Going by his routine thread here it looks at least an inch and a half. Good question though, I look forward to the main mans answer :)


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kausion_420 said:
I felt like a pencil before I started...
Like one of those Kindergarten pencils maybe.
My dick and reds dick are almost idenical, only diff is size.
So i shure hope i be as thick and long! :D
So because he started on wet jelqs, i gotta start doing some jelqs because i aint doing any. From the 6th of July till the 16th of August, i will be doing intensive jelq ing i guess from 1000 and up every day, and some constritors and width exercises every other day. Hope it goes as good as for the arabs. :D
good luck on your goals ghost dogg. I have until the 31st of July to get my dick to the 6.75 mark. I think I'll make it. Shit, I'm just below 6.5 right now. That's three days in a row now that I've measured it at 6.5 though, but I ain't trying to say it is that big just yet. I need a different ruler though. THe one I have is like 100 years old. It has a metal spine running down the side one tends to measure on. It hurts at times. I think I lose concentration and hardness when I measure. Ruler anxiety. I know I can get to 7 inches NBP by the end of the year. I hope more, but I'll take what I can get.


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kausion_420 said:
I don't know what a kindergarten pencil looks like.

Its been awhile..
What I meant is one of those thick fat pencils that little kids use. I remember using them in like preschool and kindergarten. I think they are supposed to be easier to learn to write with because of the way kids grip or something.


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My length is lest say 8.25 for now lol its slighlty over that now IMHO, but I measure VERY RARE.
Anyways I was 6.6 inches before I started so do the math there.
Somewhere round 1.5 inches in erect length I have gained, but doesnt seem it mentally.
I never really attacked length , mainly just girth.
The stuff that worked for me, lengthwise were Squat stretches , hanging BTC.

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