Jun 3, 2003
A Bad Day In The Life of a Obsessive Complulsive that Penis Enlargement's

I am new to this forum but I desided that I would share the posts over at Penis EnlargementForums.net with everyone here....I am a 35 year old....I suffer with extreme OCD (Obsessional Compulsive Disorder) and BDD (Body Dismorphic disease) Alot of my problems center around my penis....No matter what I think I see it most of the time wrong...What I mean is my measurements are 9.60 x 6.5 and I cannot see it the right way....It is part of this disease...IT SUCKS....For those of you who know me and have been with me on my huge Penis Enlargement journey will get a laugh out of this....My therapist says I should make fun of my disorder...So HERE GOES....

Ok...This is a typical bad day in my life of Penis Enlargement....I was telling Jen (my girlfriend) about it last night and she started laughing hysterically and said I should post it ....

I am still suffering with 2 ingrown hairs at the base of my unit...So yesterday morning I thought I would just not Jelq. to avoid and pain....So I do my regular stretching routine and go to work....Now to understand this you have to realize I work with my family...My Father, My Brother, and My Ex-Wife, In a large building connected to a house that my sister and her husband live. I am just sitting at my desk doing my work (I work on a computer in a very private office) Now my family knows I have extreme OCD and just kinda brushes off my strange behavior...after all they have dealt with it my whole life....My Ex-Wife on the other hand is more suspicious of my odd behaviors and will ask me what I am up to...Now I already decided that I was NOT GOING TO JELQ. but then I came across a picture on the net of this Women who goes by the name of Scarlett....Now I love ghetto bootie with a passion and she is the quintessential picture of GHETTO BOOTIE....So of course I am looking at her and my cock starts to get hard. Then I start obsessing about jelqing and the size of my penis. I am thinking If I don't jelq. I am going to shrink and lose all my gains...etc...etc. and to add to the obsessive mix I see the size of Scarletts Ass and I start thinking my newly shrunk penis would be pathetic against her huge cheeks....So I am sitting at the computer with my half hard cock and a bunch of new obsessions that will not go away until......I GO AND JELQ...

I head to the upstairs loft of our building....This area used to be an attic and was converted into a small office with a private bathroom....This is the place I Jelq when I am at work....Now if anyone has read anything about my problems, the worst possible thing for me is heat...When I get hot a associate this with an attack. Well it is like 140° in this bathroom and I am already starting to sweat and get fustrated. I reach under the vanity and I am out of Vaseline....So I proceed to put my clothes back on my completly soaked body and head back done stairs in a frantic hunt for a lubricant....then I remember that my sister is gone out and she has a 2 year old so I figure there has got to be some Vasoline in her house. I go in and find a fresh container sitting in the baby's room...I feel to guilty to take the whole jar so I grab a handful and head back through the shop...

I bump into my Ex-Wife, vaseline in hand, completely sweating...I must have looked like a big perverted psycho who just got finished wacking off....She gives me a look that supports my theory and I head back upstairs.

I make it to the 140° bathroom, fully dressed with a huge glob of vaseline on my hand. At this point I realize that I have a tight long sleeve shirt on and in order to get it off I have to park the handful of vaseline somewhere....Sweating my ass off I find a piece of plastic bag and wipe it on that so as to get on dressed. Vaseline is a really fun lube cuz it stays on your skin like FOREVER....I have O.C.D. so I have to wash my hands before I can get undressed so I don't infect my clothes with this greasy substance....

FINALLY...I get clean and undressed...My clothes are completely soaked with sweat and my cock is now in frustration mode....Totally Fucking Soft...Yay for that....I muster up enough lustful thought to get some blood back in it and strive to get a decent 1000 jelqs so my ever shrinking cock would be big enough for the enormous cheeks I saw on my computer screen....I decide that looking at my penis would not be wise as I was in a huge anxiety attack and I was positive my penis was now 2 inches....but the funny thing about O.C.D. is I cannot just not look, I HAVE TO LOOK...So I Do....Then I have to see it the right way...and I did...Then I see my shoe laying on the ground and I start getting obsessed about the size difference between my cock and my shoe....Mind you my shoe is over 12" so my obsession that my penis is shrunk is now a living reality in the grand scheme of things. I am now sweating bullets, staring at a shoe and practically crying...so I just drop my penis and I hear SPLASH as my penis drops into the toilet water...so aside from being disgusted I start to feel a bit better because I know the distance to the water (YES I HAVE OBSESSIVELY MEASURED EVERY TOILET I FREQUENT) The distance of 9.5" to the water gives me some temporary reassurance that my penis has not shrunken....I thank God for this wonderful Jelq session and start my hot wrap.....There is only one tiny hand towel....No soap....My clothes are soaked...I am lubed up like the dickins'. So now I realize I have to make it down stair to the other company bathroom....

