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  1. T

    Dating or Getting into a relationship with a EXOTIC DANCER?

    So to begin, I am here I guess to get some input or at least to get it off my chest. So for the last few months I have started to see a exotic dancer professionally, it started when a few of the guys went out for a guys night a few months ago, right away after the first night I got her number...
  2. I

    Knowing You're Kegeling Correctly...

    As the work continues on improving penis size and health, EQ, sexual health, etc; I have FINALLY integrated Kegeling into my routine! With that said, even though I'm finally on the right track, one of the reasons it took so long is because I was never sure I was doing them right... Which is to...
  3. S

    should there be a pump after jelqing?

    I have been jelqing for almost an year and i never feel the "pump" or temporary increase in girth the members here including DLD are talking about. I suspect that this is the reason why i have made very little girth gains Can someone please explain? I usually jelq with a 50 - 60% erection and...
  4. R

    Wendi Penis enlargment course

    hi guys, i dont have the intro file of this course, could you plz tell me how to use these sessions?
  5. DLD

    Absolutely No More ���� Links Allowed....Please Read

    Absolutely No More ���� Links Allowed We will be removing all links to ���� sites from the forum. We will purge them from the "How Big is His Cock Thread" and every other area there may be links. From this point forward posting a ���� link is a breaking of the rules, if you do so you will be...
  6. D

    Scientific data for herpes transmission. Whats the risk?

    Mods feel free to move this to the appropriate section of the forum. I recently found out that a woman I thought very highly of and am very attracted to has HSV1 and HSV2. So quickly, as a note to the rest of the community: Beauty, intelligence, and other positive attributes don't shield...
  7. S

    Is it dangerous to ejaculate whilst sitting on the edge of a sofa?

    I have read that iIf a male is sat upright on the edge of a sofa or chair masturbating there is a chance that he will become unaware of the pressure from the chair building up on the area between his anus and scrotum as a result of the pleasure experienced from the masturbatory act. If the male...
  8. M

    is this you

    who.has started at.5in.length 8 and how.long.did and.did or.keep.going
  9. higherone

    Family know?

    Does anyone in your family know you do PE or have you let a brother or cousin or family member in on it? How did it go? Do they do PE now too?
  10. Zambrodom3

    PE now viral?

    Hey guys! Long time no post, been pretty busy and off PE for a while till I get things sorted. But enough about me and my issues- I JUST saw this video and couldnt help but think about my family MOS! Watch it and post what you think about it :D. ( google " Penis Enlargement Club Has An...
  11. L

    Share your mos experience

    I was 6.5*5 some 10 years or more ago and I'm at 8.25*6.5 max girth at the base. I had help from dld, supra, figi, templnite, kayden, figi, beard, and so many others just keeping me motivated, like to, short, and stroyka(gloomiest of the names). Dld, while not very personal, has expressed an...
  12. P

    PE good or bad for long-term

    I'm just curious is all this PE P for the penis, or is it in fact damages? Like by doing PE now when you're older are you less likely to have ED problems, or more likely? Biggest Scare is losing penis sensitivity, and or ability to climax!
  13. Jedi75

    ..and so it begins..!!

    Ordered my PF today and placed in the comments section that I saw it advertised on MOS and purchased through the site. Now lets see how long it takes to get from Europe to Australia..?? Can't wait to step it up a notch from SG, jelks, hanging and now nightime stretching whilst sleeping. This...
  14. jekyllnhyde360

    old thread complication?

    Hey guys, for some strange reason im unable to reach my old thread post through my profile link to latest threads. actually its not even letting me see my recent posts either. just thought i'd let you know, not sure if its already been mentioned?
  15. D

    Erect stretch cementing and eq.

    Are erect strecth gains cemented as you do them? And do they improve erection quality?
  16. L

    PE and AGE

    Can we face erection problems when we get older even if we still are or were into PE,maybe i could have some answers about this questions Once we get to 9 10 or even bigger,i think exercising once a week can be enough,and that would help us whit erection issues,just a tought came to my mind,A...
  17. D

    Why do PE

    It seems to me there is two major categories on doing PE and each probably has several off shoots. 1st being insecurites and the 2nd being egomaniacs. I fall into the 1st category. I was wondering where the motivation of the other brothers is in the quest for more inches.
  18. M

    Give me tips on taking Viagra

    I was wondering how long I should take it before going to business? Should i eat food with,before or after? Any tips for people tjat get heartburn with it? Does alcohol mess with it?
  19. A

    UCLA size study

    For One Night Stands, Girth Matters So I was searching around trying to find the results for a study done by ucla in which they got a bunch of women & printed out various penis sizes on a 3d printer so they could actually handle them instead of just coming up with a number, the results were...
  20. Lightning

    MoS is Looking to Hire Article Writers on Penis Health and Penis Enlargement

    We are looking for several experienced writers to write several 3,000 - 4,000 word professional USA English articles on mens sexual health. Articles must be 100% hand written and readable and have good keyword density. We do not want wordspun articles using wordspinning programs. All articles...
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