1. DLD

    TODAY IS THE BIG DAY! be prepared.

    Today is the day we are installing the all new platform for MOS. This new platform will be much more modern, clean and fluent. It will also come with many new options we did not have before. The mobile version will be changed also keeping up with the latest platform. So do not worry if...
  2. DLD

    Security being greatly enhanced.

    With newer system software and the right plug ins you can make a forum like the Brotherhood more secure than Fort Knox, and that is what I want. You will notice that we are no longer “http” we are “https” the s stands for secure, meaning you are completely protected in every way, unless you...
  3. DLD

    Anyone understand vBulletin programming?

    Need a couple things done to the forum and need someone with good VBulletin? Please PM me if you know how to do this. DLD
  4. IamSpartacus

    Tunica deformation

    We have heard about the deformation of tissues and cementing them. However I have heard once the tunica is stretched it's permanently stretched like a piece of leather so therefore is cementing required for the tunica? Or is this just for the ligaments suspencery and fundiform ligaments? I...
  5. DLD

    REGISTRATIONS are NOW OPEN! Taking new members!

    We have had a hold on new registrations for six months. Today we are now taking in all new free forum members, soil you tried to joining the past, retry today!
  6. DLD

    URGENT! ALL READ! New Registrations that have failed READ THIS!

    I am very sorry but for 5 months registrations have not been happening. I am not sure what happened but it is now fixed. Please register now as it is fixed. I am so sorry that I did not see this, the glitch was hidden. This is why traffic has been shit for five months! Praise the Lord I...
  7. stillwantmore

    MEL MAGAZINE Article Feat. DLD, Big Al, Stillwantmore! Very good write up! Very positive as well. Thanks again to Brian the interviewer and author as well as MEL Magazine!
  8. Egghead1

    How a Positive Stereotype can be BAD.

    This topic has been discussed many times here at MoS and also on other PE forums but I just heard it on a podcast about 30 min ago AND it came up while talking to my woman a couple of days ago. I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast almost daily and every now and then he brings up the all black guys...
  9. C

    I am at a crossroad with continuing PE

    Since my hysterectomy thread got derailed with jokes.... My wife is facing a hysterectomy very soon. They've been running tests and scans and hopefully there's no cancer or we're really screwed. They need to remove her cervix and uterus from what we're being told. Fortunately the upper 1/3 of...
  10. C

    PRESS INQUIRY: MEL Magazine profile on Michael Salvini // MOS

    Hey guys, My name is Brian Smith and I'm a writer with MEL Magazine, a men's lifestyle publication in Los Angeles. I'm working on a profile about male enhancement coaches and had a great interview with Michael Salvini yesterday. He suggested posting here to see if any members would be...
  11. H

    1 hour hanging combined with 1 hour length master stretches

    As per the subject, what do you guys think my gain will be in 6 months if I hang for 1 hour and also use my length master for 1 hour? Will I gain up to 1.25 inches? I will start hanging by the weekend.
  12. K

    Uncle Jim’s Wrap Video

    Anyone know whe I can find a tutorial video of how to wrap using the Uncle Jim’s Wrap technique?
  13. Golden Crotch

    Do extenders cement gains?

    So, I've heard it said before that extenders cement gains.. So if I'm using the principles from SRT along with my extender, and hypothetically speaking, I go from let's say 6.0" NBPEL to 7.0" NBPEL in a matter of 6 months. After acquiring that length, would I still need to do some kind of...
  14. H

    How to interpret the marks on the ruler

    Can someone please tell me how to interpret the marks on the wooden ruler? I only know the inches but the other marks I don't know how to interpret them. If anyone can do so with a picture illustration it would be helpful to myself and a lot of brothers and guests here. Thanks in advance.
  15. S

    Girth from stretches?

    I can’t do much girth work for now, so I’m just curious if anyone gains from straight stretches, ie if i do the newbie routine sans jelq, plus phallosan, should i expect any girth? Just wondering, thanks!
  16. C

    Hanging injury cause I didn't close the door

    We've got 3 cats and they're 3 different sizes. I thought I'd give hanging a try and since there wasn't any readily available weights I grabbed the smallest cat. She's tiny, barely 10lbs if even that much. I used her cat harness which after she wears it for half an hour she's totally comfy...
  17. H

    Masturbation causes a bent penis

    As per the subject, I'm beginning to think that the real reason why my penis curves to the right is because its tighter on that side than on the left side. This is due to my left handed grip where my fingers tend to press hard on the right side, so the muscle has developed tighter/stronger. I...
  18. I

    Chewable Viagra, Penis Implant, and When Does Average End?

  19. K

    Stealth Users?

    Hey guys! Anyone have pics of them wearing the Stealth Innerwear? I can’t find any pics of anyone wearing it- only digital renderings.
  20. tommy44_u

    Need Help

    Im 39 years old my diet and exercise is ok. 5 foot 6 inches and 165 lbs. I PE 5 times a week now 2 days off. My problem is that I cant seem to go extra rounds with the wife. My EQ is great no problems there. Morning wood is good. Before getting it on its rock hard. But after I blow the...
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