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Jun 3, 2003
Sometimes it just blows my mind that it is so difficult for some men to believe that natural penis enlargement works. I think some think that it is too good to be true. Others I think are just skeptics from an over-saturated market of dishonest penis enlargement pedelers. I was one of the men who thought Penis Enlargement was just plain bullshit. It wasn't until I did pe for other reasons that I realized it was real. I think my unexpected realization that natural penis enlargement was not a hoax is the reason for my Passion in this business.

One of the sole purposes of the penis is to enlarge. This is obvious when we get an erection. The penis in the most basic terms is a flesh bag that fills with blood. Once I was able to start believing in penis enlargement these basic facts always stuck in my head. I think the way I broke it down to such simple terms allowed my to make very good gains. To me stuffing more blood into a flesh bag was much easier to understand then the magical promises that floated around the internet. And as far as stretching my penis to become longer this was so easy to believe. I was always amazed with the tribes that would stretch their lips for a lip plate. The more recent trend in the youth that get piercings and how they slowly stretch their openings to receive a bigger and bigger Gage jewelry. If these types of stretchings were common, accepted fact then why was stretching my penis so much different? It isn't.

I just hope more men can start to see the simplicity in penis enlargement. It is no big miracle...it is something that is very basic and factual.
At the beginning i was very skeptical about Penis Enlargement, i found a guide on a peer to peer network and begin to read. The theory was sounding right and i decided to make some more search for free stuff (it's easier for me to believe when you can find it for free). And i finally found the 'other board' :) i have a quick look at the number of threads, posts and members. There was a lot of members but only a few were very active and i my mind came the idea of a big conspiracy (Matrix style :D) with one or two people making a big hoax but i decided to read. And finally i give it a go, not that i really need it but one inch could have been useful for lovemaking regardless of the position.

I measured my dick and begin to make the exercices after some days i notice an increase in flacid state especially on girth and really started to believe.

After 3 month i have measured an increase of nearly one inch in lenght but i was feeling bored and then comes the lazyness and the doubts. In my mind i have made an error when i have measured (but in fact it's quite impossible, no it's impossible to add one inch just with an error).
Everybody says it's impossible to enlarge his penis without a penile surgery (especially the doctors and urologists) and you trust them because of their graduation in medicine but that's bullshit.

After a lot of time on and off (mainly off) and some really poor routines (due to lazyness i have to admit) and a trip to the hospital i have decided to give it another serious go with the help of DLD (many thanks man ;) ).
After 2 weeks of a really consistent routine i can announce a REAL gain of 1/4 inch NOW I BELIEVE .

I dont know either. I mean like you cited above, people have been stretching various parts of their bodies since there were people on the earth. I watched a show on Discovery or something like that the other night about a 14 year old girl...forgot where from...I believe England or somewhere else UK. Her life long dream as they put it was to become a flight attendant. BUT, she'd stopped growing taller at an earlier than usual age and was about 6" too short. Her only solution? To undergo a VERY risky procedure where the doctors literally broke both of her legs in two or three places, inserted rods and screws in her bones...and then..get this....over several months time...every day for a few hours a day...she would adjust bolts on these rods and STRETCH her legs a little every day. Many months later she was 6" taller! See, people can believe stuff like that can happen...but, the penis? A boneless appendage of the body? Heck no...that's impossible to make longer/thicker! Whatever...I know this stuff works and, that's where MY passion is.
I always had faith in Penis Enlargement. I can remember around 1974/5, somewhere around there, was when I first heard about penis enlargement. It was an ad in a Penthouse, Hustler or some kind of ���� mag. like that that I came across Dr. Chartham's(is that his name?) hardcover book for penis enlargement exercises. Of course, NPenis Enlargement was just making it's debut in Western society as far as I knew. It said that there were exercises and techniques available to improve one's size, for a price of $79.95 US!! A little expensive for a 14 year old kid at that time. Anyway, I always had faith from that time on that I could make it bigger if only I knew what these exercises were. This was a frustrating contributor to my size complex as I knew I was below average. But here we are today, jelqing, squeezing, and stretching all because of the internet providing readily available information. All I can say is that I am truly thankful for people like DLD, SWM, and everyone who posts on these boards who have helped to make Penis Enlargement what it is today.
DLD and all....I am constantly dealing with skeptics about how to get your penis back in shape. Most of you who do Penis Enlargement are working hard to have a good erection (kind of a pun there?) I get so many emails back telling me there is no hope for men who have peyronies, they will never have sex again, they believe their doctor who says Penis Enlargement won't work, don't jelq they are told, it will damage your penis, and the list goes on and on and on. Then I get an email that says, "Help me, the doctor says there is no hope." The issue I am bringing up is when you want something bad enough you will work to get it. If you have a damaged Penis, fix it. Who cares what the doctor says, he doesn't have an answer. If you want a longer, bigger penis, get it. Work is the answer and no one wants to work it seems. We live in a world that wants things handed to them. I am glad for the support MOS and DLD give and for the encouragement of this forum and others too that have helped me to believe you can do something about the way things are. Thanks for all the support guys! Also, I am proud of all you that work on getting what you want. It comes slow sometimes but It comes! GS
I guess when people don't see gains, they've kinda got a decent reason to be skeptical. Just measured, and though I wasnt able to get much of a reading on BPenis EnlargementL or EG, I measured 6.75" BPFL, which is up drastically from what I started at (though I dont have a BPFL starting length) 2 weeks ago!
For those who actually try it, it is like bodybuilding -- some people are hardgainers.
I think another possiblity is that many men are lazy and, have pride issues. In other words they are lazy, dont Penis Enlargement...or not enough to see gains....and they have too much "pride" to admit that they are this way. They'd rather just gripe about not seeing gains or, about how "this stuff" does not work.
Penis Enlargement don't work if you give up the day after you start. that's what alot of people want fast and easy results.
SWM said it laziness. They don't think it works, they try it for a week or so. Then they see that it is actual work. They don't see an initial gain, and therefore quit.

we've become over the past century a society that looks for instant gratification, rather than long term gains.
The "problem" with Penis Enlargement, is that you have to believe before you start. Most who don't believe, but not all, will quit before seeing gains.
I think many cases can be explained by people who give up too soon. But I've seen enough testimonies by guys who have stuck with it diligently for over a year without results.

I personally have had no measureable gains after a year, but then again, my routine is infrequent and unrobust. So I'm not complaining.
People find it so difficult to believe because it is what *every* man fantasizes about, and it's like a fantasy that seems unobtainable and completely unreachable, ever. Like when the fat kid in school that nobody likes fantasizes about the hot girls inviting him to shower with them after cheerleading practice - it seems like a dream, something we want really bad. But of course, penis enlargement is actually possible. :)
I was never sceptical. Immediately after I found MOS I believed. I knew Bathmate pumps worked for me, and I had read about people that had grew with Phallosan forte (but slow). So I thought what is the truth?
My obsession to find out the truth...led me to finding MOS.
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I was never sceptical. Immediately after I found MOS I believed. I knew Bathmate pumps worked for me, and I had read about people that had grew with Phallosan forte (but slow). So I thought what is the truth?
My obsession to find out the truth...led me to finding MOS.

Even everything we went through we still are the most reputable site online
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