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  1. H

    Does Bundled Stretch Work On The Ligament?

    We all know that doing bundled stretches gives length gains and also deforms the tunica making it easier for girth gains to come. But does doing bundled stretches also work on the ligament as well or do I need another exercise entirely to target the ligament?
  2. H

    Is there anyone that has used the length master for 6 months?

    As the suggest implies, I want to know if there is anyone that has used the length master consistently for 6 months. I will also like to know what type of gains you have made from using the device. I'm currently using my length master daily for 1 hour doing downward bundled stretches only. I...
  3. K

    Behind the cheeks

    Was Wondering doing bhtc stretches do You get like a weird feeling in groin areas.
  4. T

    Newbie help

    There is s lot of info out here and varying routines but can anyone give me honest feedback on the routines. It just seems like an easy straightforward program with video. Thoughts?
  5. W

    Personal Log (worth trying)

    Hi guys, so for the past month i've been doing the following routine either 2 on / 2off or 1on/ 2off days. 1. Warm cloth wrap (~10 minutes). 2. Manual Stretches (~10min), Bundled Stretches (Up/Down/Left/Right) ~30 sec each, Behind the cheeks(Left/Middle/Right) ~30sec each, Basic...
  6. D

    Tips and tricks for length?

    I've reached the 6 month stage and have managed to gain 0.5" in girth but nothing significant in length. This puts me at 6.2" NBP x 5.5" MEG. At this rate my girth will surpass my length. I've increased the time I stretch following the newbie routine stretching model. Any manual only bros out...
  7. F

    Follow the Flop!!

    Welcome to my progress thread. Im very new to this so no doubt ill be making a few mistakes or most likely be doing a few things wrong so im hoping you experts with the long shlongs can give me some advice. For us minis i hope i can encourage you all to grow grow grow!! Starting stats...
  8. T

    Increase Base Girth?

    Hey, the way my dick naturally is means that i have a great girth at the glans and good girth at the shaft just below it. But beyond there my girth decreases until the base, where it is very measly and thin. All girth exercises i have read on here talk about giving great girth expansion at the...
  9. S

    Burning sensation when stretching?

    So I have been PEing for a while now and I always start a session with the basic stretching in DLD's newbie routine. Although I never did the behind the cheeks stretches cause my penis was too short and I was never able to perform the stretch effectively. Up until recently, I started doing...
  10. seeking8.5x6


    tonight i used my DIY LM and was doing my normal routine and then went BTC. I think i found my missing element to get that last bit of growth and maybe a bit more. I have yet to be that sore from any of my previous work and could only manage 3x30 seconds in each btc before fatigue told me to...
  11. B

    my current routine, is there anything else I can do.

    currently doing 5x3 routine with the bathmate, basic warm up stretches and some basic stretches periodically though the day, is there anything else that I can add to help, I dont have much money, if any to put on devices at the moment, I have ordered the vacuvine for the bathmate.
  12. S

    Length Master newbie routine

    Hi all, I'm looking at the possibility of doing girth and length on alternating days. I would like to utilize the length master as much as possible during the length days. Can anyone recommend a good newbie routine with the length master for maximum length? Considering limiting it...
  13. W

    All day 'behind the cheeck' stretch?

    Dumb question but, I've been doing moderate manual length exercises and noticed something. It might be different for everyone but, whenever I stretch downward or behind the cheek, I get a much better (although temporary) response vs stretching side to side or pulling up. Doing this without a...
  14. C

    Having some issues with comfort

    When I do manual stretches I can only get a semi comfortable grip at best. I have been using baby powder but I'm still crushing and causing light abrasions to my glans during some stretches. After watching the member videos I decided to try some TP instead and again the same issue. I am...
  15. M

    Mike's Journey to size

    How's it going everyone. Ok I'm new to the forum and trying to learn as much as possible. I'm needing to gain some length and girth. Here's some backstory.. my recent now ex had been talking to someone for awhile. I guess they had been having sex. Well not only does she have to cheat on me, she...
  16. T

    Penis still wont stretch...

    Ive posted this so many times but still someone has yet too help me. My penis isnt stretchy during routines anymore. Like i tug ans pull as hard as i can but it feels like its being held back by something. Yes i warm up yes i do bundled stretches beforehand. But my dick just wont stretch...
  17. metallica

    The beginning of the journey

    hello and welcome to the real start of my journey ! By the start of this new year (2017), I'm gonna start my journey to get a bigger, healthier and stronger penis. my main goal by the end of this journey is to gain 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth (in full erect), and get more stamina...

    Hanging Exercises - Swings and Cranks

    Hey guys, I rarely start threads. Most of my participation in this forum is either helping out newbies by replying to their questions or updating my daily journal. But I feel this one thing I am about to share is of value to current hangers and newbie hangers so here we go! Hanging is...
  19. J

    My new 9 x 6.5 Routine

    Wow! It has been a while since I posted. When I posted my last routine I had a lot of free time and then...I had my daughter :-). Free time gone! In order to resume my PE journey I had to tell my wife what I was doing. And of course like any good wife she said I don't need to do it because she...
  20. J

    Hope this works. Road to an 8x6

    After checking out the forums for a bit I've decided to start a routine and invested in a penomet and a size genetics. I'm new to PE so worst case scenario I'll at least get some solid newbie gains with this routine. Routine I'm doing Length Warm up with hot wrap 3 reps of -1 minute...

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