Jun 3, 2003
One of the most frustrating things in PE is flaccid size. For many men that make gains in erect size may still not see gains in flaccid size. The reason for this is the flaccid penis is much different than the erect. When the penis is erect it is in most cases at a higher angle then when flaccid. In most cases the angle is high enough clear the scrotum so the penis does not sit on the scrotum causing it to lose length. When flaccid the scrotum naturally with tighten and move upward as this happens the penis sits on top of the scrotum causing it to retract into the body more and more the higher the scrotum sits. This happens for god reason, when the body is not actively using the penis the penis will retract to a safer place, into the body as to protect it from any injury. Most of us do not appreciate this natural process :) So what can be done to change all this? Read on.

There are three things that effect the flaccid size and give it a longer, heavier and much lower hang. The first would be dealing with the scrotum and the bridge of skin that is at the base of the lower penis to the upper portion of the scrotum. If this bridge is tight the scrotum will rise and shrivel making the penis retract into the body. So the first thing we want to do is bring a clear separation of the skin bridge. This is done by using the Testicle Health and Massage and Stretch found in the Newbie Routine. Most men skip this but this is the single most powerful ways to widen the bridge and allow the scrotum to hand low allowing the penis to do the same.

The next thing would be supplementation. All PE pills are the same so choose TITAN as they are the least expensive. PE Pills bring more blood flow to the penis whilst flaccid. Once the scrotum is separated from the penis through stretching TITAN will bring much more blood into the penis allowing in to hang even longer and heavier. This is called supplementation and it works in conjunction with stretching the skin bridge, allowing simultaneous hang and separation.

Lastly and most importantly is teaching the penis. Yes, you will need to educate the penis by using an all day stretcher. There are many ways to go on this and all should be evaluated. The penis, when not being trained should always be in a state of repair. After attaining a longer, heavier flaccid you will need to allow it to heal in this state and with continuous healing sessions the penis will learn to remain elongated. This can be done using the following equipment best first to lest effective last.

1. The Phallosan
2. The PeniMasterPro
3. The SizeGenetics
4. The VLC
5. ACE Wrap

Now that you are doing all 3 of these practices you will realize a flaccid size that will be very close to your erect size. It is a great feeling to walk about naked with a heavy, long flaccid slapping the legs! :) It is possible for all man to attain a longer and heavier flaccid b using these 3 fool proof steps.
Lookn4girth;755282 said:
Thanks for the tip D

I am happy one person got something from this! I am happy I could help my Brother!
REDZULU2003;757475 said:
Get it swinging heavy and large

Slaps and swings definitely keep the blood going. I also like the idea of keeping expansion always high by doing small SSJ through the day. Maybe 3-5 minute sets every couple of hours and then slap on a cock ring to keep the pump. This makes the penis heavier and it will hang as such.
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