Jun 6, 2003
To find a condom that fits you the best, these measurements help. All measurements are unstretched.

Trojan regulars - 7.5 in. long X 1.375 in. wide (4.3 in girth)
19.1 cm X 3.5 cm (10.9cm)

Trojan magnums - 8.1 in. long X 1.5 in. wide (4.7 in girth)
20.6 cm X 3.81 cm (12 cm)

Trojan magnum XL - 8.5 in. long X 1.75 in. wide (5.5 in girth)
21.6 cm X 4.4 cm (14 cm)

The girth measurements are what counts, or they will be falling off
all the time. You want them to stretch a little.
My guesses would be:
Trojan regulars under 5 inches (12.7 cm) in girth
Trojan magnums 5 - 5.75 inches (12.7 - 14.6 cm) in girth
Trojan magnum XL over 5.75 inches (14.6 cm) in girth

Now I wanted to find a cockring, so i did some research and here is what I found out (and it worked perfectly).

This is for solid metal rings.
Get an erection measure around both cock and balls, then divide that measurement by 3.1. That will give you the diameter of the ring needed.
Doing that way it gives just enough compression for massive wood.
It also makes sure you have no problems in removal.
This is for wear during sex, would have no bearing on P.E. (not enough pressure).

Very good information BigRig.
Where are these numbers on the condoms from? I actually measured some condoms when I was wondering about "best fit" I didn't measure a regular size Trojan, but did measure the Magnum and XL. The "normal" one I measured was a different brand.

I came up with 4.75" girth for the normal size, and 7.75" length unrolled. The Magnums were 8" length and 5.25" girth. And finally, the Magnum XL was 8" length and 5.5" girth.

At the time, I was 5.6" girth and found the Magnum XL to fit properly. It didn't feel tight, but didn't slip either. The bigger the condom, the better feeling I got from sex.

I had a vasectomy back in January, and haven't used a condom since :D
Now I'm wondering where they got their numbers.. ;) I know that places that state "width" have all kinds of numbers. I've seen as high as 2.5" width for a condom :eek: , but it was just a normal Magnum XL!

I inflated the condoms and used a tape measure for girth, and laid them on the table and measured from the ring to tip for length.
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