newbie routine

  1. Brawn Johnson

    The Best Way to Start PE

    Hello, I'm putting together a game plan for a serious attempt at PE, and I thought I'd run it by the people here! If I'm missing something or getting something wrong, I'd really appreciate anyone letting me know. I plan to use the MoS $25 discount to buy: The Lengthmaster (+video membership...
  2. N

    Where should I start?

    Hey everyone! I’m new and where I stay pretty busy I haven’t had much time to research the other threads. So I apologize if I ask something that has been answered elsewhere. I am 31 years old and would like to gain girth and a little bit of length would be nice too. What routine would be best...
  3. D

    How Long Should It Take To See Results?

    I've been at it, 20 min of jelq plus 20 min of hard stretching, for probably 2 months now and nothing has changed at all. My eq isn't even all that great. Should I be getting some tiny amount of growth by now or not?
  4. P

    Stalled Gains for Last 7 months

    Hey, gents, new on the site but I've been PEing for a few weeks shy of a year and have gotten a lot of good information here from everyone's posts. For anyone willing to extend their insight/experience, I have a question regarding stalled gains. I started PE in August 2017 with a newbie...
  5. D

    Am I measuring bpel correctly?

    Hi y'all. I have been doing the newbie routine for 2 months. Now, my routine is 4 hours of extender stretches, 3 x 10 minutes of clamping, and jelqing when I get a chance. I am trying to figure our my exact bpel to track my gains. I heard that I am not supposed to measure right at the bottom, so...
  6. W

    Kegel 8 V

    I've got no intention to buy one, but I was wondering what your thoughts on this device are. Will it work? Almost all reviews I could find on Google are from the website itself.
  7. S

    Girth from stretches?

    I can’t do much girth work for now, so I’m just curious if anyone gains from straight stretches, ie if i do the newbie routine sans jelq, plus phallosan, should i expect any girth? Just wondering, thanks!
  8. DLD

    Maybe we should print up a batch of these :)

    Maybe we should print up a batch of these :)
  9. DLD

    How to get the longest and heaviest flaccid size possible!

    One of the most frustrating things in PE is flaccid size. For many men that make gains in erect size may still not see gains in flaccid size. The reason for this is the flaccid penis is much different than the erect. When the penis is erect it is in most cases at a higher angle then when...
  10. I

    Need help getting size pls

    Hi so IM really desperet in getting a bigger Dick not only for my girlfriend but for my self and for my self confidence because whenever i look at my Dick i just feel really bad ... and i guess u could call me a grower IM around 6-9 cm flaccid depends on IF i let it hang naked or IF its cold and...
  11. T

    Need some damn girth, please.

    Hey, I've done the newbie routine on and off for around 2 years now but gains have been small especially in my skinny shaft. At this point, I know what I am aiming for and that is purely girth (+width of course) and I am now fully committed. However, due to poorness (and being a certain...
  12. kyomoto

    Blue Whale's Ligament Stretch (Video)

    <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">lig stretch</a> from <a href="">kyomoto</a> on <a...
  13. M

    I need help for only Length program please

    Hello. Before i start with questions, let me introduce myself: Age: 21 Experience: I have done 1-2 weeks of Side-to-Side stretches and Squeezing Goal: Length My measurementes: Flacid: Non bone pressed length:7cm Bone pressed length: 10cm Erected: Non bone pressed length: 12cm Bone pressed...
  14. P

    Back on track

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I have written my introduction post. During the last year I've been busy with work so I haven't had time to put into PE. However, in the last couple of months, I have started doing the newbie routine again as suggested by DLD in my first post, and I can...
  15. H

    Hamrockers: *GAME CHANGER* Penis Enlargement: Ligament Stretching *GAME CHANGER*

    Before we start a little bit about myself. I've been doing PE off and on for quite some time now i'd say about 1 year all-together. I started off with a newbie routine and then went on to a device. The extender. Made some quality gains on length that I'm happy with and now I'm moving on to...
  16. DutchAthletic92

    Clamping the head instead of the shaft

    Hi guys, If I clamp my lengthmaster right under the glans, I feel that the area which is clamped doesn’t recieve any torque force, I get shaft expansion and elongation. If I would clamp the glans (appropriately) without too much force I could get more torque along the entire shaft all...
  17. T

    Can someone give me a short intense routine that will produce results?

    For the last 6 months i have been doing basic pe stretches. The newbie routine and an hour of hanging. I have gained a good amount, i went from 5.9 nbel to about 6.5 nbel. However that took a huge chunk out of my day, about two hours. And although I gained alot, i can no longer dedicate so...
  18. Haursen

    PE Ideas for Those Time Restricted or Lazy :)

    Hi Friends, I hope you are all well. I am a veteran in PE and recently I have experience time restrictions in my schedule. For those who are time restricted, do you have any any ideas or hacks that you have done to get your PE in? I know for length we can do the lazy man
  19. bandit2010


    hey fellow PE brothers how is it going, I have not had a chance to do any kind of PE since around thanksgiving, because of a injury that is just now fully healing, I am also in the process of moving, and more than likely will not be able to get started again till about the end of January...
  20. H

    What to do in planning before and getting privacy for concentration.

    Hello everyone, I have been looking at PE for a month or so now and have absorbed much information about it. I would like to take the plunge and start doing it. However before I commit, I'd like to be well prepared thus I would like to know a few things. What could/should I buy? I plan...