What have been YOUR results from the ROP?


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Ive only had my ROP for 2 days, so I know itll be a while before I notice any real changes other than those steming from the placebo effect. I know Supra has a list of the effects of the ROP in the sticky above...but he is the salesman.

How are you guys benefiting from this contraption?
I'm starting to think the RoP needs it's own forum section or at least a comprehensive FAQ.

For me, the RoP dropped my balls, likely mostly as my first RoP was a little tight and I suspect the constant slight pushing of my balls away from my body really made the difference.

Also, hard to be sure but I think the hair on my head has been growing quicker. Normally it's stupidly slow but lately it seems quicker which is cool by me.

Other than that, you have to be realistic. Because i am Penis Enlargement'ing at the same time as using my RoP i can't be sure of its effects on my dick.

I do believe though that it really does increase testosterone.

I would argue that Supra is "the salesman" ! He's just promoting something he found that works and helping people who cant make their own, its not like he's going to retire early from RoP sales :)
hey that brings me to a question, do you guys do girth exercises with it on? I havent been wearing it for girth (i.e. jelqing) otherwise its always on because with girth i cant reach the extreme base
Nah, I take it off for girth exercises otherwise the workout doesn't quite feel complete.

I've noticed I heal quicker, muscle soreness goes away a whole lot faster. Get crazy hard erections. Also was more aggressive for a period of time, that was the weirdest one.


My balls are bigger and a little bit lower....speaking of low balls I need to start the BE back up! I've also noticed some more hair growth on my face and arms. I don't wear it for Penis Enlargement because if I do I can't get the clamp close enough to the base.


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I keep mine on while doing length exercises, but, like Levista, I take it off for girth. Otherwise, I can't get the extreme base when I jelq, and I'd have to place the clamp to far forward when doing constrictors. I IMMEDIATELY put it on afterwards, though, so to keep as much blood as I can in my penis without negatively hindering blood flow. Same theory as behind the All-Day-Clamp.

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