Jul 7, 2003
With my penis slowly getting bigger my head is getting to look quite small, so can someone list the exercises to help increase my head size.
I also didn't gain much head size in over a year of Penis Enlargement, although I made good gains in length and girth.

I finally started making some good head size gains when I kegeled before/during a slow/hard jelq. My head actually hurts when doing this and I don't do too many. Also, I don't jelq al the way to the head, reasoning that I don't want the majority of blood escaping past my hand. I start the next hand before the previous has released. It's hard work and I can even break a sweat doing this.

Another advanced technique is doing a wrap which is something BIB taught me although it takes some time to master.

I would add though that your head would probably grow some regardless as long as you are making gains on girth. It just seems to take longer.

Good luck
Thanks for the advice, im going to add tao head exercises into my routine too so that should help.
what is meant by wet jelqs.i hav small head . plz replay me. how can i do
Do slow long jelqs. I have a big head and it keeps in proportion to my midshaft even when i gain on my midshaft girth. I think it's as i jelq at high erections percents. I know you're not meant to but i can't jelq and not get hard, so i have to jelq at high percents. My head gets big when i do it though.

Either do slow long jelqs at 60% or quick jelqs at 90%. Don't do slow jelqs at 90%, you'll cause an injury.
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