1. DLD

    Maybe we should print up a batch of these :)

    Maybe we should print up a batch of these :)
  2. Egghead1

    It's been a while my brothers...This site has grown so much I could cry.

    First of all, DLD, the stuff that's been going on here at MoS is more than important but I'm sure you all realize this by now. I've been rifling through hundreds of posts for the past month and I just want to say that I love you all. Where have I been? I'm a little sad to say that I quit PE...
  3. C

    When I look down I see...

    I don't see my growth when I look at my penis. I know it's longer and thicker but my eyes don't see it all the time. When flaccid my eyes go right to the scar that used to be the base of my penis and I look forward from there. For some reason I haven't trained them to include the new penis...
  4. S

    I'M A LOSER, it's finally hit me.

    Lately I've been thinking, thinking a lot about me, my life and who I am. I'm nearly 21 years old and I have finally realised that what I am missing in my life and that I am basically a loser...all of my friends have had some sort of meaningful relationship with a girl and have been happy...
  5. daironmonk

    In a nutshell.....

    Not sure where to start. Ive lost a son, my father and my job. I've gained about 100 pounds, on medication for anxiety depression and high blood pressure. I need to be strong for my family but its not easy. Been talking to a therapist to unload the weight on my shoulders but its not helping...
  6. metallica

    LengthMaster in algeria (Algerian users Help).

    hi, it seems that i cant order the LengthMaster from Algeria, so I'm searching for any algerian user who have a method to get it, (anyone living in europe can order it and i'll pay you hand to hand). Thanks.
  7. DLD

    NoFap no ���� Accountability Thread

    This is a thread that I am creating for those who are struggling with either ����������� or masturbation issues (or both) and want to stop these behaviors. I have spent much time reading ways to stop masturbation and ����������� and I have to say, most of these things will never help. I have...
  8. the boss!

    Automatic Nocturnal and Morning Erections on REM Sleep

    PART I Night and morning erections are involuntary. Nighttime erections happen in the REM Deep Sleep Phase: Rapid Eye Movements; Which is the phase of rapid eye movements under the eyelids that happen during deep sleep and when the brain is very active while we sleep. This REM phase...
  9. T

    Dapoxetine is amazing!!!

    I have been having trouble with busting too early since day one of me being sexually active. No joke, i normally last about 15-30secs (I am very lucky that my gf can cum riding me in about the same time). I did some research a month or two ago and saw that viagra can help with lasting longer...
  10. T

    Circumcision depression and PMMA

    Hi brothers, haven't posted in a while but I'm slowly getting back into PE with the BM and phallosan. I was circumcised at birth and long story short I'm against circumcision for many reasons. I really see no benefit besides cleanliness and that's not a big enough reason for me. I see...
  11. T

    Cant gain girth now

    So when i first started with my bathmatr around maybe last november decdmber I was gaining girth like crazy I was just pumping for 15 min I eventually even got too 5.9 girth I stopped pe because i was depressed i couldnt gain length Now im back but it seems i cant get nearly the pump and my...
  12. L

    What to Do When everything is about to collapse

    Does anybody knows how to reprogram my mind for good free of charge whit no side effects,and getting amazing results out of thatneed help ASAP..JK I had a an strangely fucked up i wont do any PE i will only use my PF all night long.. Good Bye Brotherhood talk tomorrow..:cool:
  13. M

    I gained length during time off

    During nov '15 I set a goal to reach by the end of the year... I was roughly 10mm from it (I like to set small increments) At the beginning of Dec '15 I fell into depression (struggled for years) and long story short I havent been PE'ing since I miss PE and ready to start again... and the...
  14. T

    PE, EQ, and Depression Medication?

    I have been a phantom penis enlargement enthusiast for about 4 years now, starting out with a bathmate, being a noob, and forgoing all the rules (bad I know). I am 5'8" and my starting size is unrecorded though I believe it to be EL 5" by EG 4.5"/ FL 1.5" FG 1". I was a beast in bed, going...
  15. L

    Share your mos experience

    I was 6.5*5 some 10 years or more ago and I'm at 8.25*6.5 max girth at the base. I had help from dld, supra, figi, templnite, kayden, figi, beard, and so many others just keeping me motivated, like to, short, and stroyka(gloomiest of the names). Dld, while not very personal, has expressed an...
  16. M

    My problem..

    Hello. I'm 20 years old . At the outset, I apologize for my poor English . This is not my native language :) For some time I have a problem with the veins on the penis . They are highly visible even at rest ! ( picture below) I would add that I have weak erections during the day .Nieraz penis at...
  17. D

    At What Point Do You Call It Quits?

    I've been at this PE thing off and on for years, done intense routines, bathmate, all that, and never once have I grown more than .2" temporarily. It makes me question a lot of people's gains. I don't see how some guys are putting on inches when I've done both more and less than them, varying my...
  18. jekyllnhyde360

    how im portant is EQ, when it comes to girth gains?

    Pretty straight foreward question. my eq sux, just wondering if it may be hindering my gains.
  19. L

    What's your biggest gripe in pe?

    Just for the sake of complaining and maybe relating a little in our collective pe experience; what's the biggest pain in the ass with your pe experience? For me, it's the freaking foreskin. You gotta pull it back, and grip around and hope you don't have any folds. And if you do, you're going...
  20. D

    Finally reached 7"!

    Spent a long time off and on with stretching. Last year I was 6.5" when stretched and bone pressed. Now I'm finally a full 7" stretched and bone pressed. And 6.75 erect bone pressed. That's motivating as hell!
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