They are guaranteed to take your money.

I don't think anyone who is normal and healthy has gained by taking pills alone.

Like it says at the bottom "YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY."
I once heard BIB say something to the effect that if taking a pill would increase soft tissues, then all soft tissues in the body would increase at the same time. (i.e. ear lobes, nostrils, penis, etc)

What most of these "penis pills" contain are herbs that increase blood circulation. If you had poor blood circulation, and therefor weak erections, you aren't getting your full length. If that circulation increases and blood flows through the penis better than before you might "regain" that 1/2 inch. You'd be better off on a good cardiovascular health diet and excercise routine.

That being said. I take some of the supplements found in these pills. Ginko biloba is great. I also recommend horny goat weed. And I take desicated liver for the L-Arginine content (amount other things naturally found in liver.) I wouldn't waste my money.

I'm on my 2nd month and I can tell you that these pills have worked for me. I'm probably going to end up taking them for the next four months and see what I gain from them alongside other obvious manual exercises like jelqing, kegeling, bends, clamping, etc. My starting size was 8x6. I'm now 8.4x6.3 and extenze clearly states that you have to take the pills for atleast 3 months to see any type of permanent gains. I'm shooting for 9x7.
These pills will give you better erections and better hang when flaccid but they will not increase your penis size. If used as a supplement to manual Penis Enlargement they are great but don't expect to pop a pill and make gains.
Don't these pills work like hormons / steorides so you eventually might get problems with your heart?
No they are not steroids. But they do contain Yohimbe which can effect blood pressure. Yohimbe is also an MAOI which can interfere with certain anti-depressants particularly SSRI's. I have borderline high blood pressure and Yohimbe caused a significant jump. It can effect blood pressure in both directions, depending on the individual.
These pills are what DLD says, will help with circulation and libido but not actual size increase. Anything one see's in relation to that is because of revitalised blood flow to the region and hence restoring the penis to its full energy levels. If exercise is applied with a reputable source than they have potential to aid the person in gains.

I second hsarge on the Yohimbe as its very potent stimulant and can send people into a fatal arrhytHydromaxia. Same applies to Caffeine and other stimulants. You need something more localised on the penis and not a systematic effect that will directly go through the heart and than onwards around the system to enter the penis and is why I love the Leech oil so much. Its effective, safe and localised to the penis where its rubbed into the skin and allowed to absorb.

If one does want to take supplements orally for Penis Enlargement than be cautious and LOOK AROUND for a reputable source. Dont believe all the hype about it can do this and it can do that, because chances are it wont do anything! Check and than double check the ingredients and look into what they are and how they work on the human body. Look into medical studies done with those ingredients as well and learn about it as your going to ingest it, so don't be naive into thinking the companies that sell these have your best health interests at heart .... its all about $$$$$ sadly.
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Wow! what a suprise, ordervigrxplus has a link to vigrx plus penis pills. Couldn't see that one coming.

I love shooting these fuckers down
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