Jun 3, 2003
MOSforum has been active for about 8 weeks now. Over this time we have grown tremendously. Many of the forums contained within our home are very active and productive. Some of the forums set up in anticipation of traffic seem to be stagnant. I was wondering your opinions...what do you want to see happen? Are there any forums you think would be beneficial to add? Let me know what you think and why.


Well man, since joining this great forum...I've seen at least three separate forums I thought could be combined into one. Male Repro. Anatomy, Pre Mature Ejac., Impotence, and, 'possibly' the Sexuality forum. Maybe combine the three into one ...something similar to 'another' forum and just call it ....oh I dunno....Mens Sexual Health forum?? Then under the main title do like is done with the other forums and give a description of what issues are covered in this forum. Just my thoughts. Please, please, let's not ever have a "Boris and Natasha" type forum ok? That happened on another forum and, it was a waste of space.
well DLD baby.
I have ideas.
I reckon we should rename the weight section, as the Alternative Penis Enlargement.
Itll have Torniquet, Pump, weight, torsion methods anything thats not natural.
Also a Pill section.
A sport section.
The Tunica section needs tobe unlocked.

We could combine the video/picture proof and jens pix sections together.
I reckon we should get heads together in the MOD room and get ideas shot out.
As long as people can still easily Identify the hanging forum I would not have a problem with combining it ...well actually I dont know about that idea. I prefer the idea of keeping it pure so to speak....I mean theres already so much hanging content and hanging related sticky threads that are vital to the subject contained....why not keep it just a hanging forum and create a separate forum for "everything else" or something like that? I dont know about a total forum set aside for pills....perhaps a "product review" forum ....or better yet, a Nutrition Supplement/Bodybuilding/Sports? forum?
Whenever logging onto the site, I click "view recent posts". There are a vast network of forms here, some could be condensed.

Hardcore members post in the other forms. I've attempted to post in a couple other forms at the site, but was "timed out". If I know my reply will be long and thought out, I try to write in a word program first, then copy and paste to avoid the "timed out".
I totally agree with the nutrition/sports/bodybuilding thought mentioned above from SWM. Would be very helpful to get all the links that have already been mentioned here at mos into one forum for us that don't have a lot of time to "look around". You DA Man D!
Id also like to see a forum with information not just on enlargement pills but suppliments too and what there effects are..
And adding on to what Red said, a Sports/Gambling section. I'm getting into sports gambling for a few extra bucks, wouldnt mind talking odds with ya guys :)
A forum for worm recipies, you know, worm pie, worm casserole, ice-worms stuff like that.

Pride penis currently have a Pills section so any of you needing advice for the time being nip their.
I am their, so to Aftertheshock, still' and DLD.

But I would love a supplement section here, I really shit hot on that stuff.
Also a sport section is a MUST.
So we can talk about what most of us LOVE, sport.
I agree and like the ideas that a lot of you guys are suggesting with condensing some of the forums into just one. It will most certainly free up wasted board space.

How would you guys feel about a "Hardware Forum". This could provide a place where the guys interested in DIY pe accessories such as stretchers, hangers, pumps and cylinders, etc. could post providing pictures and step by step instructions of their homemade gear. I think it would help out those of us that are on a tight budget and provide a cheaper means to see if a particular method such as hanging or pumping is for you.

How would you guys feel about a pumping forum where a guy could post his pumping routine and progress in conjunction with NPenis Enlargement. I have noticed that there are some pumpers here that used to be over at �other forum�. I have tried in the past to get pumpers to post but I think they are reluctant because there isn't a proper forum and no one really openly talks about pumping here.
Hey DLD,
If you ever wonna merge and have a sister site, I and ATS will be gald to swop and change our free site around, its doing jack shit really now.
We could make it into summut solid.

Message me if ya interested.
Have a guy's issues forum. Like an all encompansing non-pe forum. Sports, Lifting, Cars, relationships, sex issues, etc. A condensed Pe Gadget forum using the Power-Jelq, Hanging, Pumping, Etc... may work too.
stillwantmore2;400652 said:
Tonight's blast from the past thread. LOL....wow! MOS FORUMS were 8 weeks old!!

They laughed at us then....I can't hear their laughter any longer:)
I can hear the puberty in your guys' voices from all those years ago. Amazing you 3 are still riding this wild pony. Like the 3 Musketeers!
damn, I just noticed the date on this thread. I can't believe this site has been available since 2003. I would have already hit my goals and then some if I had known about it. Oh well, nothing to do but make up for lost time.
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