PE Newbie - Hoping it works.. and time is not wasted.


Dec 4, 2023
As of now, I've done 700 hours of Size Genetics and received no notable gains what so ever.

Maybe I was doing something wrong, I don't know, but I'm going to try again with a proper routine you guys give me.

My penis size in length is around 12cm - 4.7 inches, as you can probably tell this leads to massive depression. I'm looking to get up to 6 inches, hopefully. My previous 700 hours with SizeGenetics and no gains has led me to doubt PE works, but I was probably doing something wrong, and will do a strict routine religiously for a year here.

I'm looking for 1-1.5 inches in PERMANENT length gain. I'd like to know if this is possible, and the time-frame it would take based on the routine you give me. I don't mind doing girth work but length is the thing I want to focus on.

Please give me a routine with whatever manual stretches and tools required to gain.

Other problems if you could address these:
- Penis turtles frequently in flaccid state and results in it being very small, are there any steps to prevent this and make it naturally be in non turtle state rather then always turtling.
- Penis curves upward to the left.

Please give me a solution to the frequent turtling, and increasing length by 1-1.5, as well as an estimated time frame. Please just give me honest answers, I'm not looking to be sold here or to be replied to by bots. I just want to know a routine, if it actually works, if rest days are required and more

I don't want to do PE my whole life, I want to get permanent gains of 1-1.5 inches and then stop and have it stay.
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@squirt_inducer_man could you please help me with a routine to gain 1-2 inches in a year, or less whatever the time it takes is.

And could you let me know your starting point, and where you are at now with pics if possible.
how long it took you to gain 1 inch, and how long to get to where you are now.

thanks, these will help me a lot.
The SizeGenetics is a very sound device and using it for 700 hours with no gains is unheard of.

If you still have your device then here's how to properly use it:
You need to place a high enough tension on the device that will leave you needing to take it off in 45 minutes to an hour in order to restore circulation. I'd keep working my way up with the tension until I found something that would feel comfortable for 45 minutes to an hour and then gradually increase from then on if it's feeling comfortable still after the hour.

Turtling cure
Use the SizeGenetics for as many hours of the day as you can, wear it under your clothes, your penis cannot turtle with it on. If you can't wear it the entire day then use the Uncle Jim's Wrap on your penis throughout the rest of the day to stay elongated. @squirt_inducer_man can we have the link to the post please?

Curve to the left
The SizeGenetics was first designed to treat Peyronie's disease which is where scar tissue builds up in the penis and caused a curve that points 45 degrees and even higher in any direction. Using the device at a high enough tension for long enough will correct the curve that you have, even if it is not Peyronie's disease which from your description I would highly doubt that it is.

Jelqing against the curve will also aid in this. The videos pinned on the forum explain this. Simply put: Whichever direction the curve goes, jelq in the opposite direction e.g If you have a upward curve to the left as you said then you jelq towards the right.

A realistic expectation if you are using the SG, the UJ wrap, and potentially a girth exercise like Jelqing, slow squash jelqs or even a Bathmate, you can expect 1-1.5 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in 1 year.
@collosaltitan honestly, I was probably using size genetics wrong, it would be impossible for me to use under clothing at a tension higher then base (so i always did it sitting naked at home), i'd have to be constantly adjusting tension to keep it so atleast 2 bars were inside not sure why. and i'd wear them in 15-30 minute intervals depending on pain or if tension keeps reducing. (wasnt comfortable for 45minutes-an hour for me to wear; not sure why but i will try again)

Is there any size genetic alternatives that may be better fits for me, i dont mind using any new tools

do you not recommend any manual stretches?.

Also is warming up as simple as just using a hot towel for a bit

Also, for the turtling thing,I should just keep size genetics on with minimum tension for the entire day (i can do that)

does this mean it will eventually stop turtling naturally? usually it turtles up quickly especially when i go outside even for a couple of minutes or goto the gym and workout

with bathmate daily, will i need to jelq still , and does jelqing/bathmate help with length or is it girth only

lastly what is the effect of masturbating on gains, i can easily give this up if it helps increase gains when not masturbating

do you recommend rest days during the week

I dont mean to ask this many questions but i wan to formulate a routine I can stick to for a year without having to keep checking forums and asking questions.
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No worries at all, it's good to ask questions. You may be overthinking it slightly but don't worry, I'll help you get around all of this!

I 100% recommend manual stretches as they can pre stretch the tunica and warm it up for continuous stretching as well as allow it to heal in an elongated state in the SG. 30-45 seconds in each direction(I usually don't go upwards) for a few sets after using the hot towel makes for the perfect warmup.

If you are able to use the SG for the entire day at minimum tension then that is the solution to your turtling issue. Your penis cannot turtle when it's in the SG, so if that's an option to you then go ahead and do it. If you find yourself unable to do so then the UJ wrap which is basically a bandage wrapped around your stretched penis to keep it elongated will do the trick.

Your penis will turtle as this if your bodies natural response to cold as well as to protect the penis. But as long as you use an anti-turtling tool like the SG then it won't be an issue, and don't worry about it at night time, your nocturnal erections will take care of that.

Bathmate will give you primarily girth with a bit of length. Unless you add in the Hardcore Bathmate stretches which are on the PE thread, but I suggest you add these later down the line. You do not have to Jelq with the Bathmate however it is recommended as it'll provide some further expansion of the tissues following the session and allow for maximum breaking of the blood vessels which will lead to angiogenesis(growth of new blood vessels). You can do regular Jelqs or the Slow Squash Jelqs, these are on the PE forum in the girth thread.
Here's the link to the video thread.

Masturbation will not reduce gains. However it should be done strategically alongside your girth work for the best gains. Girth work requires a level of erection, so perhaps getting erect and doing your girth work then following the girth session rewarding yourself with an orgasm is a good approach. We are doing Penis Enlargement to USE are penis aren't we? So I would say, don't jerk off compusively, have sex, abstain from �naked people movies� at all costs, and you'll be fine.

I recommend you go around 2-3 days on and 1-2 days off. I started out doing 3 days on 1 day off and that worked perfect for me for a while as I wasn't sore at all. I would start out at 2 days on 1 day off with girth and 3 days on 1 day off for length and see if that works for you and that you can recover from that.
@squirt_inducer_man could you please help me with a routine to gain 1-2 inches in a year, or less whatever the time it takes is.

And could you let me know your starting point, and where you are at now with pics if possible.
how long it took you to gain 1 inch, and how long to get to where you are now.

thanks, these will help me a lot.
I can help you with a program.

I started at 5 Inch BPEL. I haven't measured in a long time now, I say this because I do not want to make my current size official jet. I will post a picture in the future.

You can have a look here in the meantime:
đź”— Picture proof.
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