I throw on my sticky clothes, now covered with vaseline and make my way past the Ex-Wife into the bathroom in the front office. Now I have already made myself see my penis in a good way...and I was still feeling happy about the toilet adventure...So I decided to NOT LOOK AT IT...cuz I might see it wrong and that would ruin my day....So I decide to wash with the lights out....I have to get up on the vanity and wash myself in the sink. This was going pretty well until I realized my penis did not reach the bottom of the sink....As hard as I tried I could not touch that fucking sink bottom...I figure the sink must be deeper than my measurement and decide that I will just forget about this.....YEAH RIGHT....I am finally dressed, clean sitting at my computer...and I am trying so hard not to think about it....but it burns in my head between every fucking though....HOW DEEP IS THE SINK......Finally in a fustrated rage I grab one of the many measuring devices that are skattered about our shop and head for the bathroom, past the Ex-Wife, with this big ruler in my hand....Do ya think she thinks I am alright?

Well it takes me a very long time to measure...I finally measure the sink it is only 7.5" to the bottom.....An instant hot flash...Now I am really obsessing....This means my penis is like 6"....I am ready to cry again....I am thinking it must have shrunk....I mean I was sure 1/2 hour prior that my penis was 9.5" what happened? My OCD is very tricky and will play these games, so in order to find out what the problem was I have to get completely undressed and get back on the vanity and measure the distance of my penis base to the point of the sink that it did not reach....This is when I realized that I have an ass that prevents my penis fom starting at the top of the sink....I am actually quite a bit higher....2" to be exact...I do the math and I finally come to the final theroy that I did not shrink....

Now I feel happy...Everything is right.....and I can continue with my day.....I LOVE Penis Enlargement
I feel you, guy. We are in the same boat. I am obsessed with the same mindset everyday. I might not stop until I get to 20 inches, DAMN!
Sorry to hear about that man.
That has to be really tough.
Don't take offense DLD, but that is a pretty funny story. Im just trying to picture you running around an office with a big glob of lube in your hand and a ruler in the other. LOL. :p
THis is obviously an old story since you were 9.6X6.5 (My goal actually).
wow. dude that's a mind blower lol.....wow sorry to hear about that.
DLD, please don't get mad because I laughed reading your story ;) I'm somewhat O/C myself and can relate. This is a repost from some time ago isn't it? I haven't read it before, but remember your earlier posts mentioning your family job etc.

I remember this post as my introduction to you and the world of NPenis Enlargement some time ago. It's great to read it again, especially in light of something that happened yesterday:

I was sitting on a nude beach with my knees bent and my forehead resting on my knees and realized that the head of my cock was lying comfortably on the sand. I was so jazzed by this cause it's something I've wanted since I was a teenager: all the bigger guys take this for granted.

Coincidentally, it brought to mind this very post and your remark about measuring the distance from dickhead to toilet bowl water level. (That is pretty damned funny.)

How have things changed for you since that post? I assume that you no longer work in an overheated warehouse now that you have the website, right?

All the best:
LOL nice replies guys. I feel you dewey. Has my life changed? Yes but maybe for the worse. I no longer work for my families business due to my problems. It is purely a coincidence that the website came out around this time. I now spend my days at MOS...ALL DAY AND NIGHT. I still have similar episodes to this story. OCD is a terrible illness but laughter for me has been the best medicine. I think I am worse now because I have become almost 100% agoraphobic (I don't leave the house) but with the sense of false safety this brings I do not have as many problems. I did notice that when I had to go to Florida some very strange things happened. I was convinced that something terrible would happen to me. I was a wreck with worry. I was confronting many fears that I have not addressed in a very long time some of which are leaving my property, showing my penis to someone, seeing my own penis in a mirror, getting on a fucking airplane, having to be in public places, being totally away from my safety zone, among many others. NOTHING BAD HAPPenis EnlargementNED. This should have been a huge step in the progress of my OCD but once I got home I fell right back into my old ways. This more than likely means I have to attack this illness consistently in order to restore some normality to my life. In the mean time I need to laugh at the absurdity of this illness and enjoy the parts of my life I can.
eyah like the sex ;) lol...i'm still jealous man lol

