Jun 3, 2003
Alright, over my time in being involved with the Penis Enlargement forums, I see people that do exclusively length oriented routines, and some do routines that are exclusively girth oriented, and the rest do a combination of both.

Also I've read that some people think it's best to go all-out for a length goal first, then tackle your girth goal (assuming both are unsatisfactory). This being because if you put on girth, it will we harder to make future length gains, due to it being much harder to stretch if you're thicker.

So what are all of your opinions on this? I personally think that it doesn't particularly matter what route you take, as long as you stick to a plan. I mean, Penis Enlargement generally takes a long bit of time to see truly significant results. This being said, how much difference will it all make in the end if you do a mixed routine as compared to a routine specifically geared to one aspect of Penis Enlargement (those being length or girth)? Will the time "saved" be significant, or will it even matter at all when all is said and done?

Any input into this is appreciated.

- d_s
I have pondered this thought on the Tree Of Woe many times in the past. I train for both, and I take whatever I can get. The way I see it, guys who start out at a thicker girth than I have gotten to yet seem to have no problem making length gains. So I figure it will all work itself out in the end. Either way, it's still getting bigger. If you can gain girth faster than length or vice versa, then run with it. If you're getting girth results there's no need to stop and say, "oh, wait... I should train for length first." That's stupid. Get what you can get.

If the whole "extra girth makes it harder to gain length" shit were true, then guys starting out at 5.5" of girth would be having a bitch of a time gaining length, but they're not. Either way, it's never too late to hang.
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I fully agree with Godsize, get what you can get. I'm working at girth and lenght at the same time with a routine based only on jelqs (some are a really modified) and i have gained a 1/4 inch in lenght and 1/8 in girth in one month without any stretch. Theory has his limit, listen to your body and work what seems to work for you.

Well in my case, I want mostly length and, only about 1/2 to 3/4" more girth so, it makes sense to ME to go for my length goals first by putting all my efforts toward gaining more length. I think many guys are in the mindset of "well, what if I put all my efforts on length or on girth and I dont gain anything???" It's a negative, losers' attitude...if you have a negative mindset about Penis Enlargement regardless of your goals, your mind will be working against you the whole time youre at it.
Thanks everyone for the input. I guess I'm asking this because several months down the road, I may switch to length-only (or girth-only) routine as a change of pace. Basically this would involve dedicating an hour and a half a day to either length or girth (whatever I would decide at that time).

Also, I've pondered sometimes if maybe I should just do a strictly length-based routine for a good while, until I come to about 1/2" from my goal. Then I would switch over to a primarily girth routine until I come within about 1/4" of my goal. Finally, I would then go back to a mixed routine to finish things off. But then again, I think I'm just overly complicating things and should just stick to my current path (straight-up mixed routine) until the goal is reached.

Thanks again.

- d_s
It might be good to sometimes switch to an all girth or all length routine for a while. It may break you out of a stagnant rut.

What I say is, stick to your strengths. If you're a "talented" length gainer, then roll with it till it slows. There's nothing wrong with devoting a day to exercises for just one dimension, either. Just do a solid, well-rounded routine and cover all the bases.
I train each area separate now for like 1/2 months at a time each.I am on girth at the moment.
i used to have one day devoted to girth then another for length.
I am going for length. I have seen early on the merits of a good girth routine. So length and the tunicae for me! Once I reach close to my first goal I will work on girth again.

I'm in the length crowd. I focus more on length and stretching than girth and jelqing. It's not that my girth doesn't need to be focused on as much, but I find it much more convenient to fight one battle at a time.
Length here, with these gains, not for long! Then I'll work on making it a fat ass.

My girth is actually not too bad, though the length leaves something to be desired. I'm going to do a little of each, but focus primarily on length.
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You're gonna turn your penis into an ass? You are one sick mofo! :D :hammerhea

Of course! My ultimate goal! I don't really know what I'll do with it afterwards... Let's not talk about it. :wave:

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