Jun 4, 2003
My Bibhanger arrived today! Time to do some reading.. Should I wait to hang until day after tomorrow (have to work all day) or hang tonight?

Great Electric! Read the product guide and hang tonight. Trust me its gonna be trial and error for a few days. Any questions just ask. Start light 2 1/2 lbs ok.
Get an old tee-shirt or some type of soft cotton cloth. Cut it into 2inch wide strip about 15 inches long . Wrap with this till you can get an ace bandage.
I got the regular BibHanger, it covers up most of my shaft when I put it on, is this alright?

Should the pressure be felt on the bottom side of my shaft or somewhere else?

That would depend on which direction you are hanging in. Wgen hanging down in feel it a little more on the top. When hanging over the leg, I feel it in the opposite side of my shaft--over right leg =left side of shaft. See the pm i sent you on adjustments.
Alright, I believe I've got it for the most part, I just need a different chair.. This one's bottom is too flat and wide. I have to sit on the edge of it.

Electric, make sure you read the BIB product guide if you have not already. Want to make sure you dont miss out on any adjustment guidelines.
to your routine you should experiment with the directions of hanging. I most always hang to the left and right over the chair arms not too much forward off the seat. But have fun with it, I'm very glad you went with the full size. In the long run you'll be much better off.
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But have fun with it, I'm very glad you went with the full size. In the long run you'll be much better off.

Well, really it's personal preference! I use the starter and, am using 17.5lbs now very comfortably!
Anyways, the BibHanger is about the size of my entire shaft in its flaccid state, after I get wrapped up and ready to go, I can't help but get a little bit of the head in the hanger part. I was thinking about adjusting the bottom two screws. Any advice?

Re-read the product guide. I dont know what your flaccid size is man but, the product guide recommends what size hanger to buy based on your flaccid size. If you bought it based on what was recommended on the hanger should be able to get it to work fine for ya. Worst case might have to make a basic home made BIB hanger and work with it until you've gotten a little longer. Just do like I advised above and, experiment with your settings. Your glans should never sit inside the hanger. When adjusted/tightened properly...your glans will be outside the hanger. When you pull forward on the hanger, the hanger should "seat" itself just behind the glans or slightly farther back. You should not feel a lot of pressure in your glans when hanging. If you do feel pressure in there and/or your glans is hard while hanging (should be soft), you either have the hanger to far forward or too much blood is still in the glans and you need to loosen the hanger and squeeze you glans for a few seconds then, re-tighten. The tendency is to want to crank down too tightly on the front bottom wingnut and then in turn, end up with too much pressure on the glans. Also, I know youre excited and ready to get hanging but, dont rush right into it. You are starting a new type of Penis Enlargement and, need to give yourself a couple weeks to really get it down. You will thank yourself in the long run if you give yourself the time needed to really learn how to hang properly and, safely.
I loosed up the bottom forward screw thingy, and my head sits just outside of the hanger. It rests right behind my glans, but I believe I need the ACE wrap or something similar, just because I can't get the wrap tight enough to not slide.

Anxious.. But Patient...Kinda..
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