(i'm sorry my sence of humor is a crutch i land on for sensitive topics. some find it annoying...just tell me if i am)
DLD, your experiences just goes to show that nobody's life is perfect. Many men would (erroneously) think that if they could just have your cock, their life would be perfect.
Back in the day, when I was a gym rat repping 400 in the bench, I used to train with a buddy who was a really hard gainer. I worked with him one on one, and got him some respectable gains, but he could just never get "huge."
He used to always complain that I was "so lucky," and he wished he could gain like me, that I "have it made," etc., etc.
It used to piss me off!!
Why? Well, let's just say that in the showers, after our workout, he was (conservatively) at least 8" NBP FLACCID. But I don't think it meant shit to him! I used to think HE was "so lucky," and that HE "had it made," etc., etc.
Moral: Accept who you are, in general, and work on improving the parts you want to improve.
Originally posted by WaxN
DLD, your experiences just goes to show that nobody's life is perfect. Many men would (erroneously) think that if they could just have your cock, their life would be perfect.
Back in the day, when I was a gym rat repping 400 in the bench, I used to train with a buddy who was a really hard gainer. I worked with him one on one, and got him some respectable gains, but he could just never get "huge."
He used to always complain that I was "so lucky," and he wished he could gain like me, that I "have it made," etc., etc.
It used to piss me off!!
Why? Well, let's just say that in the showers, after our workout, he was (conservatively) at least 8" NBP FLACCID. But I don't think it meant shit to him! I used to think HE was "so lucky," and that HE "had it made," etc., etc.
Moral: Accept who you are, in general, and work on improving the parts you want to improve.

amen brotha :cool:
This was a bad day almost 2.5 years ago:)
Anymore new ones to post?
Some of the OCD things in their, I also get ..... dunno if ya got that PM where I was concerned I was small again ... I couldnt sleep the other night cos I was CONVINCED I had measured wrong all the time, and that I was a fake.
Two days on [now] I am happy as a pigging shit again, top of the world .. a big cunt .... but for how long???? I wonder if I have OCD?
Hilarious! If you ever need a second career you could be a comedy writer.

Thats a good story DLD! I enjoyed reading it, your a great writer man! Thanks I laughed my ass off!
DLD, you should write a book, seriously. Consider it. Not just for the money but for your Obsession for Penis Enlargement. I am sure there are a lot men out there who would appreciate your knowledge.

Think about it
Good story!!! My obession with booty came from Scarlett also. Couple of years ago I saw some of her pictures and never again could I look at a little bum and say, "I gotta have that". Changed me forever. Nina Hartley,
Kristi Lynn her, Ryan Conner, Zenaida their the bane of my existence.....lol
Just remembered this thread after talking with Stillwantmore. Sometimes Penis Enlargement can be a real blast:D
I suffer from BDD also, and some other things. One day I cna love my body the other I hate it and fantisies that Im a totally different person. And everytime I watch my body naked I find something wrong, and cant keep stop looking. Everytime I watch it...

So with my dick, sometimes it looks impressive and I and my fucking brain turns it the other way around and it looks pathetic!

Have also a little of Asperger Disorder, can explain that my school years were so hard.

Then I suffer from, well its a bit strange. But when I can hear or feel my heartbeat I get somewhat sick, and cant stop listening and really feel the blood pumping... sometimes when I have ran a bit, it beats fast and hard then it feels like the world is going under. Like it will explode and I will die.
Yeah, Ghost, lately, like the last few months or so when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I can feel my heart beating and it is usually really weird in rhytHydromax and I think it's because I get up real fast to hurry up and get it over with. But I'm in a dream-like state so I barely have my eyes open and I can feel and almost hear my chest beating and I start thinking that I can control my heart beat. So, I start trying to slow it down mentally or something to that affect (I don't really know how to explain it...it's kind of weird nonsense but nevertheless) and I get real anxious and scared about it for like the duration of my time in the bathroom. There's always a point where I can feel it slowing down or at least I'm thinking it is slowing down and all the while thumping slower and harder in my chest, but then it feels like it skips then starts up regularly once I'm about finished peeing. I don't know...I'm weird. I also suffer from OCD. I was diagnosed with a mild case of a Terret's syndrome also, which wasn't like the shouting out of stuff constantly like cuss words or nothing. It basically (and I have it mostly under control and never have done anything in like years to make it seem like something is wrong, but it is basically like when your body and mind just seems to have to do something or say in some cases something or something bad will happen or something good will happen it's like really weird, but some people have it bad enough to where they get the feeling or urge rather or really an uncontrollable feeling of desperation if they don't put their hand on the hot stove. It's crazy in a way to think about it, but there is like a psychological dependency that comes from the nervous system's dysfunction if you will. I used to have a tick too from this where I had to either shake my head like I was nodding or saying what's up to someone for like a couple months then it turned into a twitching of the arm. Finally, in a way my depression that I suffered for quite a few years helped erase some if not most of those odd quirks. It was like once I started feeling a bit better so to speak I just said fuck it or fuck this whenever I would find myself doing something like that and I'd stop. But I know what it is like to not want to leave a certain comfort zone like DLD was talking about in the first post of this thread. I understand fully. I used to have panic attacks and anxiety attacks what have you whenever I'd have to leave the house a few years back. I thought I was going crazy for real.
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