on 10 off, 6 lbs; week 2: 6 hours/day 20 on 10 off, 10 lbs. Second campaign: week 1: 4 hours/day same on off, 10 lbs; week 2: 6 hours/day same on off, 15 lbs; increasing again next campaign and so forth until reach some time/weight ma(angry)?))?Same question for using an ADS in the two week P phase, and should ADS be done lightly (ie light spring with tension on green) or heavily (slightly heavier spring on red) to maximize proliferation of tears healed in extended position? Going back to the clamping question, if I were to clamp at the same time, would I be able to do this the same days as I hang (ie 6 hour hang and 70 minutes of clamping) or what difference would be made if I clamped on the off days? Would it be recommended to clamp during the P period or would it be optimal for length and/or girth gains to only use the ADS (or would girth gains benefit more from the two weeks than length gains suffer if it is a detractor)? If excessive clamping does detract from length gains, could I find a balance point in say going all out using extreme uli’s with a hose clamp and cable cuffs for the I period and then only cable clamps in the P period or is only doing the diet part optimal? I have a lot of desired gains to make in both length and especially girth but if the consensus really is that length should be pursued first to absolutely maximize gains over a shorter time then I’ll just have to go with it.

Hanging Approaches- Should hanging be done only for a certain amount of sets before resting or should it be done as many times in succession as needed to achieve full fatigue (also what does full fatigue ideally look/feel like)? Would a schedule of four or six sessions per PE day of 3 sets (20 minutes on 10 off) each with about at least an hour between each be best or would an approach of just doing set after set without cutting up into sessions for as long as can be done be ideal and what difference is this known to make? I’ve also read a lot about positioning for hanging. What are the best positions and what is the optimal way to incorporate these? Ie, Would an optimal routine (for one hour of hanging) be for say OTS for the first 20 minute set, BTC for the second, and then SD for the third and if I were to do longer than an hour, would I cycle)? Or would the way to approach this be OTS for the entire first hour, BTC the second hour, SD for third and repeat? What approach would be best if I was hanging for longer than 1 hour at a time? How much of a difference are these approaches known to make?

The Devices: I currently plan on using a Bib hanger for the I phase and phallosan ADS for P phase (for girth PE depending on advice given to previous questions, a hose clamp and or/ cable cuffs for the I and/or P periods). I currently use silicone sleeves for padding in cuffing, but have read a lot of recommendation for using specifically a THERABAND for padding. Should only one of these be used with the hanger or two or one with a silicone sleeve or some thin cloth (ie a sock) or two and the silicon sleeve or some thin cloth? Should the theraband also be used for clamping? My dick is pretty thin below the head (about 4.5” girth) but is just over 5” at the base and becomes very thin when fully stretched flaccid, https://www.bibhanger.com/order.htm states that you must be at least 5” girth to use the standard hanger, should I get the bib starter given my girth? Additionally, I have read that keeping the penis in an extended state during sleep following PE days encourages healing tears in extended state for more permanent gains; is it know if this is true and if so, is a magnetic wrist wrap a good investment to use during sleep for this purpose?

This is obviously a ton of questions with no single or simple answers, but I need all the info I can get from experts such as yourselves. Thank you all your help in advance and I hope this post yields *huge* results!

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I highly recommend you go to the SRT - Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory thread and check out the best workouts available. It seems like you have the tools you need. The only exception I would make in what I read was I would not buy a bib hanger go for the LengthMaster - Penis Bundle Stretcher & Weight Hanging, You’ll be able to hang Thank you so much more like a rolling, bundles, power assist, and many other exercises. So please read through SRT, the first post, and come back with any questions you may have. If you think this is something that will help you then I will help you put the routine together.
I wonder what would make the member who created this thread to abandon the idea above. If I were to be in his shoes, I will just go with the LengthMaster and use it for bundled exercises.
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