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  1. Wintergates

    Hanging position

    I hang erect in a chair , whats better: lay down on the back of the chair this make my penis slightly fall down due the force or its better the push my chest forward making my penis totally straight down
  2. X

    Julio Gomez.. a theory

    Saw a Julio Gomez video and noticed something very interesting. I’d like to see what you all think about it. You would need to see a part of the porn to see what I mean. But if you’re willing to take a look, maybe we can figure this dude out. His penis is insanely incredibly massive. And I think...
  3. R

    Stress on Penis Head from Manual Stretches

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you had any tips and tricks to relieve some of the stress I seem to be putting on the head of my dick with manual stretches? I grip behind the glans, but with the intensity that I am using I am causing quite a bit of fatigue to the head/end of my penis. To be very...
  4. johnny-wang

    How to prevent developing lower erection angle

    So hanging basically targets the tunica and the ligs. I believe this can lead to lower erection angles due to the ligs getting longer as more and more inner penis gets pulled out. So my question is this, how can I hang without reducing my erection angle? I already have a 4 o'clock angle <:(.
  5. B

    most effective exercises for tunica/ligaments/inner penis?

    whats up brothers so my question is : what are the most effective length exercises for the ligaments , and for the tunica , and for the inner penis separately?
  6. M

    Plateau Breaker! Newbies need not apply!

    Ok seriously this isn't for newbies, be warned!!!! Warmup: 10 mins Lengthmaster fulcrum DLD Blasters: Slide your dick in the LM hole to the point before your sac. Pull down doing DLD Blasters. Next strap into the Lengthmaster & do tunica twists straight up twisting bothe directions...
  7. D

    Not gaining after 30 days with the length master

    Hi MOS, I'm lagging behind in gains... Since I have my LM I have gained consistently but now I can't push beyond that 7.3" mark.... it's been 30 days now and I haven't gained anything. I'm now starting to think that I rushed into it. Way too enthousiastic lol. I'm doing pre tunica bundle...
  8. R

    Top of Penis Only Shows Growth?!?

    Hello, I've been PE'ing on and off for over 10 years with positive results. I've noticed however that all my gains in length came on the top side of the penis as opposed to the bottom side (scrotum to glands). Is this normal? I noticed while viewing from the side it's very evident...
  9. megamike

    Pumping for length

    is there a specific recommended technique to pump for length rather than girth? or is it a smarter idea to stick with length exercises instead?
  10. H

    Progress of PE Routine.

    I figured I'd post to help out with stats and stuff like that, who knows? Either way I started PE off and on and gained about 1" over the course of two years. Not bad, never got any complaints. It's just a personal thing to get higher numbers lol. I have an extender but I'm currently not using...
  11. K

    Hanging after bathmate? (Length)

    I know this question sounds absurd but hear me out. So typically according to SRT we want to stay in a plump state after hanging to keep the tissue expanded. However, I keep noticing how much inner penis is pulled out (temp gains) after my bathmate sessions. Therefore with SRT in mind would I...
  12. C

    When to do Expressive Stretching

    When I'm doing my stretching a lot of times I'll do my final round with a grip at the base, Expressive Stretching is what I've heard it called. I know I've gotten some growth from there and I plan to keep doing it. The reason I started was due to glans soreness. It was a nice relief to grip at...
  13. B

    Routine, End Goal, Motivation/Determination

    Just wanted to open up a new thread to what I am doing, where I want to end up, and how I'm pushing myself to achieve it this time. I always would have a goal in mind, but after a good round of sex would lose motivation. I believe this is because I wasn't visualizing my goal in the bedroom...
  14. C

    Having some issues with comfort

    When I do manual stretches I can only get a semi comfortable grip at best. I have been using baby powder but I'm still crushing and causing light abrasions to my glans during some stretches. After watching the member videos I decided to try some TP instead and again the same issue. I am...
  15. Ronin_OZ

    Inner penis stretch - how should it feel?

    Hi guys, I just started trying to stretch my inner penis. I used the technique of one hand grabs behind the balls and if i felt like it, my other hand grabs the head of my penis and pulls forward. I was flaccid when first trying and didnt have much success. So i got partialy erect and it was...
  16. W


    Alright so I have a couple questions that I know won't have an exact answer or at least an answer that tailors to me specifically...but I think it's worth asking. Is there a limit to gains? I know some people will run into a wall before others, but is there like a general average on the...
  17. the boss!

    2 Major Issues I dealed with when I started. (That no one is talking about.)

    My PE journey dates Way back like 4-5 years ago, I was a kid so I was insecured I read and read and read.. checked progress pics, but never really took action. At much older age I started Jelqing and kegeling. But never consistently Lets skip to 2016! on and off as always until 2 months...
  18. the boss!

    Let's OWN OUR INNER TISSUE! Extreme Uncle Jim's Wrapping + Expressive stretches!

    Ok firstable this Post Goes Straight to those already working on inner penis and expressive stretches. That actually feel it, push and see it but it's not out, and who want to stretch more tissue deep inside. If you are up to this point and ready to OWN you Inner Penis. You'll need two...
  19. the boss!

    "The SRT Size Blaster" I've been using C rings..

    Hey for anyone out there with "SRT Size Blaster" as part of their Expressive stretching. I've found a way to replace the L wedge for a more effective grip and stretch, I use a lot strenght with the L wedge, so a few stretches later arms are burning, and if a let it go I HAVE start over to...
  20. L

    Grip elsewhere than around the head when doing manual stretches?

    Read somewhere that it's bad(?) doing stretches where you pull on the head of your D, and that one should try to pull from the shaft. Or something like that.. The info kinda flew past the screen and I can't remember where I read it. Something to consider, or just bullocks?

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