Jun 3, 2003
Sometimes I get erections that are so tight that the skin virtually becomes maxed out (width wise) At one point my erections were so tight lengthwise too. I have a very simple 2 exercises that I do to help accommodate future gains.

DLD's Length Skin Stretching:
In a 100% erect state grab your penis at the extreme base using a tight OK grip. Slide your hand up over your glans bringing all the skin with you. Once skin is over glans (head) hold for 60 seconds. Regain maximum erection and repeat 5 times..

DLD's Girth and Width Skin Stretching:
In a completely flaccid state, starting just below the glans, grab skin on each side of penis using thumb and forefinger pinch. Both hands stretch skin away from penis. Remember you are only stretching the skin so do not take any inner penis with you when stretching. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds. Slowly work down the shaft in 1/2 inch increments until you reach the base.
Interesting. Did you notice immediate gains in the days that followed? Sounds like a legitimate theory behind it.
One of the things I didn't really like about the lazy ass stretches, was that it seemed to be stretching my skin more than my dick. I'm uncirc'ed, so that may be the reason that there is more skin stretch, because of all the loose skin my dick will retract some when doing them. However, my skin feels like it's being stretched to the max. But from what you are saying, that is probably a good thing.
My skin has been stretching just from doing Penis Enlargement in general anyway I think. I can take the skin of my dick when its flaccid and pull it up over my glans and shit now.
I just know, for myself, when I get a real hard erection the skin can be real tight across my shaft. This has helped me keep things loose and my comfortable. I only do this maybe twice a month.
Hmm, interesting. So is the tightness something you feel with an erection or is it just something you see?
Cybershot said:
Hmm, interesting. So is the tightness something you feel with an erection or is it just something you see?

More something I see. If I have a very hard erection and I try to pinch some skin on the side it is difficult.
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