1. DLD

    URGENT! ALL READ! New Registrations that have failed READ THIS!

    I am very sorry but for 5 months registrations have not been happening. I am not sure what happened but it is now fixed. Please register now as it is fixed. I am so sorry that I did not see this, the glitch was hidden. This is why traffic has been shit for five months! Praise the Lord I...
  2. stillwantmore

    My Review Of Bandits' Silicone Sleeves

    Hey everyone. First off, thanks Bandit for sending me a sleeve to review. I chose a 8 inch long sleeve. The inside diameter appears to be a little over an inch. That's fine, as this sleeve is very stretchy. If you cut it to the approximate width you think you want first, roll it up for...
  3. Brahmanion

    Magnum Ring

    H guys, I just came up to the website of Magnum Ring, which looks like a very simple solution. Magnum Rings- A New Approach for the Science of Permanent Penis Enlargement and Male Enhancement Please your opinion and maybe someone already had experience with this device.
  4. J

    Even girth out

    Hi guys! I've been doing girth work (jelqing and clamping) and have noticed that the mid shaft girth is significantly bigger than the base and upper part. How can I counteract this? Thank you!
  5. M

    Thinking of purchasing

    Hey guys I've been looking into the product. For those that have it how are your results? Can it be worn while having to bend down and complete work task? Or should it be used during the night while I sleep?
  6. T

    MOS LM Clamp customer support idea

    So I received my new Lm Clamps. However they require different bolts and screws than the ones I used with my original clamp that was included in the order. This is fine I will go out and find ones that fit but maybe MOS can give a heads up. Just a suggestion
  7. A

    Back to clamping; with pics!!

    I have been doing PE for quite a while but never consistently. I had done clamping in the past and i think its a great great exercise for girth. Recently im back to clamping with 3 sets of 10 min each with 5 min break inbetween and jelqs for restoring blood flow. I use a rubber pipe which is...
  8. R

    How Much Expansion Seen After A Workout

    Hey guys, I was reading around and trying to see what is typical for expansion after a workout (for example girth before workout 5" and after a workout 5.25"). I see people posting girth gains after bathmate, jelqing, etc where they are enlarged after the session. I would think the more the...
  9. U

    Anyone have any experience hanging heavy weight with the LG hanger?

    I've been reading more about the LG hanger and it sounds very promising for light-moderate weight (10-15 lbs.) but not for heavy weight (20-30+ lbs.) Anyone have any experience with it, especially in the 20-30 lb. range? Thanks.
  10. B

    Jelqing Injury, did I go too hard and overdo it ? - PLEASE HELP !!!

    Hey guys so im a little on edge right now, Yesterday I did something to my penis while clamping. My penis has an awkward curve to it to the left so when i been clamping lately i pusha little to the right when im jelquing. After yesterdays session, my penis has been totally weird. It doesnt seem...
  11. T

    2 Inches or More Girth Gain

    Looking for members of the brotherhood or somebody you know that has gained 2 inches or more in girth to share their experience in gaining girth. What were your or their routines and how long it took?
  12. the boss!

    Any recommendations?

    I wanna start clamping, anybody out there who can guide me in the right direction. What quality cable would you recommend ?
  13. U

    Lengthmaster problems

    I have been having some trouble with the lengthmaster lately. First of all, I find it difficult to get a good comfortable session in. It seems to only happen about half the time. And I have to use a good amount of wrap and sleeve just so it doesn't feel like my dick's in a bear trap. That gets...
  14. megamike

    increasing width

    what are good exercises to increase width,not girth, but width
  15. D

    Girth enlargement

    Hi So I'm new here and I can't complaint about my genetics when it comes to penis size. Without any enlargement it's 7 inch long and 5-5.3 inches girth. I like my length, and I don't want any more because i bottom out my girlfriend already. I just want more girth, I want to stretch her out to...
  16. N

    Hangers & clamps ! chime in.

    whats up everyone. So I ran into a dilemma with my Cpt. Wrench hanger. I use 2 Clamp to attache the hanger firmly to avoid slippage,however, I keep breaking my cable clamps. I buy them from amazon as my local dept. stores dont sell them and running me a fortune. In this case, im looking into a...
  17. T

    where do i buy a clamp???

    Im trying to find the cable clamp online i cant find it anywhere! ive been googling and searching for it I cant find anything! Where can i buy a good clamp or the cable clamp?
  18. MoreThanLuck

    5-Finger-Palm Penis Explosion exercise

    Recently I've gotten pretty bored with my exercises and decided to try something a little different. Since I've been focusing girth, I've been clamping, pumping, bundling, slow-squash jelqing, you name it. So for the last 3 days I've been doing this exercise that has just absolutely...
  19. S

    Would clamping be a good beginner exercise for me?

    Recently I bought the ESL40 and had planned on using it for my first foray into PE, but I find every time I touch my penis to put the thing on, I start getting erect. In fact, any time I try to do ANY exercises I almost instantly become erect. Thus I can't put the ESL40 on or do any exercises...
  20. S

    Length master gains ??

    I have read so many threads on LM and countless post on how amazing this device is but there are very very few who actually stated what their gains were. I thought it will be beneficial for future LM buyers to know what gains other members are getting with this device. It will help other...
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