9 inch

  1. stillwantmore

    Lol 🙈, No Balanced Discussion

    Any question about pumping or hanging is replied to with "bla bla bla Bathmate..... bla bla bla LG Hanger"
  2. I

    Best site to purchase tubes

    Hey guys! I'm looking to add a smaller tube to my collection. I have a 2' tube currently but I'm not filling it up, anyone have any tips for a site to buy smaller tubes to pack it =)
  3. DutchAthletic92

    Length Master arrived... WOW!!!! What a stretch!

    What's up guys! My long awaited length master has arrived! I regret that i didn't ordered one earlier! LOL! So i just tested my LM, and it's fucking amazing man! Intense stretching, it feels like i'm going to rip out my entire pc-muscle. So strong with 2 hands... I did some bundled...
  4. M


    end.of.April I'll.be a.year in p.e started.at 5.5 bpL 5.5 girth ... so.far.gained 1.5 length and.. 5 girth .if I.get.hanger how.much.more.can.I.gain.length and.in what time I.want.to.be at.least9BP
  5. B

    The Reason why everything above 8 inch penis is useless

    hey, i want to discuess a little about a thought that i have and i want to share with you especially in this community, everyone wants big cock right? its the ultimate dream, almost every survey shows the ideal size is 7-8 inch and i think every man should strive to get this size because he...
  6. smitty2590

    Man has a 19" penis

    So I was on Facebook this morning and someone shared this vid. Has anyone seen this lol dude has a 19" penis soft https://youtu.be/8S1z0PEh714 That's the link.
  7. 1

    Big problem with soft glans and dorsal vein

    Ever since I could remember my glans was soft when I was erect, as well as me loosing a erection pretty quick when not stimulated. None the less I never thought of it as unusual, but some time ago I discovered how things should be. After that I located the dorsal vein as cause, it might be, and...
  8. G

    Some girls....

    Hey guys! I have been talking to this girl for some time now. A chick I really wanna bang you know. Thing is, she claims her partners have only been 9 inches plus. Claiming the biggest one she has screwed is 12+ and Im like: You serious? Either this girl has some reeeeeal issues actually...
  9. habban

    Tunica & Ligament Isolation Technique!

    Hello! This technique was shown to me from a guy at PE named Holownia. And i have studied this a little bit on myself and i have came up with a conclusion that will answer a lot of questions like: Usable penis size, visual penis size, and how to realize how much tunica + ligament gains you...
  10. S

    Length insanity

    For a while I thought 10 was pretty much max length. I just read that DLD is almost 11! Wild!!! So is there anyone confirmed longer than that? I once talked to a girl, almost certainly lying, who said she fucked a guy with 14. I measured and saw that came up to my lungs and she was...
  11. Shinto Kayden

    The dream will become Reality

    Hello guys . It's been a long time since i posted a thread but here i am . I want to share with you that i'm almost at the end of my journey in P.E . , since i don't have any friend in P.E. and you are the only family in this business . Today i used bathmate , like the other days and boom : 20...
  12. A

    Let's Introduce the world to MOS.

    so i was sitting down chilling meditating and those kind of things :) and i thought back to when i started in this environment. and i remember finding net doctors getting questions. and one of them was the old legendary question that every person in this forum. has been asking himself (im...
  13. 1

    Help! About to Get a Bathmate 7x5.5 Which one should i get?

    Hey Family, About to get a bathmate just need help on which bathmate to get! My stats are in my sig and in the title ;) but bear my Short term goal in mind! :p I have been searching for 2 hours and haven't figured which one yet. Someone enlighten me please. Thank you, Lets do this!
  14. B

    Porn Star Girth Measurements

    Just thought I'd share from what I've seen. I could be slightly off by an eighth for the measurements I list, I can only see in fourths right now. If you're a porn and P.E. addict you just start to be able to see it in time. This might be a nice reference for you if you are unsure of what girth...
  15. A

    Women voting on girth

    So I came across this which I thought was interesting women voting on what their upper limit was as far as girth goes when it comes to dildos I think this would be more accurate as they know exactly what girth it is instead of guessing, surprisingly 5.5" came up most often as the limit...
  16. N

    hello i am max

    hey all my name is max and i am new here. and my size is 6 and my girlfriend is not staisfy with that what should i do i am 20 years old and i want to make it bigger. any suggestions???

    Bathmate (gains)

    I have this bathmate x40 and im gonna start a routine(5x5x3) kind of thing,im gonna start in february the first and im gonna measure march 31st,i was just curious about the gains i could get...Any ideas Thanks
  18. G

    Thicker than longer is it a good look?

    Hi Guys, I have been pumping with a standard vacuum pump for 1 year now and I have to say that I am addicted!! :s I have just bought the X40 Extreme, which arrived today. I am currently 7X6 and want to gain a bit more in length but ultimately would like to get to 7.5 X 8. First of all do...
  19. V

    My Sg progress, first 9 months of use :)

    Hi Guys This is my progress after 10 months wit SG. I start with 12cm/4,6inch flaccid, hit at 16cm/6,29 flaccid, erect, 8 months before 17,5cm / 6,9 inch now - 21,5cm / 8,46inch!! I use it for 10 months for 12-13 hours every day. Day off maybe 1-2 days in mounth. I use VLC tugger cause is...
  20. J

    Absolutely no gains after 1 month of the beginner routine

    I did the beginner routine consistently for a month and now I feel pretty shitty now because as it turns out I was wasting my time. I haven't gained even 0.1 inch, my dick is exactly the same as it was a month ago. I've heard of beginners gaining an inch in a week and I feel discouraged and...