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Went out last nite and got my clamp, medium sized cable clamp brand. My problem is, that with padding (cut off a sock and folded it) I'll go down, and like 5 clicks is too loose, and 6 clicks is too tight. Any suggestions?

Too loose bein it doesn't really constrict the bloodflow, and 6 clicks, it doesn't seem like any blood is flowing at all. I just tested it out last nite, not starting my actual constricter routine for a week or two.


I'd say use 6 clicks. You're going to have to kegel hard to get more blood in, but that's better than having too much outflow.


Yeah, I tried that, the 6 clicks thing and tried kegaling.. almost to no avail. Gonna try and get a thinner padding like 1214 suggested.


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You can always get a multi clamp. It has a dial on the top of it and you can fine tune how tight of a tourniquet you want.

They're only $2.95 and you can find 'em here:

Enter "multi clamp" into the search and you'll find it.

I use a regular size washcloth for my wrap . It's not that thick of a material... I noticed that a lot of washcloths are very thick or plush material, but mine isn't. Anyway, I fold it longways in narrow sections until it wont fold any further, then wrap that many-layered strip of fabric around the base of my shaft. Then all I gotta do is hold the washcloth in place while I slip the clamp on over it and tighten it enough so that it holds the wrap in place and everything's secured and comfortable. After that I'm ready to do my extreme uli session. I don't even take my wrap or clamp off in between sets.. all I do is loosen the clamp and watch my cock deflate.

It took some getting used to, but it's second nature to me now. My program has been going quite well lately.


Alright, I will check that out.

And Red, I've read yer constricter guide, and the edited version too. Very good stuff, I can't wait to start it.

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