Jun 5, 2003
This is my special version of Uli No.3 and combines this most effective exercise for increasing the glans(thanks Uli, wherever you are!) with an upward stretch which hits the inner penis, for me in the most effective way, too.
I do them usually in the morning after morning wood faded away and my dick is very slightly engorged only.
Here we go:
1.Sit down comfortable (a sofa is just fine) and lean back a little.
2.Lubricate your dick slightly to prevent skin irritation/cracks.
3.Make an overhand OK grip with one hand at the very base of your dick.
4.Place your other hand around the shaft(palm up) so that the forefinger encircles ½”(ca.1-1,5cm) below your head.
5.Do now a powerful kegel, forcing blood in your dick and grip down with your first hand.
6.Start to close your second hand around the shaft, finger by finger, starting with the small one.
7.Repeat step 5+6 until your head is pumped and feels really hard
8.Release first hand

Up to now it was a conventional Uli No.3, now comes the stretch part:

8.Pull with the full grip hand your dick diagonally in a rowing movement along your hip-leg-joint until you feel a good stretch in your inner penis(behind your balls) and hold for 30sec.
Note: The main force is applied with the middle finger, while the forefinger keeps the pressure for the head, the ring finger is stabilizing and the small finger is out of the game.
9.Put first hand back at the base and change hands without letting the blood escape from your dick
10.Repeat step 4 to 9 with your other hand

I do this continuous for 10min. with 40 rotary stretches (change 4times direction) at the end.
Then I slap and shake my dick to restore circulation, make some 3-4min. break and do the 2nd set. Sometimes I go for a third set and very seldom for a fourth.
Caution! May cause soreness/pain on your wrists and forearms!

I try to do this exercise 5-6times per weeks now and even when I was not so consistent the last months, my girl noticed the difference!

Hope it helps.

Originally posted by pole
my girl noticed the difference!

:D what did she say?
I never measured my head size and shaft (just all together) when I began Penis Enlargementing, but has today 5.6" shaft and 1.6" head (EL). How fast have you guys gained head size, I have never been able to stick to a good routine where a head enlarging exercise has been included nor a girth one. I know it is individual so maybe not the best question but isn't it easier to increase the glands rather than the mid-shaft girth? As there is no tunica in between. My Penis Enlargementing motivating was not good at all until I saw dld´s 12" BPenis EnlargementL on http://www.matersofsize.com . Holy shit, DLD you can kill someone with that club!
hey decow,

headsize was always my problem, midshaft was much easier to gain for me(having some kind of baseball bat shape).
Midshaft or better 1" before glans is my biggest girth and glans growing slowely now just from this exercise and fully erect ulis/bends.

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