Question Problem where my right testicle sits higher than the left.


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Jan 6, 2023
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Problem where my right testicle sits higher than the left.

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I have a problem where my right testicle sits higher than the left, according to NHS UK " It's also common for one testicle to hang lower than the other. " but it would be nice if it did hang as low as the other one. Plus the big problem is that whenever I am doing PE or have my penis clamped up, it seems to ascend up into the area near the tunica ( or the area I am attempting to pull) as you can imagine, this is quite a problem, as sometimes I am not sure if the pain is due to the area I am meant to be stretching or the testicle being tugged. Plus it gives less potential area to bundle as I have to stop rotating earlier when I reach the testicle.

Does anyone know of a way to make the higher sitting testicle drop lower? Or at least get it out of the way?
There is a video about this. It's called: Ball & Lig Stretches, you find video instructions in this thread.
We are not perfect as humans, don't try to be perfect. I have the same as you are describing. Ball & Lig Stretches will make this problem go away, and you will get more room to do bundled stretches.

As a note: I would appreciate it, if these posts are put elsewhere.
This is not a thread to discuss random topics. This is a video thread. Respect that!

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@looiville never be afraid to ask questions. I'm happy you are asking questions. 😀
I'm the guy to help you solve your problems. But what you are describing I believe everyone got that. That is the reason it's so important to do Ball & Lig Stretches in combination with length work (there are more reasons). Don't bother with your balls hanging differently we are not evenly created like that. Just stretch everything like I'm showing in the Ball & Lig Stretches video instruction.

Look at the registry of this thread (post #1) and click on the exercise you want (each exercise title, is a link to the video instruction).
📄 SIM's videos and instructions (post #1)

I just feel that I need structure this thread, it's main purpose is to post my video instructions...I will do my best to put out more videos next year.

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- Do you know how to do this?
If not I need to create instructions for this.

Kind regards SIM

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My apologies and thank you for replying SIM, please remove the question if appropriate. I will post unrelated info to the videos elsewhere ( I did a search for testicles but should have searched for balls instead !! )
The 4 videos you made on the stretches are great, I should have had a more thorough search before I asked the question - I am sure that is the solution and applies as directly to general ball and lig stretches as it does to those of us with ball raised slightly higher than the other.
I will be starting these right away.
I'm always happy when brothers are helped from my video instructions. It's not exactly unrelated what you're asking. I just feel it's better to keep this thread more strict, and be used as reference only. We can created threads in the diffrent forums and ask for specific topics there instead.

I will not remove your question. It's good. Because it points out the importance of: Ball & Lig Stretches. When I started doing them, 10 minutes x 2 times per gains skyrocketed even faster 🚀
I do 3 days on 1 day of with stretching. Days I'm off I only keep my penis elongated.

Take care!

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