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Jun 3, 2003
Here's a stretch I been doing for awhile now.
It is the MOST intense Tunica stretch I ever done.

I can feel it on my tunica like never before.
This exercise works as it is using part of your own body weight to stretch at the Tunica.

Its simple to do, and your also exercising your abs as well.

Here goes;


1] Get flaccid

2] lie on floor in sit-up positon with both hands around the penis with firm good grip

3] Now simply do a sit up; but as you situp you use you momentum on the climb and pull on your cock as you come up.
This is the stretch on your Tunica.
When you are at a full sit up go back down again.

4] Come up again and do the same.

Do these for 5 minutes non-stop to start with and gradually build up.
THESE ARE ONLY FOR ADVANCED Penis EnlargementERS that have been doing it for 6+ months as this can hurt abit even for vets.

The pain is slight, and is like a Ligament burn but with a unusual ting and sting, this is the Tunica being torn and over time it'll grow and heal back bigger

This exercise works by using the force from your squat on the way down and transfers this force into a tug onto the penis lig' area, thus a powerful stretch accurs.

This is much easyer than sitting down holding a stretch for ages, as this is using the rest of your body instead of just hands to do the work.
You really feel this in the tunicae and is like fulcrum hanging, but more powerful + it works out the body, try it!!!
just tried it today, but i only did it for 2 minutes and the stretch is amazing

good stretch red!
Red this stretch is GREAT! I really felt my tunicae after. Thanks man.
Thats superb, keep us posted on how it goes right here in this thread, lets keep this unused gem alive lol
I've tried a few things with pulling my body into/towards my penis, but this takes it to a new level. Awesome work, RED!

BTW, I'll post when I get enough experience and balls to try these out.
An AB workout and Penis Enlargement a;; in one exercise! Hell yeah RED, with these you'll get a 6 pack and a 9 inch polish sasuge along with it! Nice RED, thanks I'll be doing these tonight!
Kewl, give as much feedback as possible back on this.
Its never really been tested, so I would like a few guys to add it into there routines so we can see what gains it brings.
Sounds like a good stretch. I'll give this a try later tonight.
these do sound great, bc i dont know about u guys, but after a few minutes of stretching my arms hurt burn and shake. another thing is i do sittups everyday anyways, so im just imagining how big my penis would be if i had been doing these the whole time.... also i dunno if anyone else has the problem of getting erect while stretching? if ur doing sittups then the bloods all going to ur abs anyway, and u cant get a boner. thanks red!
The potential to get a six pack and a bigger thats multi-tasking!
sounds very good i will definately try these...Do you think its best to be totally flacid? or like maybe 50% erect? just wondering....
I have decided, unless I do sustain an injury, I will be doing it 7 on, 0 off. If my routine begins to get too long for every day use, I will only do length on certain days. We'll see how everything goes. Hopefully, it won't come to that.
i just recently started doing these...i wanted other people input....where do you place your hands while doing the hand right behind the glans and the other hand on top of the other or one hand right behind the glans and the other hand around the shaft?
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