This is a message I pm'ed DLD with but I thought I would share it with everybody since I'm so excited about it. If anyone is interested in what my routine consists of I'd be glad to share since it's already given me quite a boost in confidence. If your having trouble with in the length department I would highly suggest this routine.

Wow!! This routine you've given me to work with has been doing stuff no other me more length ! I've gained another 3/16th of an inch in flaccid boned-pressed in the past month. And i waited a full 24 hrs after exercise to take the measurement. Right after my workout my fbs is just pasted 7 5/8! And I'm almost sure that my ebp has finally at the 7 inch mark, but I haven't measured yet. This stuff is finally giving me length . I haven't even been able to get in the recomended amount reps and I'm growing. Which means theres still a lot of room for I'm provement! I'm siked and I hope I can hit 9 nbp with this routine and those new tunica stretches . I'm about 2 1/2 away but if this keeps up it won't take too long. Thanks again.


My girth seems to be getting slightly bigger (don't want to measure yet) but lenthwise, i need help.

could you post this routine of yours mate?

Size= Confidence... at least for me. What about this routine?
Mon - basic stretches - phase 1
Tues - polymetric blasters, tunica traction(60sec reps)
Wed - sets of the rotory blasters, tunica traction
Thur - pulse 110's, shock sets of the bundled a-stretch blasters
Fri - same as tue
Sat - same as thur
Sun - same as tues
I ocasionally take a day off because this workout schedule beats the hell out of my dick. I also didn't include numbers of sets and reps(you can check the posts to find the reccomended numbers) because these exercises are pretty intense and I would suggest starting out slow. This way your dick has time to adjust and heal, and it also leave plenty of room for more intensity in the future. Hope it helps!


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dopefish said:
My girth seems to be getting slightly bigger (don't want to measure yet) but lenthwise, i need help.

could you post this routine of yours mate?

length ya said mate.
Do the constricted bends they WILL give ya erect length , they worked for me recently and I TRIED EVERYTHING and fuck all mate.
Some of us have a HARD time with length , I am one .... I aint saying you will gain from my clamp bends, but damn .. I did and I didnt on other shit so I suppose ya couldnt kill the cat by trying....its also less common lol than dld blasters and slammers etc and ya join the crazy cunts club hahahahahah


i am going too try this is there a link that tells ya how to do those exercises?
Its an a-stretch but at a higher angle so your concentrating more on the tunica instead of the ligs. You can use the fake arm thing, but I just use my wrist. While in the stretch you slowly twist your wrist (or whatever your using as a pivot point), then relax the twist again. You should be twisting your wrist away from your body to create more tension in the stretch . Do 60 sec reps. I do 10 but start lower if your not used to it because it kicks your ass. For more intesity try them bundled . Hope I explained it well.

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