1. M

    Tiny flaccid and need to know if normal

    Hi, I'm new to the site and wasn't sure where this should be posted so I apologize if this is the wrong place. Here's the deal, my penis when flaccid is honestly tiny, I'm talking finger tip size. I have been with my share of women but have always had to get an erection before allowing my...
  2. S

    How hard do you pull?

    Hi all, Just wondering how hard you guys pull with the length master. I've had a hard time wrapping as my pens has the ability/tendency to become EXTREMELY soft and so invariably would slip out. Now I use the phallosan bell to keep the head and glans from slipping and it works, but if I try...
  3. L

    DLD FROM 6.5 TO 10 inches in lenght

    DLD testimony is a quite interesting story how he gained 2 inches in 6 months,He was capable of getting massive following a routine that he invented.Well thats impressive to me. Wonder how possible it is to gain 3 inches whitin a year wouldnt it be amazing..:O Going from 8 to ten took...
  4. M

    Where Should I start from

    Dear MOS Brothers, Hope everything is good at your end... I am using Extender from last two months and also X40 since 5 days... I have somehow hurt my penis and these days only using bathmate and Uncle Jim's Wraps. Question is now from members site, Which Phase should I start from? Also I had...
  5. B

    Can you guess what I am making

    Can you guess
  6. C

    Favorite exercise?

    What's your favorite PE exercise, the one you feel you can't go without? Is it a certain stretch, specific girth work, work using any of the available tools (LengthMaster, Bathmate, hangers, etc)? I'm too new to have a favorite, simply haven't explored enough yet but I'm trying to get there so...
  7. wellreload

    Feel tenderness at the base of my penis, any suggestions?

    Hi, I am new to PE, just started 1½ week ago so this is my first post. I have been doing manual stretchings, used bathmate x30 every day (have ordered Phallosan, should be getting it soon). I have started to feel a tenderness at the base of my penis 2 days ago that is on the brink of...
  8. habban

    How do you grip when erect stretching?

    Hello! I just wonder how all of you grip when you do erect stretches? To me it seems impossible because my glans isn't big enough to get a stable grip underneath it, and i slide very easy if i go further down the shaft with my grip. I suppose i could need some sort of gloves or something to...
  9. B

    What do you recommend for length gains.

    I start out by saying Thank you DLD for the Brotherhood. OK with my current stats, I am looking to gain some in length, currently been doing 2 to 300 jelqs in the shower. I am looking at getting a bathmate and possibly a extender, what do you recommend DLD, my only problem is I don't have...
  10. A

    Jelqing-is My Skin supposed to move?

    So I'm cut. But I have some turkey neck I think. There's some ball skin that goes up about a third way up my dick. Anyway whenever I jelq it seems that the skin from the base of my penis moves up to the glans. Is this supposed to happen? I looked up some other threads where users say they use...
  11. U

    Some alternatives

    Today something crossed my mind. I remember that when i was younger that i believed that i can make my penis longer if i buy some penis spray or some pills. I still see from time to time adds for pills that say: in 5 weeks 5 cm longer penis :D Anyhow,i was thinking if there is something on the...
  12. higherone

    Family know?

    Does anyone in your family know you do PE or have you let a brother or cousin or family member in on it? How did it go? Do they do PE now too?
  13. T

    Erect stretching workout+ new findings

    Hello all its been awhile since I've posted. You may know me as theman6 the guy who can't gain no matter what. Well good news I think I found what can make me grow. For 9 months I've been stretching flacidly with no results at all. However last week I tried erect stretching. I gained .1 of...
  14. B

    making only jelq, I can increase the length?

    making only jelq, I can increase the length?
  15. W

    Questions (BM, pills, length)

    Hi guys. I've attempted to measure myself to get an exact measurement but I seem to lose my erection when I try measuring. I don't have an exact measurement but, I know I'm over 7" in length. What would be the ideal BM to buy? I didn't want to get the x40 and have too much space and I also...
  16. D

    base girth

    How to gain basegirth?
  17. D

    base girth

    Well, I've been doing some ssj but now my base girth isn't growing very much. How o I gain some base girth?
  18. W

    0.5 - 1 inch in length by mid june?

    I am wondering is there a chance of getting 0.5 inches (minimum) by basic stretching 'till mid june? I'm completely aware that I need consistency and intensity and I'm willing to put all possible effort to achieve this, my target size is 7.0 inches nbpel with 5.5 - 6.0 inches in circumference...
  19. B

    Questions A Lot...

    is berrier of pe is 2niches? hey i saw in section proof pictures journies that people get 2inches (5cm), now i dont say its a lot, pe is deffintly works and change people lives, but i want to ask realistic question a man with 5inches in legeth like me can dream to get 4 inches in legth (10cm) i...
  20. L

    Expressive stretchings

    I have been doing expressive stretchings in different directions behind the cheeks,down out n up.just to stretch the inner penis out. I had the newbie stretchings in mind but the expressive stretchings mentioned above are enough IMO any ideas what do you guys think ...
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